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New York Times reporter has accused Bill Clinton of trying to deny meeting linked to 'Clinton Cash' scandals

A Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter has claimed former President Bill Clinton falsely denied hosting a meeting with Kazakh officials when she tried to write a story that involved his foundation several years ago. Jo Becker,...Show More Summary

Let’s get to the real question about the Clinton donors

So let’s talk about Bill and Hillary Clinton, their foundation and the donors who have showered that foundation with almost $2 billion in contributions over the years. Did some of those donors give millions to the...

Would a Hillary Clinton Victory Map Look More Like 1996 or 2012?

As Hillary Clinton begins her 2016 campaign, one of the big questions around her is the size and shape of her base. How will her supporters compare with those of President Barack Obama or her husband, former President Bill Clinton?

Will Clinton’s Post-Presidency Derail a Future One?

Jonathan Chait: “The qualities of an effective presidency do not seem to transfer onto a post-presidency. Jimmy Carter was an ineffective president who became an exemplary post-president. Bill Clinton appears to be the reverse. All sorts of unproven worst-case-scenario questions [...]

The Clinton Foundation’s Foreign Dealings Are Looking Ugly for Hillary

And so it begins. The New York Times and the Washington Post on Thursday published two separate investigative reports digging deep into the finances of Hillary and Bill Clinton, their family foundation, and the overlap between their interests and those of their global patrons. Show More Summary

FRAUD: Hillary & Bill Took Millions as Russians Took Over Canadian Uranium Co.

This is a many faceted story, but it appears that Bill and Hillary Clinton worked to help the Russians take control of a Canadian uranium mining company putting both the

The Disastrous Clinton Post-Presidency

The qualities of an effective presidency do not seem to transfer onto a post-presidency. Jimmy Carter was an ineffective president who became an exemplary post-president. Bill Clinton appears to be the reverse. All sorts of unproven worst-case-scenario questions float around the web of connections between Bill’s private work, Hillary Clinton’s... More »

Facing Reality

I find the contrast between the impeachment of Richard Nixon and the impeachment of Bill Clinton one of the most fascinating comparisons in American history.  There is no connection in most people’s minds; the accusations, personalities,...Show More Summary

Oh Noes, Bill Clinton Makes A Buttload Of Money Talking!

Did you know Michelle Obama got a $100K+ raise shortly after her husband became a senator? She went from earning $121,910 in 2004 as an executive director at the University of Chicago Medical Center to making $316,962 in 2005 as a vice president of community affairs, right after Barack Obama was elected to the U.S. Show More Summary

Fox News Devotes Hour to ‘The Tangled Clinton Web’

Fox News has announced a Bret Baier-anchored special, “Fox News Reporting: The Tangled Clinton Web,” which will focus on revelations reported today by The New York Times involving Bill and Hillary Clinton and donations to the Clinton...Show More Summary

Ooopsie: Bill & Hillary Clinton Foundation Re-Filing FIVE YEARS of Tax Returns Over ‘Errors’

As queen Hillary makes ready to be coronated as our next president, her “charity” foundation is undergoing some more scrutiny. Now the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation has had to

Clinton Foundation will amend tax filings to reflect foreign giving

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation will amend tax returns filed to the IRS in recent years to reflect that it accepted donations from foreign governments, a foundation official said Thursday. The official said the organization is reviewing its tax returns for 2010, 2011 and 2012 and anticipated refiling the returns after the review is complete. The amendment, […]

WashPost Reveals How Clintons’ ‘Wealth, Charity Intertwine’

A front page exclusive in Thursday’s Washington Post details the extent to which former President Bill Clinton’s personal wealth is deeply “intertwine[d]” with the growth of the Clinton Foundation yet the “Big Three” (ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks have so far yawned at the story and given it zero coverage.

The Clinton Conundrum -

As president, Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act, which authorized states to deny recognition to same-sex marriages performed in other states. As a presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton launched her 2016 campaign...Show More Summary

Bill Clinton sold us to the ChiComs; Hillary sold us to the Russians

I owe the Obama administration an apology. Since the early days of 2009, I've attributed our Russia policy to naivete. To that romance which those who sat at the feet of Old School commies feel for the Worker's Paradise of the former USSR. Show More Summary

Clinton Cash Author Is Targeting Bush Next

Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, tells Businessweek he’s turning his focus to Jeb Bush. Said Schweizer: “What we’re doing is a drill-down investigation [...]

We Could Elect the 2nd Oldest or 3rd Youngest President

“If she receives the Democratic presidential nomination (which she will) and wins the presidency (which she might), Hillary Clinton will be the second-oldest person ever to be inaugurated as president. When Bill Clinton was inaugurated, he was third-youngest, and the [...]

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company

yesterdayNews : NYTimes: News

As the Russian atomic energy agency gradually took charge of a company that controls one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States, a stream of cash made its way to former President Bill Clinton’s charitable organization.

“For Clintons, speech income shows how their wealth is intertwined with charity”

WaPo: Bill Clinton was paid at least $26 million in speaking fees by companies and organizations that are also major donors to the foundation he created after leaving the White House, according to a Washington Post analysis of public records and … Continue reading ?

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