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Former Clinton Adviser Predicts Bernie Sanders Will Beat Hillary Clinton

Bill Curry, a former counselor to Bill Clinton, predicts that,Hillary Clinton is going to lose: She doesn’t even see the frustrated progressive wave that will nominate Bernie Sanders. He initially looked at how Clinton avoided answering questions about her position on TPP, but then looked at her overall campaign. Besides economics, Curry discussed another major [...]Show More Summary

Clinton Confederate Flag: Clinton’s 1992 Confederate Campaign Button Surfaces, Hillary Clinton Remains Silent

on June 14, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa." /> In the wake of the Confederate flag controversy, an intriguing photo of paraphernalia allegedly from Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign has surfaced. According to the Daily Mail, a photo of a campaign button supporting the Clinton-Gore campaign shows the two candidates’ names across a Confederate flag. Show More Summary

Kosovo Bill Clinton Statue in Prishtina, Kosovo

Help Kosovo achieve their independence? Then you get more than just a street sign to honor your contributions to the country, if you're former President Bill Clinton, you'll get your very own 11-foot brass statue. Regardless of one's...Show More Summary

15 Ways Bill Clinton’s White House Failed America and the World

Many Americans do not associate Clinton with his dark legacy. Bill Clinton remains one of America’s most popular presidents. A national poll last March by NBC and the Wall Street Journal found 56 percent of Americans had a clearly favorable view of Clinton. Show More Summary

Is Hillary Clinton In Trouble?

Bill Curry writing at Salon: Democratic elites don’t want to hear it but Hillary Clinton’s in trouble. It isn’t in all the data yet though you can find it if you look. In a straw poll taken in early June at a Wisconsin Democratic convention she edged out Bernie Sanders by just 8 points, 49% to 41%. Show More Summary

Walter Scheib, Innovative Former White House Chef, Is Dead at 61

last weekNews : NYTimes: News

Mr. Scheib, who ran the mansion’s kitchen during the administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, had been missing for about a week after going on a hike.

As Governor, Bill Clinton Kept 'Confederate' Star On The Arkansas Flag

WASHINGTON -- Many Republican presidential contenders say the question of whether to keep the Confederate flag flying outside South Carolina's Statehouse is a matter for South Carolinians to work out among themselves. Democratic candidates...Show More Summary

Liberal Media Hound GOP presidential candidates over Confederate flag, but why not Hillary?

Hillary Clinton and Bill were fine with the use of Confederate flags in Arkansas, but the GOP gets criticized for it?

ABC Hypes Confederate Flag as a GOP Problem: 'Forced to Take a Stand'

In the wake of last week's Charlotte shooting, Good Morning America 's Jon Karl on Monday spun the Confederate flag as a problem for the 2016 Republicans. No mention was made of Bill Clinton, the spouse of a 2016 Democratic candidate, and his past honoring of the Confederacy.

Former White House Chef Is Found Dead Near New Mexico Trail

A former White House executive chef was found dead near a hiking trail in Taos, New Mexico. Walter Scheib, who was the chef under presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, was hired by Hillary Clinton. He worked there for 11 years, bringing a New American cuisine to the White House.  Scheib went on a hiking trip on June 13. Show More Summary

Bill Clinton Signed Law Honoring Confederacy In Arkansas Flag

While governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton reportedly signed into law a bill that honored the Confederacy in the state flag. This past action may have current relevancy in that the fiendish hate crime of a deranged gunman in Charleston,...Show More Summary

FLASHBACK: As Governor, Bill Clinton Honored Confederacy On Arkansas Flag. Will anyone in the pr…

FLASHBACK: As Governor, Bill Clinton Honored Confederacy On Arkansas Flag. Will anyone in the press ask Hillary about this? Of course not. Nobody in the press asks Hillary about anything.

Hillary Clinton’s Sincerity Question

As Hillary Clinton talks up her commitment to economic and social justice, the big question for Democrats is: Does she means what she says or is she just mouthing words to block challengers from her left, as Bill Moyers and Michael Winship explain. By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship “Perfect! Perfect!” exclaimed a woman looking…

Hillary Clinton Talks First Term To Hollywood Donors At Tobey Maguire’s House

The former Secretary of State told a sold out fundraiser of more than 200 Tinseltown supporters tonight that she isn't running for Bill Clinton or Barack Obama's third terms but her own first term. Hillary Clinton's remarks were made in the backyard of Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyer's Brentwood home. Show More Summary

The Clintons Have a Vacation Problem

“For the past several summers, Bill and Hillary Clinton have done what New York City’s moneyed residents have done for decades: They spent their vacation amid the prime beachside real estate of Long Island,” the New York Times reports. “But [...]

Bill Clinton's 1996 Speech On Church Attacks Shows Nothing Has Changed

The names of the nine black Americans killed at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church were added to a long, under-recognized history of events of the same hateful nature as the Charleston massacre. “The fact that this took place...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Address

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship This post first appeared on “Perfect! Perfect!” exclaimed a woman looking around at the Four Freedoms Park on New York City’s Roosevelt Island as a large crowd waited for Hillary Clinton to announce her presidential candidacy last weekend. And so it was. Secretary Clinton had chosen an ideal...

Broken Dreams: Bill Clinton, Brad Pitt, and 6 Other Celebs Who Would've Been Architects in Another Life

Bill Clinton is the 42nd president of the United States of America, a revered saxophone player, and has a reported net-worth over $55 million. But, like anyone else, he, too, has unfulfilled dreams. According his keynote address at May's...

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