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Hah! Comedian Larry Wilmore Cracks Bill Clinton Stripper Joke at WHCD (VIDEO)

Late-night Comedian Larry Wilmore was the guest speaker at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner tonight. Wilmore cracked a joke on... The post Hah! Comedian Larry Wilmore Cracks Bill Clinton Stripper Joke at WHCD (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Heidi Heitkamp Gives Trump Some Credit: “The last thing anyone should do is take Trump for granted”

Former President Bill Clinton and Senator Heidi Heitkamp give two thumbs up to supporters at the Fargo Civic Center during a rally that was a part of Heitkamp's 2012 campaign. Dave Wallis / The Forum Yesterday on the Need to Know Morning Show on AM1100 WZFG Scott Hennen interviews U.S. Show More Summary

Woman Claims Trump Raped Her When She Was 13 and Was Held as Sex Slave by Bill Clinton Pal Jeffrey Epstein

If the media weren’t so protective of the Clintons everyone would know about the odious Jeffrey Epstein. Well, now that media whore Donald Trump is linked with him, maybe he’ll gain some notice. Donald Trump ‘categorically’ denies claims made in … Continued

He Did It Again! Bill Clinton Criticizes Obama Economy (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister This makes no sense at all. Hillary Clinton is running around the country touting Obama’s record... The post He Did It Again! Bill Clinton Criticizes Obama Economy (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

WHAT! Bill Clinton Has SICK Pet Name For Benghazi Attack- It Slips OUT In This Video….

Former President Bill Clinton has been steadily chugging along on the campaign trail on behalf of his wife, presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately for the Clinton campaign, Bill has

How About Bill Clinton? Hayes Suggests Hastert Abuse Continued Beyond HS

As far-left MSNBC hosts go--an admittedly low bar--I'll admit to having found Chris Hayes a relatively fair and decent proponent of his misguided policies. But he did two things tonight that made me lose respect for him. First, he literally...Show More Summary

HAH! Bill Clinton Slams Obama in the Best Way Possible

It’s Clinton v. Obama round two and it’s even better than before! Seriously, grab some popcorn, this is going to get funny pretty quick. From Louder With Crowder: I don’t

Hillary Fan George Stephanopoulos to Trump: ‘Critics’ Call You ‘Sexist’

Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday continued his role as a Hillary Clinton surrogate, hyping criticism of Donald Trump as “sexist.” The former Bill Clinton operative singled out the businessman’s comment that “if...Show More Summary

George Stephanopoulos to Sanders: Swear ‘Unconditional Support’ to Hillary

Former Bill Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday urged Bernie Sanders to swear “unconditional support” to Hillary Clinton. The Good Morning America co-host played a video clip of the Democratic front-runner and then demanded, “Are you prepared to give her your unconditional support if she gets the delegates?”

Hillary Among the Hawks

In 1992, Bill Clinton won the support of some foreign-policy thinkers who had previously supported Ronald Reagan. They thought that Clinton would be more willing than Walter Mondale or Michael Dukakis, and maybe even George H. W. Bush, to use military force abroad to promote human rights and democracy. Show More Summary

Sheriff Clarke SCHOOLS ‘Mrs. Bill Clinton’ On Life In The Black Community [VIDEO]

This is possibly one of the most tone-deaf, pandering bits I have ever heard. And it figures it comes from Hillary Clinton. Sheriff David Clarke let her have it Friday

Watercooler 4/21/16: Hillary Charity Begins at Home: Bill Nye Doubles Down: Min Wage Still Killing Jobs

Hillary Charity Begins at Home: Hillary Clinton takes a lot of heat on this site, but when she does well it’s only fair we recognize it. Turns out in the last eight years she gave fifteen million dollars to charity. On the down side Fourteen million eight hundred thousand of those dollars were given to the Clinton Foundation. Show More Summary

Hillary Pal George Stephanopoulos Baffled at Why Some Distrust Clinton

Former Bill Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos on Thursday conducted a 30 minute town hall with his friend Hillary Clinton. Not once during the Good Morning America discussion did he mention the Democratic candidate’s ongoing e-mail scandal, nor did he note the Benghazi controversy. Show More Summary

GOP Frontrunner Praises Racist Democrat Slaveholder: “Andrew Jackson had a history of tremendous success for the country”

Anyone else want to claim he’s not a Democrat stalking horse for Granny Clinton? Donald Trump on Thursday called Andrew Jackson’s ouster from the $20 bill an act of “pure political correctness” and called for Old Hickory to remain on money … Continued

De Blasio: Yeah, I Would Totally Tell The ‘Colored People’s Time’ Joke Again

In case you missed it, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio fell into a minor controversy when he, along with Hillary Clinton, were part of a skit...

Hillary Says She Hasn't 'Studied' Schumer's 9/11 Bill, But Supports it Anyway

Hillary Clinton’s interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday was mocked for being billed as a tough one-on-one interrogation,...

BREAKING: Clinton Insider Comes Forward, Reveals Something SHOCKING

Former President Bill Clinton White House Counsel, Lanny Davis, is a close friend to the advisor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s mistakes. Now, he’s revealing something about Hillary’s emails,


ANOTHER INDICATION THAT THERE’S TOO MUCH MONEY IN POLITICS: Bernie Sanders Supporters Shower Hillary Clinton Motorcade With $1 Bills. As the motorcade passed, Sanders supporters played the song “We’re In The Money.” After it was out of sight, they danced in the street and stomped on the dollar bills, according to CNN. Sanders, who wants […]

‘The Shame Sticks To You Like Tar’: Monica Lewinsky’s Life Has Changed Dramatically Since Spending Time ‘In The Back Office” With Bill Clinton

The American public can be exceedingly unforgiving of bad decisions and wrong actions, continuing to mock those who made them, even years and years after the incident. Celebrities in trouble

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