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Dane Cook to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot

Lesley Goldberg The comedian-turned-feature actor will play a grouchy alpha male DJ in "Next Caller Please" from "Weeds" producer Stephen Falk. read more

Dane Cook To Star In NBC Comedy Pilot ‘Next Caller Please

Dane Cook is set to star in the NBC’s single-camera comedy pilot Next Caller Please. The Lionsgate/Universal TV project, written by Stephen Falk, centers on Cam Doherty (Cook), an abrasive, hard-drinking, sexist, loose-cannon maverick...Show More Summary

Judge in hiding for ruling against Zombie Muhammed

The DC Caller reports that Judge Mark Martin has sequestered himself and his staff because of death threats he and his office have received from people who are less than pleased with his interpretation of his duties as a judge. Mechanicsburg District Judge Mark Martin and his staff moved to the more secure Cumberland County [...]

TV Castings: Collette Wolfe Lands Lead In ‘Next Caller’, Terry Crews Joins ‘Newsroom’, Jon Dore In ‘How To Live With Your Parents’

EXCLUSIVE: Collette Wolfe (Young Adult) has landed the female lead in NBC’s comedy pilot Next Caller Please. The Lionsgate/Universal TV project, written by Stephen Falk, centers on Colorado public radio personality Stella Hoobler (Wolfe)...Show More Summary

Can We Please Stop Pretending Media Matters Is a Legitimate News Source?

Post by Jenny Erikson On Sunday night, The Daily Caller published a piece exposing Media Matters for America (MMFA) as the hypocritical, liberal rag that it is. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being biased. What is wrong is being biased, and then pretending not to be. Show More Summary

Eddie Salter Joins DND Pro Staff

Down-N-Dirty Outdoors, makers of high-quality handcrafted turkey, deer and waterfowl calls, is pleased to announce that acclaimed turkey caller and hunter Eddie Salter has joined the DND Pro Staff. Salter has been competing in turkey calling contests for more than three decades, and in that time, he has claimed a number of impressive titles, including [...]Show More Summary

Nick Gillespie Talking Ron Paul, Politics, on C-Span Tues AM 7.30 to 8.45 ET

4 years agoNews : Reason

I'll be on C-SPAN's Washington Journal this morning, talking Ron Paul's rise in the polls, the GOP race, politics more broadly, and whatever else callers ask about. Please tune in, or watch along online here. The network's legendaryShow More Summary

A Report, A Memo, A Notification

(Office | Orange County, CA, USA) Me: “Good morning, this is [name] at [company]. How may I help you? Caller: “May I please speak to [co-worker]?” Me: “He is not in the office today. May I take a message?” Caller: “No, I just wanted to confirm if he got my email. Can you have him call me and let me know?” [...]

Jesse Jackson Jr. Should Resign; and if He Doesn’t Should be be Thrown Out of Congress?

[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.] The Daily Caller has completely and irredeemably discredited Jesse Jackson Jr. and demonstrated he was utterly unfit for office.  How did they do this?  The sneakiest way possible: by giving him a microphone and inviting him to talk.  [...]

Which GOP Presidential Candidate Recorded A Gospel Album?

Republican Presidential candidate and pizza magnate Herman Cain apparently recorded a gospel album — and it's not bad. Take a listen for yourself below. [via The Daily Caller] Please follow Politics on Twitter and Facebook. Join theShow More Summary

The Identity Thief’s Dream Caller

(Call Center | Tampa Bay, FL, USA) Me: “Thank you for calling [bank]. May I please have your card number?” Caller: “No.” Me: “I can help look up your account if you don’t have your card with you. May I please have your phone number on file?” Caller: “I’m not giving you that. You will steal my information.” Me: “I assure you, [...]

Breaking: 6th Circuit Upholds Obamacare

[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.] The Daily Caller story tells you no more than that, but fwiw…  Expect updates. Update: Volokh has a little more and straightens me out on which circuit is involved.  And you can read it, here. [Posted and authored by [...]

For Spanish Press 2, For Telepaths Press 3

(Call Center | Chicago, IL, USA) Me: “Thank you for calling [company]. May I have your account number?” Caller: “You may.” pause Me: “Sir?” Caller: “Oh, did you need me read it aloud to you?” Me: “Yes, please.” Caller: “It is [account number].” Me: “Thank you. And for security, could I ask you to confirm the mailing address on the account?” [...]

Chris Christie, Who Is Not Running For President, Makes Me Want To Accidentally Send A Picture Of My Gentleman Caller Through A Tweet

Privatize New Jersey's stupid stake in public broadcasting? Yes please thank you. You want a quote? You got a quote: :We are looking forward to this new partnership, which we think will serve the people of New Jersey extraordinarily well,?...

Pressing All The Wrong Buttons, Part 2

(Bank call center | Central Oklahoma, OK, USA) Me: “Thank you for calling [bank] credit card services. Can I have your name, please?” Caller: “You need to turn my d speakerphone on before I can talk, so I can hear you across the room!” Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I can’t turn your speakerphone on for you. You have to do that yourself.” Caller: [...]

It’s Time To Stamp Out Stupidity

(Call Center | Terre Haute, IN, USA) Me: “May I have your address, please?” Caller: “I don’t need to know my address. The postman knows where I live.”

Deal With The Burning Issue First, Part 2

(Call Center | Glasgow, UK) (I work at directory inquiries.) Me: “Which name, please?” Caller: “I’d like the number for the local fire station.” Me: “Searching for you now.” Caller: “Can you hurry up? My kitchen’s on fire.” Me: “Sir, hang up right now and then dial emergency services!” Caller: “Hold on.” he’s away for over a minute “Right, I’ve [...]

Inexcretable Behavior

(Hotel | UK) Receptionist: “Hello, [hotel]. How can I help you?” Caller: “I need to know if I’m still barred.” Receptionist: “I can check that for you. Can I take your name, please?” Caller: gives name Receptionist: “Okay, I’ll just check for you. Out of interest, can I ask why you were barred?” Caller: “Aye. I took a [...]

Turn Left At Berlin And Just Keep Going

(Hotel | Johannesburg, South Africa) (The phone rings in reception and I answer. Note that we’re a hotel in South Africa.) Caller: “Please give directions to your hotel.” Me: “Certainly, sir. From which direction will you be coming?” Caller: “Germany.”

Not So Smart-Phone, Part 3

(Tech Support | New York, NY, USA) Caller: “I’d like to know how to charge my handheld, please.” Me: “Take the cable, and plug it into the bottom of the handheld. Take the other side, and plug it into the wall.” Caller: “Which one goes in the wall?” Me: “The side that has the two prongs.” Caller: “Why is this so complicated?!” [...]

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