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Why CNN Is Asking 40 Times Its Normal Rate for Ad Time

There’s a simple two-word reason that CNN is able to ask 40 times its usual rate for commercial time in its upcoming GOP primary debate: Donald Trump. That’s the assessment of Jeanine Poggi, writing in Ad Age. “The cable news...

Vaccine Truthers Are Throwing Their Support Behind Donald Trump

The real estate mogul just secured a favorable review from the vaccine truther site Natural News. The post Vaccine Truthers Are Throwing Their Support Behind Donald Trump appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Donald Trump -- Everyone Hates Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Donald Trump just declared war on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -- claiming he's a clueless bonehead... and nobody likes him.  Seriously, this really happened.  Trump spelled out his issues with the NBA legend in a handwritten note -- after Kareem…

Bush: I laughed after Trump said I should only speak English

4 hours agoNews : NY Daily News

Jeb Bush said his first reaction was to laugh at rival Donald Trump's criticism of him for speaking Spanish on the campaign trail.

Bernie Sanders: I'm Not Anything Like Trump

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday strongly rejected comparisons between his campaign and that of Republican candidate Donald Trump. "No, I don't accept that for one moment," the Democratic presidential candidate told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell. Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Says Donald Trump Is ‘Trying to Insult His Way into the Presidency’

Well, we finally DO have a quintessential example of someone who is speaking truth to (mouth) power. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has perfectly summed up billionaire Donald Trump’s campaign style. He says Trump is trying to “insult his way into the Presidency”: GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush hit fellow Republican Donald Trump today, saying [...]Show More Summary

Donald Trump hints he will sign RNC loyalty pledge

RICHMOND -- Donald Trump said Thursday morning that signing a loyalty pledge designed to block him from running for president as an independent would give him the best shot at winning the Republican primary. Asked by conservative radio show host John Fredericks if he would sign a statement that the Republican National Committee circulated to […]

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want To Press ‘1’ To Hear Jeb Bush Lose In English

Why anyone Photoshopped a giant bagel on Jeb’s head is beyond us Louche stool Donald Trump gave an exclusive interview to Dead Breitbart’s Home for Terrified White People on Wednesday, and revealed that not only is he certain he’ll be...Show More Summary

You reap what you sow, and GOP is reaping Trump

Erick Erickson, last seen barring Donald Trump from the RedState convention as punishment for intemperate rhetoric, But seriously, if Republicans want to know what they have done to deserve an affliction like Donald Trump, it’s...

Jeb Bush Would 'Of Course' Support Donald Trump If He Won The Nomination

4 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Over a month ago, GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush vowed that he was "done" talking about Donald Trump. This week, however, the former governor of Florida was forced to change tactics and attack the real estate mogul...Show More Summary

‘We need to win': Jeb Bush says he’d back Donald Trump as Republican presidential candidate

4 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

Jeb Bush said on Thursday he would back fellow Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump if the businessman-turned-politician wins the party’s nomination for the 2016 presidential election and Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. Asked if he would support Trump as Republican nominee...

Politico: Donald Trump to Sign Loyalty Pledge to Republican Party, Rejecting Third-Party Run

5 hours agoNews : Newsweek: US

Trump has previously left the door open to a third-party run, which would divide the Republican vote.

AP sources: GOP works to avoid third-party presidential run

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican hierarchy is challenging each of the party's presidential candidates to sign a pledge not to undertake a third-party bid — a move aimed squarely at Donald Trump. Several candidates confirmed that they would sign the pledge, among them Ohio Gov. Show More Summary

Would Donald Trump Leverage Network Marketing to Self-Fund (Bootstrap) a Startup?

As a women-led startup founder and entrepreneur, I've had my share of difficulties from finding advisors to building a founding team and raising money. I do recommend reading my first two articles if you have not done so already. This...Show More Summary

Donald Trump calls Rick Reilly “a dishonest writer” in what may be his best media feud yet

If there are two things we know about Donald Trump, it’s that he will never back down from an argument and he will never, ever admit when he’s wrong. Trump’s usual ploy when it comes to the media is to berate them, belittle them and accuse them of being bad at their jobs. Show More Summary

Ugh Jeb Bush Hurls Nasty Insults at Trump While Pretending He’s Uplifting and Hopeful (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush went on Good Morning America today to continue his attacks on Donald Trump. Jeb likes pretend he’s the... The post Ugh Jeb Bush Hurls Nasty Insults at Trump While Pretending He’s Uplifting and Hopeful (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Morning Plum: Can Republican voters rise above Trumpism?

This morning on ABC News, Jeb Bush unleashed what may be his most full-throated response yet to the rise of Donald Trump. The quote that will drive the headlines is that Bush said Trump wants to “insult his way to the presidency.” But that’s not the most important part of Bush’s remarkable monologue. The more […]

rnc to gop candidates: swear your loyalty to us

[guest post by Dana] It is being reported that the RNC is attempting to control GOP candidates by having them pledge fealty to the party. And specifically, they are targeting Donald Trump in an effort to force the front-runner’s hand. Huh? When has Trump ever shown himself to be easily controlled and concerned with what […]

Here’s Chris Christie Being A Dick To Some Girl, Because It Is A Day

He’s still got it So Chris Christie is stumping around New Hampshire, clinging to his debate slot in the Top Tier of Donald Trump and the Other Republican Losers like it’s the last however many $1500 buys you in hot dogs and beers at the MetLife Stadium concession stand. Show More Summary

Evangelical Christians love Donald Trump

5 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

He can't stop mocking them even as he courts them, and seems baffled by how much support they're sending his way. Read the rest

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