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By Turning Minutes Into Money, This Chrome Extension Helps You Save

Time is money. Here's a Chrome extension that will prevent you from making bad financial decisions. All of us have spent money we shouldn't have on a purchase. Whether as the result of calculation or whim, we've all looked at something we wanted, done some dodgy mental math, and decided it is somehow within our budgets. Show More Summary

Solar Calculator For Michigan And Comprehensive MI Solar Guidebook

Originally published on Cost of Solar. By Derek Markham You don’t have to live in an extremely sunny location, such as Arizona, New Mexico, or California, to get the benefits of solar power at home, although residents of those states are certainly a great fit for solar. Show More Summary

The Mother Of All Premium Hikes

Jonathan Cohn calculates that, should SCOTUS gut Obamacare subsidies in states without their own exchanges, the “underlying premiums for all people buying insurance on their own in these states would rise by an average of 43 percent, while the number of Americans without insurance could be as much as 7 million higher than it would […]

US Debt and Financial Promises to Close in on $100 Trillion This Year

Guest post by Joe Hoft As explained in new book Falling Eagle – Rising Tigers, a government deficit or surplus is measured by calculating the difference between government receipts and government spending over a period of time which is usually … Continue reading ?

How Social Security denied one woman the advice she deserved

Social Security Administration benefit calculators intentionally underestimate your benefits. Photo by by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Boston University economist Larry Kotlikoff has spent every week, for over two years, answering questions about what is likely your largest financial asset — your Social Security benefits. Show More Summary

Is this the worst ending to a soccer match ever? It’s certainly the most confusing.

4 months agoSports : The Early Lead

Timekeeping in soccer is already a bit strange. On top of the 90 minutes of regulation play, the referee can tack on additional “stoppage time,” which is calculated by adding up the pauses because of injuries, for example, that occur during each 45-minute half. The average stoppage time, according to Football Bible, is three minutes, so […]

Atlanta Fed Jobs Calculator Suggests Full Employment By Spring Possible

It may not take much more to get to the labor market’s promised land, an improvement that could alter the debate over when the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates.

American Households Are Saving $42 Per Month On Lower Gas Prices

The average American household will save just around $42 per month over the next year if gas prices stay low. RBC Capital Markets made this estimate by calculating the average miles driven per vehicle in the US, and how much gasoline...Show More Summary

Physics students have calculated that the physical impact of being rescued by the Flash is, in fact,

4 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Physics students have calculated that the physical impact of being rescued by the Flash is, in fact, more damaging than being hit by a car. Based upon footage from the new TV show, they say that increasing the area over which the superhero makes contact with a person would lower the pressure and likelihood of injury. Read more...

CT lung screening appears cost-effective

In 2010 the National Lung Screening Trial showed that screening for cancer with low-dose CT scans could reduce mortality by 20 percent compared to using chest X-rays. But is it cost-effective? A new study's calculations reveal that it is, but that depends on assuming many answers to questions that remain open.

Do You Need a Permit to Photograph in Wilderness Areas?

This is a guest blog entry by Photographer Jeff Conrad (check his great Sun/Moon Calculator and article on Depth of Field), who has followed the legislation on permits to photograph on public lands for years, including this blog post in September 2013. Show More Summary

How Off Were The Polls?

Wang does some calculations: In close Senate races, Republicans outperformed polls by an average of 5.3 percentage points. Prime examples of that effect could be seen with Republican wins in Kansas and North Carolina, two races that went against pre-election polls. In gubernatorial races, Republicans outperformed polls nearly 2 percentage points on average. This was […]

‘Deadline’ app predicts when user will die with countdown

The health app's countdown clock — calculated from data taken by Apple’s HealthKit app and a lifestyle questionnaire — offers users an exact time they can expect kicking the bucket.

James Franco Is Saved From Certain Death by a Quick-Thinking Droid Turbo

4 months agoMarketing / Advertising : AdFreak

The new Droid Turbo is so fast that when James Franco falls off the roof at a party, he can use the Motorola phone to find the nearest safe landing, calculate the best route there and text his date to meet him at the bottom—all before he crashes through an awning into a dumpster and dusts himself off. Show More Summary

Restaurant performance, economy leaves operators ‘unimpressed’

Although the performance index calculated by the National Restaurant Association remained in the “expansion” range for September, 80% of restaurant operators expect economic conditions to remain the same or worsen during the coming six months.

Why turning our clocks back Sunday makes no sense

Back in 1784, hanging out in Paris and heady with Enlightenment, Benjamin Franklin had an idea. Struck by the fact that Parisians were sleeping during sunlight hours and then staying up late at night by candlelight, he calculated the number of candles that were being wasted -- and came up with a very impressive number, 64 […]

Apple reverses course: calculator widgets now allowed in App Store

Good news, iOS users: you can still access a calculator widget from Notification Center. The company on Thursday reversed a decision that would require PCalc — a calculator app featured by Apple in its "Great Apps for iOS 8" sectionShow More Summary

Apple reportedly reverses decision on rejecting iOS 8 calculator widgets

We learned yesterday from developer James Thompson that Apple had informed him that the calculator widget for his app PCalc, which had already been approved and even featured by the App Store, would have to remove the widget from the app to remain available for sale. The reason Apple gave, according to Thompson’s tweets, is that […]

Apple No Longer Rejecting Calculator Widgets From The App Store

4 months agoTechnology : TechCrunch

The maker of a popular iOS app and widget, PCalc, which took advantage of iOS 8’s support for Notification Center Widgets, was recently told by Apple that his handy app would be pulled from the App Store due to the fact that “widgets...Show More Summary

Are Well-Meaning but Misguided Conservatives Being Seduced by the Value-Added Tax?

Daniel J. Mitchell Having a vision of a free society doesn’t mean libertarians are incapable of common-sense political calculations. For example, the long-run goal is to dramatically shrink the size and scope of the federal government,...Show More Summary

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