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Obama is so bad that even Jimmy Carter knows it.

Carter told an Aspen Institute audience that Obama’s accomplishments on foreign policy “have been minimal” and that the United States’ influence is “lower than it was six or seven years ago.””.....................................................................

Carter Slams 'Warmonger' McCain

Friday on MSNBC's "Ronan Farrow Daily," former President Jimmy Carter criticized Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for saying President Barack Obama is even a worst president than he was. "That's a compliment to come from a warmonger," Carter said. Show More Summary

Jimmy Carter: We Waited Too Long To Confront ISIS

Now, even Jimmy Carter is sounding more hawkish than President Obama, and says we should have gone after ISIS sooner. “First of all, we waited too long,” Carter said Tuesday. “We let the Islamic state build up its money, capability and strength and weapons while it was still in Syria. Then when [ISIS] moved into [...]

Obama, ISIS, and What a New War Means for 2016

As President Obama prepares to address the nation this evening, Americans with some grey in their hair have seen this movie before. In May 1977, President Jimmy Carter gave a speech at Notre Dame rejecting what he termed the "inordinate...Show More Summary

SUBSTANTIALLY BETTER THAN OBAMA’S: Gallup: George W. Bush’s Favorability Rating at 53 Percent. We…

SUBSTANTIALLY BETTER THAN OBAMA’S: Gallup: George W. Bush’s Favorability Rating at 53 Percent. Well, Obama’s making everybody look better in retrospect. Even Jimmy Carter.

Obama Regime Gives Away the Internet

Back in 2008, even those who refrained from drinking the Kool-Aid had no idea how bad it would be. Some said electing Barack Obama would be like giving the disastrous Jimmy Carter a second term. But Obama is no Jimmy Carter. Under Carter, the Russians only invaded the ungovernable wasteland of Afghanistan. Show More Summary

Bill Clinton Calls Out George W. Bush For Not Being on Twitter

On Monday evening, former President Bill Clinton tweeted a Presidents Day message for U.S. Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. While he wished all four a Happy Presidents Day, he playfully reprimanded W. Show More Summary

The danger of loving the government while hating politics

In response to Obama's Imperial Presidency: Just what America really needed: a fusion of Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. You know, I hate to sound cynical, but I don't see how even a Supreme Court smackdown over NLRB appointments is going to "check" Obama's abuse of executive authority. Show More Summary

But...But.... RACISM!!!

Somehow, we are thinking that it can't be easier to get an ID in South Africa than it is here in Amerikkka: All of this gets even funnier when you remember that the Federal Election Commission chaired by none other than Jimmy Carter (that noted Republican racist... Show More Summary

Ramirez on a Roll

(Steven Hayward) Cartoonist nonpareil Michael Ramirez is beating Obama like a drum right now.  Of course, Obama is proving an easier artistic target than Jimmy Carter, and Obama doesn’t even have a beer-swilling brother (that we know of).  Anyway, herewith a recent gallery:

Even Jimmy Carter Gets It… Today’s Middle Class Resembles 1970?s Poor

Worst. President. Ever. Obama is the worst jobs’ president since the Great Depression. Obama owns the worst GDP growth rate since the Great Depression. 4 of 5 American adults face near poverty and no work. Under … Continue readi...

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Erick Erickson Edition

Yep, even after Barack Obama became the first two-term president since Eisenhower to win more than 51% of the popular vote in two elections, giggling wingnuts like Erickson are still using the "Black Jimmy Carter" line. And despite the...Show More Summary

Bill Maher: “[T]he Role Model For Every President Should be” … Jimmy Carter

C’mon give Maher some credit here: he’s not afraid to show his true colors. Even most liberals I know feel uncomfortable talking about Jimmy...

Jay Carney denies White House involvement with Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Cuba trip

Written by Doug Powers After it was reported that Jay-Z and Beyoncé traveled to Cuba to soak up some warm Havana weather and maybe get a chance to meet Jimmy Carter, even some of President Obama’s fellow Democrats, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, were critical of the fact that somebody in the federal government gave the [...]

Reliving the Left-Wing Terrorism of the 1970s

(John Hinderaker) In many ways, it feels like we are reliving the 1970s, with the awful difference that Jimmy Carter has been re-elected. This story stimulates a sick sort of nostalgia; a hung over feeling, even though New Year’s Eve...Show More Summary

Carter Tries, Fails to Prove Republican Tax Policy Racist; Atwater Exonerated

Jimmy Carter began his political career supporting racial segregation in the South. He even launched his re-election campaign at Tuscumbia, AL, the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan, as Ann Coulter reminds us in her new book Mugged: Racial...Show More Summary

James Marshall Crotty: Even An Obama Victory Might Be Market Positive

Even if Obama pulls out a November victory -- which still seems likely, despite the worst jobs number by an incumbent since FDR, and a Middle East that resembles the 1979 mess enabled by Jimmy Carter -- it still might be market-positive.

James Carter IV Got Tired Of His Grandfather Being A Romney Punchline

It was Jimmy Carter’s grandson who put a severe dent in the Romney campaign. Carter, a freelance researcher, had been trolling the Internet for damaging videos and quickly realized the fund-raiser clip was his chance to get even with Romney for assaults on his family… Jimmy Carter reveled in the discovery. Show More Summary

Is Obama Being Carterized?

Obama in 2012 is often compared to Jimmy Carter in 1980. Yet we might forget that the crisis with Iran for much of 1980, even despite the failed April rescue effort, helped Carter, who chose to play statesman secluded in the Rose Garden to deflect the bad news from the awful “misery index” economy. Show More Summary

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