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‘You Were Defeated By Your Own Caucus. What Happened?’

Congressman Steve Scalese was asked by Chris Wallace to address the “humiliating defeat” Republicans suffered Friday. “It’s your job to put the best face on things, but people are talking about what happened Friday night as a ‘humiliating defeat,’” Wallace said. “You were defeated by your own caucus. What happened?” “Our members have a lot [...]

Former Republican Congressman Reports To Federal Prison

Former Arizona Rep. Rick Renzi is beginning a three-year sentence for corruption, money laundering and other convictions. The AP reports: Renzi, 56, was convicted of conspiring to use his congressional post to make companies buy his ex-business associate’s land so the associate could repay a debt to Renzi. A federal jury in Tucson convicted Renzi [...]

Mo Brooks Uses 'Illegal And Unconstitutional' As Code For Black President

Filling in for Chris Hayes on Thursday night's All In, Ari Melber allowed Alabama Republican Congressman, Mo Brooks, to set a new record in the repetition of racist dogwhistle, code-words for black. He made it abundantly clear he disapproves...Show More Summary

Republicans Considered Arresting Eric Holder At SOTU

Georgia Congressman Barry Loudermilk says Republicans looked into arresting the Attorney General of the United States during the president’s State of the Union Address. “There was a discussion before the State of the Union of, because of holding Eric Holder in contempt, what role will the House play if he shows up on the House [...]

Rep. Glenn Grothman urges constituents to keep an eye out for poor people at grocery stores

As the man most likely to someday usurp Rep. Louie Gohmert's throne as America's Dumbest Congressman, Wisconsin's Rep. Glenn Grothman has some mighty big shoes to fill. I think he's up to the challenge. Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.) reportedly...Show More Summary

More ethics problems for Rep. Aaron Schock?

Livin' large. Rep. Aaron Schock, better known as the Downton Abbey Congressman, seems to be in more trouble. Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock, a rising Republican star already facing an ethics inquiry, has spent taxpayer and campaign funds...Show More Summary

Congressman sees Obama threatening GOP more than ISIS

When President Obama starts sending fighters jets and armed drones after American Republicans, Ted Poe should certainly let us know.

House Republican leader eyes AUMF ... for Iran

That Ed Royce likes the idea of endorsing an offensive against one foe (ISIS) and the foe's nearby enemy (Iran) is an irony the congressman fails to appreciate.

'Downton Abbey' Congressman Lawyers Up

Rep. Aaron Schock has hired two prominent Washington defense attorneys and a public relations firm to respond to the swirling controversy and a potential ethics probe over how he has financed his lavish lifestyle. The move by the embattled...Show More Summary

Iraq war lessons inform war veteran congressman

Congressman Seth Moulton, veteran of the Iraq war, talks with Rachel Maddow about his recent trip to Iraq, his impressions of progress in the war on ISIS,...

Rep. Lamar Smith says Obama is doing 'nothing' to combat ISIS

Congressman Alfred E. Neuman (R-TX) rules our world I give up. At some point this particular conservative obsession needs to be thought of not as political stance but a psychological disorder, and that point would appear to be now. Rep. Show More Summary

‘Downton Abbey’ Congressman Used Donor Funds For Private Planes, Concerts

Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock, whose office was designed to look like something out of the elegant “Downton Abbey”, is now accused of using donor funds for private planes and a Katy Perry concert. Schock’s high-flying lifestyle, combined with questions about expenses decorating his office after the TV show “Downton Abbey,” add to awkward perceptions on [...]

Republican Congressman: Obama ‘Will Sit Around And Do Nothing’ About ISIS Because He Doesn’t Think America Is Exceptional

Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas made his uninformed comments to the Family Research Council. When Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, the host of the program, asked Smith why the president of Egypt and the king of Jordan are “responding in a more direct and authoritative way to these attacks of ISIS than our own [...]

Aaron Schock probably violated House rules with flight expenses

Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock isn’t doing himself any favors when it comes to dispelling the notion that he is America’s bougiest Congressman. Last Thursday, USA Today reported that Schock — who recently completed a positively fabulous redecoration of his Capitol Hill office as a homage to Downton Abbey — has spent $8,000 in taxpayer money  and […]

Congressman Defends Outrageous Giuliani Remarks: Obama ‘Views America Differently’

"I do believe that the president believes strongly in America, I just think he views America differently." The post Congressman Defends Outrageous Giuliani Remarks: Obama ‘Views America Differently’ appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Congressman Claims Immigrants Are Netting $24,000 Each From Obama’s Executive Action

This isn't the first time Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) conflated facts about undocumented immigrants. The post Congressman Claims Immigrants Are Netting $24,000 Each From Obama’s Executive Action appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Obama Designates 3 National Monuments, Congressman Deems Him ‘King Barack’

Certain Republicans responded with outrage, saying the President is "acting like King Barack." The post Obama Designates 3 National Monuments, Congressman Deems Him ‘King Barack’ appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Congressman warns that GOP attacks on Obamacare will cause a favorable outcome

A Chinese proverb comes to mind—"He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself." Ed Schultz asked Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) whether the Republican bill to redefine full-time work in the eyes of the Affordable Care Act to a 40-hour week would have a severe impact. Show More Summary

Rep. Ellison: ‘Why Should You Have To Register To vote?”

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison says it should be automatic. Speaking earlier this month at the U.S. Vote Foundation’s Voting and Elections Summit in Washington, D.C., the Democratic lawmaker asserted that there must be a bipartisan effort to “make voting easier.” Pointing to unnamed other countries with laxer restrictions, Ellison asked, “Why should voting be so [...]

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