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Ooopsie: Bill & Hillary Clinton Foundation Re-Filing FIVE YEARS of Tax Returns Over ‘Errors’

As queen Hillary makes ready to be coronated as our next president, her “charity” foundation is undergoing some more scrutiny. Now the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation has had to

Clinton Foundation will amend tax filings to reflect foreign giving

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation will amend tax returns filed to the IRS in recent years to reflect that it accepted donations from foreign governments, a foundation official said Thursday. The official said the organization is reviewing its tax returns for 2010, 2011 and 2012 and anticipated refiling the returns after the review is complete. The amendment, […]

WashPost Reveals How Clintons’ ‘Wealth, Charity Intertwine’

A front page exclusive in Thursday’s Washington Post details the extent to which former President Bill Clinton’s personal wealth is deeply “intertwine[d]” with the growth of the Clinton Foundation yet the “Big Three” (ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks have so far yawned at the story and given it zero coverage.

The Clinton Conundrum -

2 days agoNews : Huffington Post

As president, Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act, which authorized states to deny recognition to same-sex marriages performed in other states. As a presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton launched her 2016 campaign...Show More Summary

Bill Clinton sold us to the ChiComs; Hillary sold us to the Russians

I owe the Obama administration an apology. Since the early days of 2009, I've attributed our Russia policy to naivete. To that romance which those who sat at the feet of Old School commies feel for the Worker's Paradise of the former USSR. Show More Summary

Clinton Cash Author Is Targeting Bush Next

Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, tells Businessweek he’s turning his focus to Jeb Bush. Said Schweizer: “What we’re doing is a drill-down investigation [...]

We Could Elect the 2nd Oldest or 3rd Youngest President

“If she receives the Democratic presidential nomination (which she will) and wins the presidency (which she might), Hillary Clinton will be the second-oldest person ever to be inaugurated as president. When Bill Clinton was inaugurated, he was third-youngest, and the [...]

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company

3 days agoNews : NYTimes: News

As the Russian atomic energy agency gradually took charge of a company that controls one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States, a stream of cash made its way to former President Bill Clinton’s charitable organization.

“For Clintons, speech income shows how their wealth is intertwined with charity”

WaPo: Bill Clinton was paid at least $26 million in speaking fees by companies and organizations that are also major donors to the foundation he created after leaving the White House, according to a Washington Post analysis of public records and … Continue reading ?

How Can Bill de Blasio Convince You He’s Not Running for President?

3 days agoNews : Mediaite

A story for all intents and purposes invented wholesale by the New York Post gained traction this week alleging that Gotham Mayor Bill de Blasio would challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Jeb Bush Powers Presidential Race With Paleo, While Ex-Vegan Bill And Hillary Clinton Use Low-Carb Weight Loss

Jeb Bush is hoping to reap the rewards of being nominated as the Republican candidate for President by going on the Paleo diet. Thus far, he’s lost an estimated 20 to 30 pounds on the caveman diet, according to Reuters. With the backing...Show More Summary

John Stossel's Voting for Rand Paul Next Year

3 days agoNews : Reason

It's not smart to get too enthusiastic about any politician, writes John Stossel. He's been disappointed often. He believed Bill Clinton when he said, "the era of big government is over." He thought George W. Bush was a "small government guy." And Barack Obama... Show More Summary

Clinton’s 7 pearls of wisdom, with a little help from CNN

(Scott Johnson) Bill Clinton spoke at Georgetown University on Tuesday as part of his annual lecture series at his alma mater. In the speech he offered both political and personal advice to students. Seeking to do its part to gild the...Show More Summary

For Clinton campaign, all in the family - not so much Bill

In campaign kickoff events in Iowa and New Hampshire, Clinton shared stories with voters about the lesser-known members of her family: her father's work running a small textile business in Chicago, her mother's hardscrabble upbringing...Show More Summary

The Next President

It’s not smart to get too enthusiastic about any politician. I’ve been disappointed often. I believed Bill Clinton when he said, “the era of big government is over.” I thought

The swift-boating of Hillary Clinton?

By Richard K. Barry We are now starting to hear about a new book by Peter Schweizer called “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.” It will be released MayShow More Summary

Scott Walker: In Between Maximizing Profits for American Businesses and Helping the World's Poor, I Think American Immigration Policy Should Also Occasionally Consider the Good of the American Worker

This is a very controversial position, it turns out -- especially in GOP's Corporate Class. BTW, you know who's all about helping Everyday Americans? Hillary F. Clinton, that's who. Hey @AceofSpadesHQ - how Hillary and Bill made money before going...

Iran deal is important to ‘keep really big bad things from happening,’ Bill Clinton says

Bill Clinton came out four-square for the Iran deal today: "I hope and pray that we will leave behind a system where we can say with some confidence that we can keep really big, bad things from happening. That's why this negotiation with Iran is so important." A good sign for Hillary Clinton's position.

Burying Bill

If Bill Clinton had a chief political goal in his two terms as president, it was to win working-class whites and restore the Democratic Party as the home for their concerns. To that end, Clinton and his allies were enthusiastic supporters...Show More Summary

Bill Clinton Predicts The Future For Georgetown Students

4 days agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- In his annual lecture at Georgetown University on Tuesday, former President Bill Clinton took the long view, laying out the challenges the world will likely face for decades to come. "What has happened in technology to this day will look like child’s play in 20 or 30 years. Show More Summary

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