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The Clintons Have a Vacation Problem

“For the past several summers, Bill and Hillary Clinton have done what New York City’s moneyed residents have done for decades: They spent their vacation amid the prime beachside real estate of Long Island,” the New York Times reports. “But [...]

Trump Says Clinton Was His Favorite Recent President

Donald Trump (R) told Morning Joe that his favorite president of the last four is Bill Clinton, Politico reports. Said Trump: “There was a little spirit. Frankly, had he not met Monica, had he not met Paula, had he not [...]

Clinton Was For Trade Before She Was Against It

CNN has found 45 instances when Hillary Clinton “approvingly invoked the trade bill about which she is now expressing concerns.”

Bonus Quote of the Day

“She was pretty busy those years. I never saw her study a list of my contributors, and I had no idea who was doing business before the State Department.” — Bill Clinton, quoted by The Hill, insisting that Hillary Clinton [...]

Clinton Finally Speaks Out on Trade Deal

“Hillary Clinton re-launched her presidential campaign over the weekend by saying she would be a “fighter” for families struggling to pay bills and save for retirement. But for weeks she avoided picking a side in the fight that has bitterly [...]

Obama Fights to Save Trade Bill

“A deep Democratic divide over President Barack Obama’s ambitions to expand trade in the Pacific clouded prospects this week for reviving key legislation after the House dealt it a stinging setback and Hillary Clinton expressed her own qualms Sunday from [...]

Bill Clinton Will Stop Paid Speeches If Hillary Wins

Bill Clinton said he will likely not continue to give paid speeches if his wife Hillary were elected president, Politico reports. “But the former president vigorously defended the work of the Clinton Foundation, which has come under fierce criticism and [...]

Bush Rakes In Speaking Fees Too

“As critics over the years have chided Bill Clinton and also his wife for the industriousness with which they have pursued opportunities to get paid a lot of money in this manner, Bush, too, has been doing exactly what he [...]

Swedish Lottery Supported Clinton Foundation

Bill Clinton’s foundation set up a fundraising arm in Sweden that collected $26 million in donations at the same time that country was lobbying Hillary Clinton’s State Department to forgo sanctions that threatened its thriving business with Iran,” the Washington [...]

Clinton Award Under Scrutiny

Bill Clinton agreed to accept a lifetime achievement award only after Petra Nemcova, the event organizer, offered a $500,000 contribution to the Clinton Foundation, the New York Times reports. “The donation, made late last year after the foundation sent the [...]

Clintons Paid Blumenthal $10K a Month

“Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton, earned about $10,000 a month as a full-time employee of the Clinton Foundation while he was providing unsolicited intelligence on Libya to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,” Politico reports. [...]

The Clintons Have a Romney Problem

First Read: “By itself, making money shouldn’t be an issue for Bill and Hillary Clinton; after all, so many of our past presidents have been wealthy. By itself, Bill Clinton having a shell LLC wouldn’t be an issue either. But [...]

Clinton Company Shows Loophole in Disclosure

“The newly released financial files on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s growing fortune omit a company with no apparent employees or assets that the former president has legally used to provide consulting and other services, but which demonstrates the complexity of [...]

New Clinton Speech Disclosures Show Foundation’s Take

The Clinton Foundation “released a list of nearly 100 paid speeches given by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton for which the foundation accepted the fees, shedding light on talks that brought in as much as $26 million for the family [...]

Tweet of the Day

Welcome to @Twitter, @POTUS! One question: Does that username stay with the office? #askingforafriend — Bill Clinton (@billclinton) May 18, 2015

Clintons Earned $25 Million for Speeches in 18 Months

Hillary and Bill Clinton “earned more than $25 million in the past year and a half from delivering more than 100 paid speeches, and Mrs. Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, collected more than $5 million from her [...]

Clinton Cash’ Author Corrects Multiple Errors in Book

Politico: “In trying to defuse the potential damage of the buzzy book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and its allies seized on factual [...]

Hillary In 1979

BuzzFeed dug up a must-watch interview with Hillary Clinton from 1979, just after Bill Clinton became governor of Arkansas “The interview covers how the Clintons compromised on her dual roles in her career and as first lady and how they [...]

On That Chipotle Visit

Washington Post: “One afternoon in April, Bill Clinton looked up at a television in his midtown Manhattan office and saw the grainy security-camera photo of his wife and her aide, Huma Abedin, at a Chipotle in Ohio, appearing incognito in [...]

Bill Won’t Campaign for Hillary This Year

Bill Clinton “does not plan to do any campaign activities for his wife in 2015, including fundraisers for her campaign or allied super PACs. He has said privately that she should lead the campaign on her own,” the Washington Post [....

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