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Fifty years, and we're still fighting for access to birth control

By Mary Nolan of Portland, Oregon. Mary is a former state legislator and is the interim executive director for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon. June 7 marks the 50th anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, the landmark Supreme...Show More Summary

Senate Republicans Have Neat New Plan To Make You Pay More For Slut Pills, You’re Welcome

Senate Republicans are really concerned about making sure women have greater access to birth control. No, really, it is true! (No, really, it is not.) From the same party that has tried for years to defund Planned Parenthood, ban certain...Show More Summary

Republicans Push For Over-The-Counter Birth Control, Liberals Immediately Oppose The Plan

One would think those on the Political left would be thrilled by the notion of making it easier and cheaper to obtain birth control. Nope (The Hill) Sen. Cory Gardner

Republican dilemma: Is the Pope infallible or just a nice guy with an opinion

For many years, when it came to abortion and birth control, Republicans' cheerfully trotted out the Pope and Catholic teachings to justify draconian anti-choice laws against women. But there's a new sheriff Pope in town, and with his...Show More Summary



Federal Appeals Court Tells Catholic University That It Can’t Cut Off Birth Control For Its Students

Notre Dame is quite literally seeking to impose its religious beliefs on other parties who do not share them. The post Federal Appeals Court Tells Catholic University That It Can’t Cut Off Birth Control For Its Students appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Shocker: Democrat Operative and Pretend “Newsman” Stephanopoulos “Helped Hatch” Democrat Strategy Dating Back to 2009

This was pretty much confirmed in 2012 when he went on a one-man jihad against Mitt Romney by badgering his about birth control during one of the GOP debates. If ABC wants to maintain any shred of credibility this clown … Continued

New Obamacare guidelines clarify that insurers must cover all forms of birth control

In the wake of reports revealing that some health insurers were not fully covering the costs of birth control, the Obama administration issued new guidelines Monday stipulating that insurers must provide a full range of birth control options at not cost to consumers. Show More Summary

Anti-abortion groups plan to break D.C. law by firing women for using birth control

House Republicans tried to block a Washington, DC, law protecting women from being fired for having abortions or using birth control, but they couldn't stop it from going into effect. Some conservative groups in D.C. are now taking the...Show More Summary

Think the 'Personhood' Issue Is Over? Think Again

This piece was originally published at RH Reality Check. Last year, Colorado voters defeated by a 2-1 margin a "personhood" amendment that aimed to outlaw all abortions and many forms of birth control. A similar bill in deep-red North Dakota also went down in flames at the ballot box. Show More Summary

Obama: abortion is birth control

T he DC City Council passed a law with the Orwellian name of  "Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act of 2014" (RHNDA). The bill seems sort of innocuous. I mean how often is anyone really fired because of their method of...Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: Ask your doc if this birth control is right for you. Now ask your boss

This video debuted on the third season of Inside Amy Schumer on April 21. Now it's going viral on social media. And for good reason. Christine Nangle, one of the show's writers, told Cosmopolitan in an interview: I had the idea [for the birth control sketch] in 2012. [...]Show More Summary

‘Comedy’: Amy Schumer Compares Birth Control to Gun Rights

Birth control shouldn’t be controlled, according to Amy Schumer’s new ad. Amy Schumer’s “Ask if birth control is right for you” ad premiered during the third season of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer on April 21 – but is just starting to go viral on social media. Show More Summary

House: Employers Can Fire Women for Using Birth Control

Thursday night, the House of Representatives voted to make using employer-based health insurance for in vitro fertilization or birth control pills a fire-able offense in Washington, D.C. Planned Parenthood has been mobilizing its network against the bill. Show More Summary

Obamacare Requires Birth Control Coverage. But Some Insurers Are Ignoring the Law.

Ladies, if you've gone to the doctor in recent years expecting your contraception or ultrasounds to be free, only to be slammed with a co-pay or other charge from your insurer, it's likely your insurer is violating the Affordable Care...Show More Summary

The official Amy Schumer doll is here — and it comes complete with birth control

The deeply flawed doll also includes three different outfits that help hide her "problem areas"

Study: Some insurance companies skirting contraceptive coverage mandate in Obamacare

Obamacare requires that every insurance policy covers certain things with no additional out-of-pocket charges for the policy-holder. One of those things to be covered is prescribed birth control, whether pills or an IUD or implants or any kind of birth control prescribed by a doctor. Show More Summary

What will sex education sound like when the government sees a need to encourage young women to get pregnant?

The NYT has an article titled "Sex Education in Europe Turns to Urging More Births," but there's precious little in it about how a society — having given sexual freedom and birth control to women — can foster a rebirth of birth. The comments at the NYT are loaded with statements that we don't need more people on earth. Show More Summary

Obamacare’s rather foolish birth control mandate get another day in court.

The Democrats would have been better suited to never have a birth control mandate in the first place. The post Obamacare’s rather foolish birth control mandate get another day in court. appeared first on RedState.

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