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It's Thursday! Time To Admire James Franco's Name In The Old-School Opening To 'Oz'

It's Thursday and Oz The Great and Powerful has topped $300 million worldwide at box office, according to Deadline. So, the Franco File is going to celebrate with a clip of what is arguably the best part of the movie: the black-and-white pre-CGI opening credits sequence.  Alas, there's no footage of our hero, the artist [...]

'The Last Stand' Director Kim Jee-Woon On Arnold's Age And His 'Jin-Roh' Adaptation

Arnold Schwarzenegger warned us he'd be back, but the ex-Governator's big action comeback as a small-town border sheriff in The Last Stand fizzled over the weekend with a tenth-place box office finish. Shame, because The Last Stand also marks a milestone for director Kim Jee-Woon, who makes his English-language debut with the tongue-in-cheek contemporary Western [...]

Chastain Rules, Schwarzenegger Drools As 'Mama,' 'Zero Dark Thirty' Rule Box Office

The box office has spoken! Jessica Chastain scored the top two weekend spots over Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Last Stand) and the double-whammy of Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe (Broken City) as the Guillermo del Toro-produced fantasy horror Mama scored a #1 debut with $28.1 million and Zero Dark Thirty stepped into second place. (Oscar rival [...]

Steven Spielberg Behind Clinton's Globes Appearance: Biz Break

The Clinton on-stage appearance was kept very hushed to maintain the surprise. Also in Monday's round-up of news, Zero Dark Thirty tops the weekend's box office as it headed into wide release; the Golden Globes had their best ratings in years; the Berlin International Film Festival sets its co-production market; and Robert DeNiro will receive [...]

Iran Planning Its Alterna-'Argo'

Argo received eight Oscar nominations and has grossed over $166.4 million at the box office worldwide and now Iran wants in on the action. But don't expect the Islamic Republic to toe the line of how events transpired in the version directed and starring Ben Affleck. [Related: Iran A Possible Oscar No-Show After Boycott Threat [...]

Spielberg's 'Robopocalypse' No Longer Nigh, Spring Shoot Postponed

WhileLincoln campaigns hard for Oscar gold (and still racks up box office cash), Steven Spielberg has decided not to shoot his sci-fi blockbuster Robopocalypse in the spring as planned, multiple outlets report. The question is, will Spielberg — who notoriously told 60 Minutes he could direct another action movie in his sleep, as evidenced by [...]

'Texas Chainsaw' Set For Fourth Lashing: Biz Break

Even as the current Texas Chainsaw rises to the top of the box office, a fourth installment is in the offing. Also in Wednesday's round-up of news briefs, Tina Fey is in talks for the Muppets sequel; anti-torture protesters greet Zero Dark Thirty D.C. premiere; Biden is bringing in industry to talk violence ahead of [...]

'The Hobbit' Expected To Chop 'Texas Chainsaw' At The Box Office: Biz Break

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is likely to win four weekends in a row at the box office. Also in Friday's round-up of news, Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs pic jOBS will head to theaters months after its Sundance debut; Kickstarter passes $100 million pledge mark; Michael Haneke withdraws Amour from an awards race; and a [...]

REVIEW: Zheng Buddhism: Funny-Yet-Philosophical 'Lost In Thailand' Mints Laughs & Record-Breaking Box Office

Scoring more than $160 million in three weeks to become China's highest-grossing domestic film ever, Lost in Thailand is a boisterous, joyously hokey comedy that connects with auds through its explicit desire to please. Helmed by lead actor Xu Zheng, the $2.2 million-budgeted follow-up to 2010's modest hit Lost on Journey is unexpectedly well honed for [...]

Watch: 'Dead Man Down''s First Trailer Gives Bright Lights, Moody City

Colin Farrell is back in another sure-to-be-very-good film that will probably not do so well at the box office, the upcoming revenge thriller Dead Man Down, directed by Niels Arden Oplev. Farrell plays a mob hitman blackmailed by a disfigured young woman (Noomi Rapace) interested in procuring his services to exact revenge on the man [...]

'The Hobbit' Perched Atop The Box Office Again

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey surpassed the competition at the box office over the long New Years weekend, outgrossing powerhouse newcomers Django Unchained and Les Misérables in their first full weekends in theaters. The first installment of the Hobbit trilogy grossed a chart-topping $48.3 million in the Friday to Tuesday holiday period in [...]

The Lowest-Grossing Film Of 2012 Made Less Than $300. Wait, What?

2012's lowest-grossing film has been revealed, and people, this one kind of hurts. [Related: Domestic Box Office Rises In Dollars And Audiences In 2012] The Christian Slater horror film Playback gathered an astonishing $264.00 – yes, that's two hundred and sixty four – in theaters. Well, theater, to be exact; it only showed for one [...]

Lessons We Can Learn From 2012's Most-Pirated Films

Good news, everyone! 2012 has been a pretty great year for the film industry. Ticket sales were up worldwide by 5% over 2011, and a record box office haul of $10 billion means plenty of celebrating at studio holiday parties. Of course, Biggie wasn't lying when he preached the harsh truth that with mo' money [...]

'Les Misérables' And 'Django' Second & Third Biggest Xmas Openers Ever

Christmas Day was anything but misérable for Les Misérables at the box office. The Oscar hopeful scored the second biggest single-day Christmas opening, cashing in with $18 million, according to The total is only overshadowed by the $24.6 million that Sherlock Holmes took in in 2009, though it should be noted that day fell [...]

Domestic Box Office Rises In Dollars And Audiences In 2012

Year on year, Hollywood's box office receipts rise. And while the 2012 numbers came in higher than 2011, the year marked a specifically good turn for the movie industry: the number of actual tickets sold went up for the first time in three years. The year's big numbers come despite a generally slow summer blockbuster [...]

'Zero Dark Thirty' Opens To Wednesday Record As Torture Controversy Brews

Even as Zero Dark Thirty has come under fire by key Senators criticizing its depiction of torture in the hunt for Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, the film shrugged off the pressure, at least at the box office, in its initial limited roll out Wednesday. [Related: Golden Globes Unveil 70th Edition Nominees] The Sony [...]

AARP Gives Its Top 10 'Movies For Grownups'

Popular culture may suffer from youth obsession and the movies may be front and central in perpetuating it all, but older folks have made strides this year in capturing the box office dollar with titles like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Hope Springs. So, why not have the nation's most prominent organization for people [...]

'The Hobbit' Sprints To December Record At The Box Office

No surprise, it was a Hobbit weekend with the title, accounting for over half of the overall box office and even setting a December record. It did not match the highest estimates of some box office prognosticators, but nevertheless a solid showing considering its expectations. The top 10 grossed over $122.6 million. 1. The Hobbit: [...]

'The Hobbit' Tracking $70 Million-Plus At Weekend Box Office: Biz Break

Peter Jackson's initial Hobbit is looking to match its Lord of the Rings brethren. Also in Wednesday's news round-up, Joel Edgerton is eyeing to star in next Natalie Portman pic; Andy Samberg is set to take on the Spirit Awards; Top Gun is flying toward IMAX; and Hobbit mock-buster gets a new title. The Hobbit [...]

'Skyfall' Heads Back To Number 1 In Weak Weekend

Skyfall once again headed to the top spot in the box office over the weekend, grossing $11 million in a weekend that only had one weak showing from a major newcomer, Playing for Keeps. With little momentum behind it, the movie opened with only $6 million. Overall, the top 10 only took in $69.14 million, [...]

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