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Marcotte: Credit Rise in Teen Abstinence to Anything but Abstinence

Slate writer Amanda Marcotte claimed this week that a drop in the number of teens having sex is the result of encouraging teens to use birth control and engage in sexual behavior. Meanwhile, she posited, education encouraging abstinence couldn't possibly, ever, in a zillion years, have anything to do with it.

Court: Pharmacists Must Make Plan B Available

Washington pharmacists who have religious objections to abortion or birth control can be sanctioned by the state if they send customers to another store for emergency contraception, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday. In a case watched closely by advocates of personal religious freedom and women's rights, the 9th U.S. Show More Summary

Missouri lawmaker who went to court to keep daughters off birth control wins one legal battle

Remember the Missouri state representative who is suing the Obama administration because he doesn't want his one minor and two adult daughters to have access to prescription birth control on his health insurance? His case was tossed out by federal trial court, but has been resurrected by a three-judge panel on the 8th U.S. Show More Summary

State Pol Sues to Deny Daughters Birth Control Coverage

A Republican state legislator in Missouri has filed a lawsuit to deny birth control coverage on his state-offered own health plan to his three daughters -- including two who are adults. State Rep. Paul Weiland's attorney was asked by...Show More Summary

OTC Birth control beneficiaries

Kevin Drum is commenting on a recent decision by Oregon to allow hormonal birth control to be sold over the counter: I know there’s some disagreement about this among progressives these days, since prescription birth control is covered by Obamacare and OTC birth control isn’t. Show More Summary

Father Who Sued To Keep His Adult Daughters From Getting Birth Control Wins Key Court Fight

Missouri state Rep. Paul Joseph Wieland (R) does not want his daughters’ health plan to cover birth control — even though two of those daughters are adults. So he and his wife sued the Obama administration. The post Father Who Sued To Keep His Adult Daughters From Getting Birth Control Wins Key Court Fight appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The complicated world of having your boss decide what kind of birth control you can use

Too bad Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy decided to wait until this session to not be insane about Obamacare. Not only did their Hobby Lobby decision make it okay for bosses to deny their employees health insurance...Show More Summary

Oregon Sensibly Votes to Make Oral Contraceptives Available Without a Prescription

Good news from Oregon: Oregonians will be able to buy birth control at a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription beginning next year, potentially making the state the first in the nation to allow the practice. The bill was overwhelmingly approved in the state House and Senate and was signed by Gov. Show More Summary

Jeb! may be siding with the Little Sisters on birth control, but the 10th Circuit isn't

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday rejected a complaint by the Little Sisters of the Poor that Obamacare's contraception mandate violated their religious liberties. The ruling ensures that women across the nation will be ableShow More Summary

Free coverage of birth control will now be guaranteed for all women

Insurance companies will now be required to provide women with free birth control under the Affordable Care Act if their employers opt out of providing them with this coverage on religious grounds, the Wall Steeet Journal reports. The...Show More Summary

Contraception changes lead to big savings

The evidence suggests when it comes to birth control, the Affordable Care Act is saving a lot of Americans a lot of money.

Thanks, Obamacare! American women have saved more than $1.4 billion on birth control

The Affordable Care Act continues to prove that it actually has made health care more affordable. Not for everyone, but for a hell of a lot of people including women of child-bearing age. A new study from Health Affairs isolates oneShow More Summary

Thanks to Obamacare, Women Are Saving Nearly $1.4 Billion on Birth Control Pills

Following the Affordable Care Act's mandate for insurance companies to provide free contraceptives, individual spending on birth control pills plummeted by almost half in the first six months the landmark healthcare law went into effect. This...Show More Summary

Conservative Media Complain That Seattle Teens Have Access To Long-Term Contraceptive Options

Conservative media are attacking a Seattle program that has offered teens access to long-term contraceptive options through their schools since 2010. But long-term birth control methods such as those offered at the schools are recommended...Show More Summary

One US state's public health initiative is transforming the way to think about birth control

Birth control works, and some forms work better than others. It's hard to come to any other conclusion after reading the crazy statistics coming out of Colorado, which just emerged from a public health experiment which consisted of giving...Show More Summary

Teen pregnancy plummets in Colorado after state provides access to long-acting birth control

The best way to reduce the number of abortions is to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies.

Why are obese teens using birth control at way lower rates than their peers?

A troubling disparity doesn't just reflect a fat-shaming culture. It's also a sign of economic inequality

Birth Control Scores Important Symbolic Win In Federal Appeals Court

The Obama administration's winning streak in birth control cases continues. The post Birth Control Scores Important Symbolic Win In Federal Appeals Court appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Instead of Taking Dangerous Birth Control Device Off Market, FDA Adds a Warning Label

"These symptoms, these problems are not in our heads," said Essure user Claudia Castellanos. "They are real. Our pain is real." A birth control...

Forum Communications Refusing To Cover Birth Control For Employees

Apparently there is an internal food fight going on in Forum Communications Company (the organization that owns the Fargo Forum and the Grand Forks Herald and a bunch of other newspapers and television/radio stations). According to Jim Romenesko, FCC employees are using an internal company bulletin board to complain about a lack of coverage for birth control....

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