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10-Year-Old Entrepreneur Secures $60,000 Investment for Sweet Startup

Mikaila Ulmer is the ultra-famous and ultra-wealthy 10-year-old brain behind the once-lemonade stand, BeeSweet. Her company uses a family recipe and sweetens lemonade with local bee honey to set her product apart. Mikaila's example is one to be followed by any small business owner.

If You're in EdTech, Then Hoping Someone Buys You Is Better Than a Business Model

For quite some time now, entrepreneurs have been looking to the EdTech market as one where money will be made. The inevitable transformation of the schools model by technology will open up vast possibilities for innovation. Vast fortunes...Show More Summary

Entrepreneur Using Fantasy Sports Concept To Drive Sales For Hewlett-Packard Among Others

An entrepreneur has put the concept of fantasy sports to good business use creating greater incentives for salespeople at major companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Comcast.

13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Teams Up with Microsoft

Microsoft, one of the world’s biggest tech companies, has taken on a unique partner – eighth grader Shubhamm Banerjee from Santa Clara, Calif. Together, they will build the next generation of his Braille printer on the Windows operating system, which would be quite an upgrade from prototype that he built in 2013 out of Legos. […]

Elon Musk didn't like his kids' school, so he made his own small, secretive school without grade levels

Elon Musk didn't like his kids' school, so he started his own, the inventor and entrepreneur said in an interview on Beijing Television. The school is called Ad Astra — which means "To the stars" — and is small and relatively secretive. Show More Summary

4 Ways to Express Your Love for Your Customers

It is every entrepreneurs dream to have customers that not only adore the services and products that you offer, but also feel deeply emphatic towards the values of the business, in turn becoming somewhat of ambassadors for your brand. Show More Summary

The Secret to Eliminating Your Insecurities and Increasing Your Self-Confidence

One of my entrepreneur clients, with great trepidation, recently confessed that she had a big secret to share. Now, this is a woman who has single handedly built a successful, conscious company that employs 150 people and treats them unusually well, all while creating great value for her clients and delivering consistently high profits. Show More Summary

The 30 Years' War Between Payers And Providers Creates Opportunity For Entrepreneurs

Payers and providers have long been at war. The ACA is making payers role stronger, and providers are gaining power through consolidation. Entrepreneurs are developing new tools to help payers deliver better healthcare quality and value.

Noted for Your Morning Procrastination for May 22, 2015

Must- and Should-Reads: [Pros And Cons Of Raising The Minimum Wage]( Allison Preiss: [RELEASE: 1 Million Entrepreneurs Went Missing in the U.S. Economy Before...Show More Summary

How to Grow as an Entrepreneur While You're Still Working for Someone Else

Thomas Koulopoulos, founder of Delphi Group, talks about how you can unleash your entrepreneurial potential in a receptive environment.

The Only Thing Standing Between You and Success

As an entrepreneur, you're faced with many obstacles. The easiest one to avoid is yourself.

The Only Trick You'll Need for Handling Email This Holiday Weekend

To manage the typical barrage of messages during his time off, one entrepreneur turned the tables.

News: Morning Agenda: Vote Allowed on Export-Import Bank Extension

Vote Allowed on Export-Import Bank Extension | With Omnicare, CVS Expands Into 2 Markets | CrossFit Entrepreneur Charged With Fraud | Uruguay Orders Release of Private Equity Executive

5 Extraordinary Veteran Entrepreneurs to Celebrate This Memorial Day

After fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, these entrepreneurs have taken on the challenge of building new businesses.

The Potential for Crypto-Currencies in Emerging Markets

In Emerging Frontiers: Emerging Frontiers CEO Kevin Virgil recently spoke with George Harrap, an entrepreneur based in Hong Kong and CEO of BitSpark about his business, the status of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and the future of Bitcoin. Show More Summary

The Easiest Way for Entrepreneurs to Save Money on Their Student Loans

Entrepreneurs are known for their ability to scrimp, save, and build successful businesses. Yet, as the outstanding student debt continues to grow, it has become increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs to set money aside to open upShow More Summary

Infant Medical Equipment, Landscaping Entrepreneurs Are Among China's Newest Billionaires

China’s big stock rally is continuing to mint new billionaires and billionaire families in the country, home to the world’s second-largest collection of the two after the United States.  New members to join that elite group in recent days include the following people: Gao Wenban, 67, chairs Shenzhen-listed Stanley Fertilizer.  He [...]

6 Tips for Brainstorming Your Company Name

Coming up with a perfect company name can take a lot of brainpower, testing, and patience. We asked six entrepreneurs to share their best advice for choosing the right name for your business. The post 6 Tips for Brainstorming Your Company Name appeared first on

Innovator or Entrepreneur: Which One Are You?

Innovators have great ideas, while entrepreneurs see potential risks as challenges — as adventures on the pathway to success. Instead of being held back by the risk of failure, they are motivated and inspired to try even harder. The post Innovator or Entrepreneur: Which One Are You? appeared first on

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