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There's some evidence that birth control pills mute a woman's natural urge toward a man who is "objectively good-looking... by evolutionary standards."

They took 2 sets of women who were on birth control pills when they chose their male partners. Group 1 had objectively good-looking men, and Group 2 had objectively not-so-good-looking men. They stopped the birth control pills, and supposedly the women in Group 2 became less attracted to the men, but the women in Group 1 did not. Show More Summary

I Think We Disagree About What ‘Works’ Means: The Birth Control Edition

Jill Filipovic talks to some protestors who oppose safe and legal abortion (boldface mine): “Abstinence,” Clark says. “It’s possible. I taught my daughters abstinence. It doesn’t mean I’ve been successful with my first two, but I have three more to … Continue reading ?

Pharma Company Plans To Bring Affordable Birth Control To Developing Countries

The contraceptive shots, which last three months, are expected to cost women less than a dollar. The post Pharma Company Plans To Bring Affordable Birth Control To Developing Countries appeared first on ThinkProgress.

NARAL and Planned Parenthood's self-defeating spin: Birth control helped Cory Gardner win

Few things in politics are more maddening than morning-after press releases from liberal groups who got their asses kicked claiming that no, really, we actually won! But of all the garbage we've seen since election night, NARAL and Planned...Show More Summary

13 Senators Transgress the Separation of Soccer and State

The patriarchy, not content with its suzerainty over wombs through the sexist demand that women buy their own birth control, has invaded the soccer pitch to ensure that men and women compete on unlevel playing fields. Thirteen members...Show More Summary

Americans Across Party Lines Think We Should Talk More About Birth Control

Plus, policies to expand access to all forms of birth control have broad bipartisan support. The post Americans Across Party Lines Think We Should Talk More About Birth Control appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Iraq's Brain Trust on ISIS

ISIS was originally birthed by its sponsors to sow "controlled instability" in the Shiite crescent, but is now wreaking "uncontrolled instability," said Mowaffak al Rubaie -- a member of the Iraqi Parliament and Iraq's former National...Show More Summary

Bera Blasts Ose with 'War on Women' Tactic

Democratic Rep. Ami Bera (CA-7) is ratcheting up his attacks on Republican challenger Doug Ose in a new ad, accusing Ose of being against women having access to birth control as well as opposing abortion rights. The text of the attack reads: Hey, Doug Ose, your statements about birth control? They’re backwards. Show More Summary

School District Strips High School Biology Textbook Of Any Mention Of Birth Control Or Abortion

It will be up to the schools to decide whether they want to rip out the offending pages or use a marker to censor them. The post School District Strips High School Biology Textbook Of Any Mention Of Birth Control Or Abortion appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Thousands of Pennsylvania women could lose birth control coverage if Corbett doesn't act

Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA) Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has done a few surprising things, for a Republican governor, as he's tried to reverse his wild unpopularity. He's accepted a form of Medicaid expansion. He's decided not to appeal a marriage equality ruling. Show More Summary

Birth control device linked to serious harm in women; maker covered up dangers

By Miriam Raftery SAN DIEGO, Ca – An ABC News investigation that includes 10 News in San Diego reveals that the maker of the Essure birth control device covered up evidence that patients have been seriously harmed by the device for over a decade. The device consists of metal coils that are implanted inside a [...]Show More Summary

NARAL Ad Envisions Dystopian Future if Cory Gardner Wins in Colorado

Is this the worst ad of the 2014 election cycle? It's certainly a contender. The National Abortion Rights Action League had created a new war-on-womeny ad about a near future in which Cory Gardner has banned birth control leading, somehow, to a complete unavailability of condoms and also college tuition. Show More Summary

"Sweet Pea, Cory Gardener Denies Science!"

That's why he's banned birth control, Sweet Pea! That's why there's no condoms anymore, Sweet Pea!!! Here's your new NARAL ad against Cory Gardener: Woman: Did you try the corner market? Man: Of course. Woman: Grocery store? Man: Sold out?...

Pennsylvania May Drop Birth Control Coverage For Thousands Of Low-Income Women

For no clear reason, the state is canceling a family planning program that gives out free reproductive health care. The post Pennsylvania May Drop Birth Control Coverage For Thousands Of Low-Income Women appeared first on ThinkProgr...

On birth control, Kitzhaber is a champion for all Oregon women

By Michele Stranger Hunter of Portland, Oregon. Michele is the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon. Last week, the National Women's Health Network, a national organization committed to advancing women's health, praised Governor...Show More Summary

Should young women — in their 20s, with no children — be permitted to have the ultimate in birth control...

... sterilization?The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists weighed in on the topic last year with an updated policy statement on the benefits and risks of sterilization. The statement concludes that it's both a safe and effective means of permanent birth control. Show More Summary

In bold move, Bob Beauprez reverses stances on abortion, birth control. Or maybe he's lying.

Wow, it looks like Colorado Republican Bob Beauprez, who is running to be the state's governor, has completely reversed his position on abortion, and birth control, and "personhood" and all the rest of it! This is big news! That or he's...Show More Summary

Jim Bob Duggar Claims Pill Can Cause Miscarriage

The father of 19 doesn’t believe in birth control, obviously. Jim Bob told The Friddle Show last month at the Values Voters Summit …that Michelle did use the birth control pill early in their marriage, reports “Something we didn’t know is that the pill can allow women to get pregnant, but then it can [...]

Jim Bob Duggar (incorrectly) says birth control causes abortion

The TV star and father of 19 is the third member of his family to spread falsehoods about abortion in a month

Video: Contraception-Obsessed Democrat Won't Say If He Supports Over-the-Counter Birth Control

Colorado Democrat Mark Udall's relentlessly negative campaign has been focused like a laser beam on the crucial issue of his opponent's...

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