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Hayes Grills Steve King: Are Middle Eastern Muslims ‘Incompatible’ with US Democracy?

5 days agoNews : Mediaite

MSNBC's Chris Hayes faced off with Republican congressman Steve King tonight over his views on Muslim assimilation in the United States.

Congressman Keith Ellison rips Donald Trump for inspiring attacks against minorities

5 days agoNews : The Raw Story

In an appearance on All In with Chris Hayes, Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison (MN) slammed Republican frontrunner and former reality TV star Donald Trump for setting Americans against each other and irresponsibly ratcheting up hostilities toward Muslims and nonwhites. “He’s whipping up hatred to...

Democratic Congressman: Donald Trump’s Rhetoric Will Lead to Murders, Assaults

5 days agoNews : Mediaite

Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison said on MSNBC's All in With Chris Hayes Monday evening that Donald Trump's inflammatory claim that he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attack would lead to violence.

Friend of Protester Beaten Up at Trump Rally: Trump’s a ‘Modern-Day Bull Connor’

6 days agoNews : Mediaite

The friend of a protester who was beaten up at Donald Trump's Birmingham rally days ago spoke to Chris Hayes tonight about witnessing that firsthand and Trump's racially-charged rhetoric.

Watch Matt Welch Talk Immigration Politics on MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes at 8:00 pm ET

2 weeks agoNews : Reason

Is the GOP losing its collective mind over immigration, or is that mind done lost? I'll be on MSNBC's All in with Chris Hayes tonight at 8:00 p.m. to discuss. Related: Here are the five craziest things Republican presidential candidates said about immigration during the month of August:

Quentin Tarantino Defends Police Brutality Comments

3 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

Quentin Tarantino defended his comments about police brutality during an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Wednesday. The "Pulp Fiction" director made headlines last month for an appearance at a demonstration against police brutality. ...Show More Summary

‘They Want Me to Shut Up': Tarantino Rails Against Critics on MSNBC

3 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Quentin Tarantino spoke with MSNBC's Chris Hayes tonight in his first TV interview on his controversial remarks about the police.

WATCH: Sanders Goes After Clinton's Wall St. Ties: 'Establishment Politicians Can't Make Changes We Need'

The Vermont senator sat down with Chris Hayes to discuss Kochs, super PACs and inequality. After a strong debate performance and Biden's announcement he wasn't running two weeks ago, Clinton's steady rise in the polls has the Sanders camp on their heels. Show More Summary

Hayes on GOP Debate Complaints: Maybe the Problem Is There’s Too Many Candidates

4 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

MSNBC's Chris Hayes tonight suggested that maybe the problem with the Republican debates is that there are just too many candidates.

Watch Matt Welch Talk Hillary’s Benghazi Performance on MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes at 8:00 pm ET

last monthNews : Reason

Yesterday, we learned that on Sept. 12, 2012, as body parts will still being pulled out of Benghazi, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil in a phone call that "We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. Show More Summary

Chris Hayes to GOP Rep. on Paul Ryan Disarray: ‘Why Is This Not a Terrible Idea?’

last monthNews : Mediaite

MSNBC's Chris Hayes tonight said that this whole push to get Paul Ryan to be the next Speaker of the House is a "terrible idea."

MSNBC’s Hayes Defends Lockup Reruns: Sometimes It’s ‘Highest Rated Show’ on Network

last monthNews : Mediaite

A Chris Hayes fan finally asked the MSNBC host the question every cable news observer has wondered in a Facebook Q&A: why does MSNBC air so many freaking reruns of the prison documentary series Lockup?

Chris Hayes upends the latest Jeb Bush/Donald Trump 9/11 feud with one tweet

Please remember, Jeb. If you have been attacked, that means you have not been kept safe

Watch Matt Welch Talk Jeb Bush and Ben Carson on MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes at 8:30 pm ET

last monthNews : Reason

Not only has Jeb Bush trailed Ben Carson in every national GOP presidential poll over the past seven weeks, now it comes out that the giftedly-handed neurosurgeon is raising more money than the would-be third Bush president, $20 million to $13 million in the third quarter. Show More Summary

Chris Hayes to Bernie Sanders: Have You Built a Big Enough ‘Multiracial Coalition’ to Win?

2 months agoNews : Mediaite

MSNBC's Chris Hayes tonight asked Bernie Sanders if he thinks his campaign has done a good job building a coalition that reaches out beyond just white voters.

How Cops, Shrinks, and FBI Agents Are Scrambling To Stop the Next Gun Rampage

Mother Jones National Affairs Editor Mark Follman spoke with MSNBC's Chris Hayes Monday night about our cover story, "Inside the Race to Stop the Next Mass Shooter." The MoJo investigation comes just days after a 26-year-old opened fire at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, killing nine and wounding nine others. (Mark's appearance starts at 9:54.)

Al Gore rips the GOP: We’re the only country in the world where a major party denies climate change

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Former Vice President Al Gore blasted Republicans on Tuesday for continuing to deny climate change, as he and MSNBC host Chris Hayes noted that American conservatives are unique in doing so. “We’re the only country in the world where one of the major political parties denies the reality...

Bernie Sanders defends Pope Francis: He is helping to ‘significantly turn the tide’ on climate change

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

While conservatives have tried to dismiss Pope Francis’ public stances, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) endorsed the Catholic Church leader in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Tuesday. “Obviously, I disagree with the Pope on a woman’s right to choose, and I disagree with...

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