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To the Batmobile? The trouble with Arkham Knight's biggest addition

What's your favourite Batmobile? If you answered the Tumbler, the thick, bulky and brutally functional supercar/tank hybrid from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, then I'm afraid you're just plain wrong. The Tumbler had a place...Show More Summary

The Odd Ways We Twist Our Speech to Make Computers Understand Us

In Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, a super-Siri-like technology allows artificial intelligences called CASE and TARS to conduct seamless conversations with humans. The contrast between their hulking box shapes and agreeable verbalShow More Summary

Batman: Arkham Knight review; A game worthy of the comic books’ legacy

Batman: Arkham KnightDeveloped by: Rocksteady Studios Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox OneIn recent years, aside from the Dark Knight film trilogy, directed by Christopher Nolan,Show More Summary

Review - Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4)

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

The Batman: Arkham series did for superhero games what Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy did for superhero movies. As Rocksteady's third – and supposedly final – installment in the series, does Arkham Knight give this storyline...Show More Summary

VOTD: Feature-Length Look Behind the Scenes of ‘Batman Begins’ for 10th Anniversary

2 months agoEntertainment / Film : SlashFilm

Earlier this month, June 15th marked the 10th anniversary of Batman Begins, the franchise reboot from director Christopher Nolan that launched the most acclaimed film franchise adaptation of The Caped Crusader to date. So what better...Show More Summary

Interstellar Should Be Shown in Science Class, Say Physicists

2 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar broke new ground in its scientifically accurate portrayal of black holes and wormholes. A scientific journal is now urging educators to feature the film in their classes when teaching such topics as general relativity. Read more...

Cheapest Ever Blu 6-Movie Christopher Nolan Collection!!

Cheapest Ever Blu 6-Movie Christopher Nolan Collection!! Read the full article on AICN CLICK HERE NOW!! The Blu-ray Six-Movie Christopher Nolan Collection, $58.99 in 2013 and $58.49 last June, just fell to its lowest price ever: $32.99!! $5.50...Show More Summary

The Martian Is Nothing Like Interstellar, According To Matt Damon

Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi blockbuster The Martian has drawn a number of comparisons to Christopher Nolan's Interstellar... and with good reason. After all, both movies feature Jessica Chastain and Matt Damon, and are set around the idea of astronauts finding themselves trapped in space and hoping to find a way back. Show More Summary

15 Things You Might Not Know About ‘Memento’

2 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

Long before the launch of his colossal Batman reboot, or original science fiction blockbusters like Inception and Interstellar, director Christopher Nolan made a name for himself with 2000's innovative psychological thriller Memento....Show More Summary

Interstellar: Tesseract

(SPOILERS) As with Inception‘s gravity-defying scenes, director Christopher Nolan opted to have a physical set built for Interstellar’s tesseract, a “three-dimensional shadow of a four-dimensional hypercube that’s been unfolded.”

Darren Aronofsky Almost Made a Batman Movie: Links You Need to See

Before Christopher Nolan came along and made Batman cool and box-office friendly again, the Dark Knight was at a low point, last seen in the embarrassing Batman & Robin. … Read More

Newswire: In honor of Batman Begins’ 10th anniversary, here are 5 Batman films that never were

Christopher Nolan’s landmark film Batman Begins, released on June 15, 2005, is celebrating its 10th birthday today. Batman Begins completely jettisoned the tone of Joel Schumacher’s irreverent, pun-laced Batman & Robin and created aShow More Summary

Batman Supercut: Watch the Best Of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy

On June 15, 2005, exactly 10 years ago today, moviegoers were first treated to a groundbreaking new adaptation of an iconic franchise in Batman Begins. Christopher Nolan's reimagining redefined what a comic book movie could become, kicking off one of the most celebrated comic book film trilogies of all time. Show More Summary

Explore Space and Time in This Featurette on the ‘Interstellar’ Tesseract

3 months agoEntertainment / Film : SlashFilm

Even though Christopher Nolan‘s sci-fi drama Interstellar ended up being a fairly divisive piece of cinema last year, it’s hard to deny that the film still left an impression on people. And while we can nitpick the story until we’reShow More Summary

See The Wolfpack Brothers And Filmmaker Thursday Night

Sundance favorite The Wolfpack, a documentary about six brothers and a sister who barely left their East Village apartment (where they were homeschooled and raised on a diet of films by Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese), is finally being released this weekend. Show More Summary

Want to Own This Batman Tumbler? You Need Bruce Wayne's Wallet

If you’re in the market for a fully functional replica of the Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, we know where you can find one.

Robin Hood: Origins Lands Peaky Blinders Director Otto Bathurst

3 months agoFilm / New Releases : Coming Soon

The origin story is being compared to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy The post Robin Hood: Origins Lands Peaky Blinders Director Otto Bathurst appeared first on

Markus Weinzierl: The Manager Schalke 04 Need but Not the One They Deserve

As Lieutenant James Gordon readies his police force to chase down Batman in Christopher Nolan’s epic The Dark Knight, he explains to his young son the reason why they must chase a man who appears the hero. He states, “He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now”. Show More Summary

'Total Recall' at 25: Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi still shocks

Long before Christopher Nolan parsed densely interwoven layers of dream and reality in “Inception,” Paul Verhoeven took a pulpy deep dive into similar what-if terrain.

Christopher Nolan Revisits ‘Inception’ Ending in Graduation Speech: “Chase Your Reality”

3 months agoEntertainment / Film : SlashFilm

Inception left one very big question hanging, and five years later fans are still talking about it. And so is Christopher Nolan. While giving a commencement speech at Princeton University, the director touched upon the much-debated final sequence of his dream-world epic. Show More Summary

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