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Chris Matthews Admits Socialist Bernie Sanders Best Represents Democrats

Speaking to Late Night host Seth Meyers on Wednesday about the recent Democratic presidential debate, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews conceded that self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders was more in line with the future of the Democratic Party than Hillary Clinton.

Chris Matthews Accepts the ‘Gravi-Toss’ Challenge on ‘Late Night’

Can the "Hardball" anchor maintain his composure while reading ridiculous-sounding headlines? You be the judge.

MSNBC’s O’Donnell Oozes: Hillary’s Debate Went ‘So Perfectly’ She Could Have ‘Planned It All’

Leading off the Wednesday edition of MSNBC’s The Last Word, host Lawrence O’Donnell gave his best Chris Matthews “thrill up my leg” impression as he went overboard smiling and giggling over how the debate “went so well” for Hillary Clinton...Show More Summary

Hardball 10/14/2015

Chris Matthews and a panel of guests discuss the political headlines and news of the day.

Katy Tur Doesn't Take Chris Matthews's Bait: Refuses to Give Opinion About Trump 'Ego'

On tonight's edition of Hardball, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews tried but failed to get NBC News correspondent Katy Tur, who's assigned to cover the Donald Trump presidential campaign, to speak negatively about the Republican candidate. She declined, saying, "you know I can't answer that!"

Would Rep. Watts run for House speaker?

Chris Matthews asks former Congressman J.C. Watts if he'd run for House speaker.

The Bookmaking King Of Las Vegas Clashes Intellects With Chris Matthews

last monthNews : Mediaite

If you were writing a book about Las vegas bookmaking, you would probably give your protagonist the name Jimmy Vaccaro, right? Luckily for him, he has worked for nearly 40 years doing just that.

Las Vegas bookmaker on 2016's 'smart money'

Jimmy Vaccaro, Las Vegas bookmaker, talks with Chris Matthews about the 2016 election viewed through the lens of betting odds.

Clinton defends vulnerabilities at debate

Antonio Villaraigosa, former Los Angeles mayor and Hillary Clinton supporter, talks with Chris Matthews about Clinton's debate performance and how well she...

Sanders supporters see success in debate performance

Rep. Raul Grijalva, (D), Arizona, talks with Chris Matthews about the performance of Senator Bernie Sanders in the first Democratic primary debate and the...

Lincoln Chafee seeks distinction on debate stage

Lincoln Chafee, Democratic candidate for president, talks with Chris Matthews about what distinguishes him from the other candidates in the Democratic field,...

Wayne Newton talks Trump, Democratic debate

Wayne Newton joins Chris Matthews live in Las Vegas to share his assessment of the first Democratic debate as well as his favorites from the Republican field.

Sanders: ‘I don’t represent the billionaire class’

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders reviews his debate performance with Chris Matthews, reasserting his positions on tax policy and campaign...

Martin O’Malley reviews debate performance

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley joins Chris Matthews post-debate to comment on his performance, including his challenging of Bernie Sanders...

Hardball 10/13/2015

Chris Matthews and a panel of guests discuss the political headlines and news of the day.

On Dem Debate Night, Chris Matthews Trashes ‘Pathetic’ ‘Sock Puppet’ Rubio

Tuesday may be the Democratic debate night, but that didn’t stop an angry Chris Matthews from trashing Marco Rubio as a “pathetic” “sock puppet.” The Hardball anchor derided conservative donor Sheldon Adelson as a “sugar daddy” who will likely endorse the Republican.

'Hardball' Host Matthews: Plus to Bernie Presidency: He'd Keep U.S. Out of 'Goddamn Wars'

After momentarily berating Bernie Sanders flack Tad Devine over the socialist's prickliness about being questioned about his technically being an independent, not a registered Democrat, Hardball host Chris Matthews tonight praised the Vermont senator's dovish tack on foreign policy, hailing how he would keep the U.S. out of "all those goddamn wars!"

Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd: Hillary Not Helping Herself With “Policy Adjustments” [Video]

  NBC’s Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd has joined his colleagues, Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews, in expressing their concern about Hillary Clinton’s flip-flopping—especially her latest on the TPP—and the effect it will have on her presidential campaign. Todd said that Clinton is facing a much stiffer challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) than […]

Matthews Slams GOP: Something’s Wrong with a Party When You Can’t Even Agree On a Leader

last monthNews : Mediaite

Chris Matthews tonight said there is something very wrong with the Republican party if it can't even decide on who its leader should be.

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