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Congressman: 'Call terrorism, terrorism ... fueled by the extremist rhetoric from some on the Hill'

28 minutes agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of the 8th congressional district in New York did not mince his words. He articulated something many of us have been saying for a long time. What he said about the domestic terrorist attack on Planned...Show More Summary

Republican Congressman Demanded Apology From Planned Parenthood During Active Shooting

While there was still an active shooting, Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger was on CNN demanding that Vicki Cowart, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains should apologize if the domestic terrorist who shot up the Colorado Springs clinic wasn’t anti-abortion. Never mind that the statement from the Planned Parenthood head didn’t claim it was [...]

Congressman Slams Planned Parenthood On Live TV During Active Shooting At Planned Parenthood Clinic

He previously has compared Planned Parenthood to Nazis. The post Congressman Slams Planned Parenthood On Live TV During Active Shooting At Planned Parenthood Clinic appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Rep. Mike Pompeo: 'My wife gave me an F' for my Benghazi questions to Clinton

Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo has been thinking long and hard about his rather odd "performance" during his House Select Committee's interrogation of Hillary Clinton over Benghazi. As has, apparently, his whole family. During aShow More Summary

Rep. Alan Grayson: I’ll File Suit If Ted Cruz Is The Nominee

Congressman Alan Grayson told me Wednesday night he’ll sue if Ted Cruz is the Republican nominee. Grayson commented on the GOP field. GRAYSON: It’s resolved itself into this weird reality show. It’s not “The Biggest Loser” that they’re choosing, it’s “The Biggest Bigot.” COLMES: That’s very interesting, are they all bigots? GRAYSON: Show me one [...]

Democratic Rep. Will Argue For You With Your Right-Wing Relatives At Thanksgiving

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson says he’ll argue for you with your conservative relatives at Thanksgiving. Grayson, running for Senate in a tough primary with fellow Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy, emailed his supporters Tuesday to say that a $3 donation would enter them in a contest to have Grayson call their “most conservative relative on Thanksgiving.” [...]

Congressman: Trump’s Rhetoric Will Lead To Murders, Assaults

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, one of two Muslims in the House, believes Donald Trump’s rhetoric could lead to violence. “He’s whipping up hatred to scapegoat a minority religious group, which has some very dangerous historic precedents…” said Ellison, who is himself Muslim. “I mean, it’s the kind of behavior, it’s classic demagoguery, and you know, [...]

Benghazi Congressman: My Wife Gave Me An ‘F’ On Questions To Hillary

Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo, a member of the House Select Benghazi Committee, says his wife gave him a failing grade on his questions to Hillary Clinton. During a speech at the Wichita Pachyderm Club last week, Pompeo told the gathered audience that he thought he’d done well at the Benghazi hearing — unlike the “C” [...]

GOP Congressman: Syrian Refugees Just Want A ‘Paid Vacation’ In America

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks thinks Syrians felling ISIS are just trying to get one over 407-488-1982 on the United States. “I’m one of these folks that think we need to stop paying these folks to come here. And we’re paying them about $15,000 a year in free health care, free food, free shelter, free clothing, [...]

Who Will Fight Climate Change? Meet Paul Clements

Four years ago, the L.A. Times named Congressman Fred Upton our planet Earth’s number 1 enemy in Congress. He continues to excel. As a climate science denier and chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Upton is the most powerful Representative working to block action to rein in global warming. Show More Summary

Congressman: Syrian Refugees Are Just Looking For A ‘Paid Vacation’

"We're paying them to come here," the Alabama congressman concluded. "It's a paid vacation!" The post Congressman: Syrian Refugees Are Just Looking For A ‘Paid Vacation’ appeared first on ThinkProgress.


Caitlin MacNeal has the scoop on what went down with the Oklahoma congressman who spoke out against the House bill on Syrian refugees and then voted for it. Interesting new revelations directly from the congressman.

Rep. Steve King: Obama ‘Filling Up Our Country’ With Terrorists

Iowa Congressman Steve King believes President Obama is purposely “filling up our country with people that will continue to attack us.” “We just should remember that, when — where we grew up is — when we were in our grade school that’s when the world was right and we tend to want to recreate that idyllic scene [...]

Republican congressman: Americans don't trust Syrian refugees because of 'Benghazi'

We are ruled, really, by monsters. Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck on Thursday blamed the President's handling of the 2011 terrorist attack in Benghazi for Americans' distrust of Syrian refugees today. And by "Americans," he must mean...Show More Summary

There's At Least One

Here's video from yesterday you may have missed. A Republican Congressman from Oklahoma, taking the the House floor to call his colleagues to task for their xenophobia, cowardice and betrayal of American values. Watch. You'll feel better.

GOP congressman tries to connect refugees, Benghazi

There is literally nothing unhinged members of Congress can't connect to Benghazi in some wild-eyed way.

‘Fck America In The A’: Vegas Man Arrested After Threatening To ‘Shoot…Congressman And Senators And Obama’

This nice gun owner wants us to “get out our guns,” shoot congress people and senators and put them in a “tree chipper.” The grand jury on Wednesday indicted 55-year-old Tyrone Paul Ponthieux on one felony count of threatening the life of the president and one count of threatening to assault, kidnap and murder other unnamed [...]

Lawmaker says harassment case from ex-staffer dismissed

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Blake Farenthold says a harassment lawsuit filed by a former staffer has been dismissed. Lauren Greene, a former communications director in the congressman's office, alleged in a lawsuit last year that she was sexually harassed and fired soon after she complained of a hostile work environment.

Long-term, post-ISIS plan for Syria sought

Congressman Seth Moulton, a Marine veteran and member of the Armed Services Committee, talks with Richard Engel about the need for long term political...

Republican Congressman Refuses Question From Breitbart Reporter: Not Truthful

Conservative Idaho Republican Raul Labrador refused to take a question from a Breitbart reporter according to Matt Fuller of the Huffington Post. Raul Labrador says he won't take questions from a Breitbart reporter because they're not truthful. It was a, um, weird exchange. — Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) November 17, 2015 Labrador is generally viewed as a [...]

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