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It's not fair to let Randy Moss' son play football with the rest of the high school kids

We've hit the point where we're all feeling old and hell, but it's okay if it means we get to see plays like this. First there was Barry Sanders' son juking the shoes off people while playing for Stanford, now we have video of Randy Moss' son Thad bowling over people in high school. Thad plays tight end for Mallard Creek High School in Charlotte, NC. Show More Summary

Barry Sanders Jr. juked this dude so bad, it looked like they were dancing together

Like father, like son. Stanford was already beating UCF 24-0 in the fourth quarter Saturday when Barry Sanders Jr. decided to be all mean and just ruin this defender's day. Barry Sanders Jr. DESTRUINDO a defesa de UCF. —...Show More Summary

‘The League’ Creators Jeff and Jackie Schaffer on Their Show’s Final Season

"We wanted to go out on a high note and not overstay our welcome. We wanted to be a Barry Sanders and not a Brett Favre."

A South Carolina Buck and More Florida Rut Action

  Trying to chase the southern rut is like running a footrace against Barry Sanders. It’s not happening. You’re always one step behind. At least with the rut. You’re 20 or 30 steps behind Sanders. My sources continue to report that rut activity is gradually creeping up through Florida. Show More Summary

Meeting expectations in an irrational society is the definition of insanity

By Richard Barry I don't mean to be unkind to Jenna Johnson, a writer for the Washington Post, and there really is no need to be as she is simply following convention when she writes about Bernie Sanders and the things he advocates for on the campaign trail, most recently in Madison, Wisconsin. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton's ideal opponent

By Richard Barry Yesterday I wrote about some reasons it was good Bernie Sanders was running for the Democratic presidential nomination. One of them was that it would push Hillary Clinton to talk about issues important to the left that might not otherwise get a full hearing. Show More Summary

A urinal signed by Barry Sanders sold for $3,000

8 months agoSports : The Early Lead

Mike Kozan knew exactly what he was doing when he bought that old urinal. The toilet once was located in the Detroit Lions’ locker room at the old Pontiac Silverdome, which the Lions vacated after the 2001 season and has since fallen into extreme disrepair (you can buy it for $30 million, or best offer). […]

Urinal signed by Barry Sanders goes for $3,000

There’s a market for pretty much anything. And when it comes to a Silverdome bathroom appliance autographed by the No. 1 player in stadium history, the market is significant. Via, the urinal signed by Hall of Fame Lions running back Barry Sanders went for $3,000. And now the winning bidder will have to figure out…

Urinal signed by Barry Sanders can be yours

The player known for making defensive players wet their pants has now been forever linked to an item into which that type of behavior ordinarily occurs. Via, a Superdome urinal signed by Barry Sanders is available for auction on eBay. With 29 bids, the price of the item (cake presumably not included) has reached…

At long last, you can own a urinal autographed by Barry Sanders

Never give up on your dreams. If you head over to eBay before June 11, you -- yes, YOU -- could be the owner of a Barry Sanders autographed urinal. all you have to do is click that link and bid. No joke. A real urinal, autographed by one of the greatest running backs of all time. Show More Summary

Detroit Lions Legend Barry Sanders Signs Urinal, Fans Puts It on eBay

The Pontiac Silverdome closed its doors after hosting the Detroit Lions from 1975-2001, and items from the stadium like chairs—and, yes, urinals—went up for auction last March. Former Lions legend Barry Sanders made one thing clear—he...Show More Summary

Who Wants A Pontiac Silverdome Urinal Autographed By Barry Sanders?

8 months agoSports : Deadspin

Here’s a sound purchase for any Detroit Lions fan: A urinal from the Pontiac Silverdome, autographed by Barry Sanders. With the auction’s opening bid set at a mere $500, it’s an opportunity that can’t be passed up. Read more...

Sen. Sanders will allow liberals to feel good about themselves

By Richard Barry Politico has a story today that Democrats see Sen. Bernie Sanders as the greatest threat amongst potential challengers to Hillary Clinton for the party's presidential nomination. This is another way of saying that she is not going to be challenged at all, not at least as far as winning and losing goes. Show More Summary

Come on, Bernie. Stick to the issues

By Richard Barry I like Sen. Bernie Sanders. I like the issues he's raising and how he's doing it. I'm glad he's in the race and I'm sure I'll be saying some nice things about him in the coming months. However, I don't particularly like the shot he took at Hillary Clinton that her wealth could "isolate" her from the concerns of working-class voters. Show More Summary

Progressives shouldn't think of voting for Hillary Clinton as "settling"

By Richard Barry My instinct is to push hard against wealth and privilege in American politics, which is what makes it hard for me to fully embrace Hillary Clinton's candidacy. I continue to hope that some of Bernie Sanders "social democratic" ideas get a fair hearing. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders is popular on social media because he is actually saying something

By Richard Barry Nick Corasaniti at the New York Times begins a profile of Bernie Sanders and his surprisingly effective use of social media like this: The quotations he posts, rarely pithy, are often sayings he thinks up in the shower. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders, you little scamp. This could be fun

By Richard Barry There won't be enough of them, but it looks like a lot of Americans are tired of the same old nonsense. By which I mean Sen. Bernie Sanders is already raising serious cash for his, yes, I'll say it, Quixotic bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders isn't going to win. Support him anyway

By Richard Barry We get it, Nate Cohn. We really do. Bernie Sanders isn't going to win the Democratic presidential nomination. And Elizabeth Warren, should she have run, would also not have won. Aside from the relative weakness of Sanders and Warren, and they are weak candidates, Mr. Show More Summary

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