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White House Has a Plan to Keep Your Boss' Hands Off Your Birth Control

Some American corporation-people (and religious non-profits!) believe that their sincere God-related prudery trumps women's right to affordable contraception. The Supreme Court agrees with them. And so the White House has been forced to make two major changes to the Affordable Care Act contraception mandate in order to accommodate these religious beliefs. Read more...

Republican Forgets The Words 'Birth Control' While Faking Lady Support

It’s official, this is the Week Of Fools. They are everywhere, even sarcastic gasp in the form of a Republican trying to remember the term for... you know, that thing that stops women from getting pregnant. They're always up in arms about it... oh yeah, birth control! Read more...

FDA to Mull Over Viagra Drugs for Ladies at October Workshop. Yay.

There’s a joke that says if men needed birth control, the prescription would not only be free, it would come delicious flavors like cool ranch Doritos or artisanal salted caramel. The same goes for the Food and Drug Administration’s focus on female sexual dysfunction: there is little research on vaginas but plenty of Viagra for dudes. Oops. Read more...

'Nobody' Is Trying to Ban Birth Control, Says Guy Who Tried to Ban It

Today, probable 2016 Republican Presidential hopeful Rand Paul told a crowd in Iowa that "Nobody here" was trying to ban birth control. Either Rand Paul has a terrible memory, or he has such low self esteem that he considers himself "nobody," because just last year, Rand Paul cosponsored a bill that would have banned certain forms of birth control. Read more...

Let's Pour One Out for the Gals Who Can't Find Good Birth Control

You know who you are. The Pill made ya crazy. Mirena gave you horrible cystic acne. The Patch gave you a blood clot. And so on. So it goes for women who, for whatever reason, just cannot find a good birth control for their particular body and sitch that doesn't make them feel like some kind of shit. This one is for you. Read more...

Birth Control Has Been Linked to Breast Cancer, But Don't Freak Out

Researchers have found that using certain types of birth control can increase the likelihood that a woman will suffer from breast cancer at a young age. Prepare for this factoid to be splashed, sans nuance, on all sorts of whackadoodle political propaganda soon! Read more...

Nurse Who Won't Prescribe Birth Control Sues Clinic For Not Hiring Her

When Tampa, Florida nurse Sara Hellwege applied for a job at a local family planning clinic, she matter-of-factly informed her potential employers that she would not be prescribing any hormonal contraception. When the clinic didn't hire her because prescribing birth control was part of the job, she responded by suing. Show More Summary

Your Employers Must Tell You If They Think You're a Babykilling Slut

2 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

After the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision went down, many women wondered if they would suddenly find themselves at the mercy of their boss's heretofore unknown beliefs that women who take birth control are abortion-happy harlots. Show More Summary

GOP Bill Kindly Gives You the Right To Pay For Your Own Birth Control

2 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

A proposed Republican bill aims to bravely stand up for a woman's right to pay for her own birth control out-of-pocket. Uh, thanks? Read more...

Guess What? Dirt-Cheap Birth Control Means Fewer Teen Births

2 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Between 2009 and 2013, the teen pregnancy rate in Colorado has dropped 40 percent. And—golly gee willikers!—the state is crediting the Colorado Family Planning Initiative, which provides cheap-to-free IUDs and implants to low-income women. Read more...

Sick Futuristic Contraception Will Be Remotely Controlled via Wireless

2 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Here's a pretty intriguing prospect: long-term birth control delivered via microchip. Your doctor can switch it on or off remotely, as your reproductive decisions demand, and it lasts 16 years. It's like an IUD without the insertion horror stories! Read more...

Thank God (Yes, THAT God) for the Women of the Supreme Court

2 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Remember when Samuel Alito said that the Hobby Lobby ruling isn't a big deal? Because at least non-profits can "opt out" of providing birth control by signing a form, and then the insurer can directly cover it instead. Now Alito is saying these opt outs are unconstitutional as well, and the women justices are FURIOUS. Read more...

Heads Up, Hobby Lobby: Birth Control Has Some Great Side Effects

2 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

In light of yesterday's monumentally disappointing SCOTUS decision that a woman's right to insurance-covered contraceptives is inferior to a corporation's right to feel squicky about whore pills, here's a refresher on the myriad, perfectly good reasons that a woman might need access to birth control, none of which have nothing to do with copulation. Read more...

Here Are the 82 Companies That Think Birth Control Is Murder

2 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Yesterday, a five conservative Catholic dude majority (yes — Scalia, Roberts, Alito, Thomas, and Kennedy are all Catholic) on the Supreme Court sided with Hobby Lobby in a case that sought to establish whether certain corporations could...Show More Summary

Catholic Leader on Obamacare: Women Can Just Buy Contraception at 7-11

4 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the current Archbishop of New York, thinks it's totally okay for private companies like Hobby Lobby to categorically deny their female employees insurance coverage for birth control, because "By Lord, all youShow More Summary

Hobby Lobby's Retirement Plan Invests in Contraception Makers

5 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Hobby Lobby has fought all the way to the Supreme Court over whether the government can compel a "religious corporation" to cover employees' birth control. But it seems that as of December 2012, when the company originally filed suit, the company wasn't so picky about its retirement plan, which invests in contraception makers. Read more...

The Supreme Court ruled today that men convicted of "minor" domestic violence crimes can be barred f

5 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

The Supreme Court ruled today that men convicted of "minor" domestic violence crimes can be barred from owning or possessing guns. This is kind of bare minimum stuff, but after yesterday's birth control bloodbath, we'll take what we can get. Read more...

Senator Wants Women to Take Pregnancy Tests Before Drinking at Bars

5 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

A state senator in Alaska who wants women to take pregnancy tests before drinking in bars also decried birth control as something only taken by irresponsible people. Read more...

Supreme Court Prepares to Fuck Up This Birth Control Thing

5 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Whelp, it was good while it lasted. Analysts following what's become known as the "Hobby Lobby case" predict that, following oral arguments before the Supreme Court today, it seems likely that the five conservative men on the nation's...Show More Summary

Hobby Lobby Hits the Supreme Court Tuesday, Could Ruin Everything

5 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Hobby Lobby's fight against birth control coverage could be the ruination of everyone. The Oklahoma City-based family-owned chain has taken their religious right to withhold contraception coverage from their female employees all the way to the Supreme Court, who will hear their lawyers arguments on Tuesday. Show More Summary

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