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Republican Congressman: Obama’s Allowing ‘Jihad To Put Their Finger On The Nuclear Button’

I think it would be safer to have “jihad” on the button than Arizona Congressman Trent Franks. “There comes a time when Israel will not be able to reach from the air, without some ground forces, some of the potential facilities that could come into being and if they don’t do it at the right [...]

Congressman Dates Lobbyist Who Lobbies His Committee

Congressman Bill Shuster is in a "private and personal relationship" with a lobbyist who works to influence the House panel that Shuster leads, the Pennsylvania Republican said Thursday. Shuster, who heads the House Transportation and...Show More Summary

Sean Hannity Whitesplains To Black Congressman About Police Shootings And Black-On-Black Crime

In Sean Hannity’s world, there are a few bad cops but far more bad African Americans. That was the message condescendingly imparted to his guest, Rep. Hank Johnson. Hannity introduced Johnson by saying he “has a history of making controversial...Show More Summary

Congressman admits relationship with airline lobbyist

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the House committee that handles aviation legislation has acknowledged he has a private, personal relationship with an airline industry lobbyist. Shuster was the top House recipient of airline industry contributions last year, receiving $128,350 in campaign donations, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Gohmert: Obama ‘The Enemy Within’

Congressman Louie Gohmert is giving Michele Bachmann a run for her money. In an interview on Ohio Christian University’s “Faith & Liberty” radio program last week, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, blasted the Obama administration’s handling of the Iranian nuclear negotiations, claiming that the White House “betrayed” Israel “by showing their enemies their nuclear program.” “Those [...]

It’s Come To This: Republican Wins JFK ‘Courage’ Prize For Believing Science

So here’s how bad our political world has gotten: The 2015 recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award is former South Carolina congressman Bob Inglis, who won the award for being an actual Republican who’s willing to say in public that climate change is real and caused by human activity. Show More Summary

The Exemplar of What's Wrong with Politics Today

Congressman Tom MacArthur epitomizes everything that's wrong with American electoral politics today. You may recall that he received the Ocean County line on the primary ballot after "donating" $25,000 to the GOP committee. He purchased...Show More Summary

Can't get through to the IRS? Call your GOP Congressman

"Unless we are able to correct this," National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson warned in November, "very bad things will happen to taxpayers." By "this," Olson meant five straight years of budget cuts and staffing reductions at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Show More Summary

Tancredo Wants to See the Long-Form Baptismal Certificate

Former Republican congressman Tom Tancredo: "Listen, this president, no matter how he tries to portray himself in terms of his religious proclivities -- because he's never been baptized, to anybody's knowledge, in a Christian churchShow More Summary

Cruz Supporters Leaving ‘Vulgar’ Messages For Peter King

Congressman Peter King said that Ted Cuz is “a carnival barker” who shouldn’t be president. Cruz’s fine and erudite supporters have not met that with the queen’s English. King said young aides, interns and other staffers who answer the phones in his offices are being cursed at by Cruz supporters. “The puerile language used is [...]

America's Dumbest Congressman not running for president after all. For now.

The "news" that America's Dumbest Congressman, less frequently known as Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, was contemplating a run for president sent shivers up our spines for a moment last night. Alas, it was too badgood to be true. Later, a Gohmert aide told the Texas Tribune that the congressman was being ironic. Show More Summary

Congressman Wants to Force 'So Help Me God' on Vets

Last week, Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas) introduced a bill called the Preserve and Protect God in Military Oaths Act of 2015 that would force cadets at the Air Force's Academy to say "so help me God" during their oaths. Johnson said, "Let...Show More Summary

House GOP issues subpoena for EPA chief's text messages

Republican congressman Lamar Smith of Texas says he is left with no alternative but to issue a subpoena' after the EPA refused to provide complete records in response to the committee's repeated requests for all emails and text messages sent by McCarthy and other top officials.

Here's the pitch: House Whip Scalise can play hardball

Perspective — or flattery — is just one tool the four-term Louisiana congressman deploys as the Republicans' vote-counting whip, perhaps the hardest job in Congress these days given the sometimes bitter split between conservatives and...Show More Summary

GOP Congressman Calls Cruz a 'Carnival Barker'

In a CNN interview, New York Republican Congressman Peter King called Sen. Ted Cruz a "big mouth" who "basically led the Republican Party over the cliff," calling for his party to choose someone else as its presidential nominee for 2016. Show More Summary

On Tuesday’s Radio Show…

• Former Congressman Barney Frank details his extraordinary political life and the emotional toll of living in the closet for so long. • Did conservative activist James O’Keefe try to instigate anti-police sentiment among protesters in Ferguson? Former Project Veritas Director of Operations Rich Valdes explains why this is the case.

Former 'Dukes Of Hazzard' Star: MLK Would Have Approved Of Confederate Flag License Plates

I've heard a lot of bizarre defenses for displaying the Confederate flag, but this one by former Dukes of Hazzard star and Georgia Congressman Ben Jones has to take the cake. Ex-Congressman: MLK Would Have Wanted Us To Have Confederate Flag License Plates: "Dukes of Hazzard" star and former Rep. Show More Summary

Peter King: Cruz A ‘Carnival Barker’ Who Shouldn’t Be President

Long Island Congressman Peter King believes Ted Cruz is unfit to be president. In the statement, King says the GOP should “be able to find a more qualified candidate than Ted Cruz.” He goes on to say, “Shutting down the federal government, reading Dr. Seuss on the Senate floor are the marks of a carnival [...]

Congressman From Dukes Of Hazzard: Confederate Flags Are The New MLK

Yee-haw! What is that Crazy Cooter (of that old redneck TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard” fame), otherwise known as actor and former Democratic congressman from Georgia Ben Jones, up to now? Oh nothing, just going on CNN to argue in favor...Show More Summary

Barney Frank: Ben Carson ‘Abysmally Ignorant’ On Gays

Former Congressman Barney Frank no longer has to worry about how his rhetoric will play politically. Of course, he never did worry about that, so it is vintage Frank. Unfettered by any lingering political constraints, Frank went after the potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate hard for suggesting that people go into prison straight and come [...]

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