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Still Waiting for IPO 2.0

Facebook goes public and its stock declines. Commentators write that investors should have known it was overpriced. Twitter goes public and its stock pops. Commentators write that the company left money on the table. Not nearly enough people though remark on how crazy it is that companies still go public the way they do. Show More Summary

NYSE holds "successful" dry run for Twitter IPO

It was the first time the exchange conducted a mock IPO as it takes pains to avoid the technical problems that marred Facebook's debut

Twitter IPO Conversation Across the Social Web [INFOGRAPHIC]

What was the social buzz around Twitter’s initial public offering? How did it compare to Facebook’s? Who’s doing the buzzing? To answer these questions and more Mashwork and CNBC designed this infographic, which takes a closer look at conversation across the social media landscape the day before and through Twitter's IPO. read more

Social Media Is Becoming Less Free

In response to Twitter going public, Benjamin Kunkel pens a manifesto arguing that “social media can either be profitable or it can be social. In the end, it can’t be both”: The IPOs of Facebook and Twitter should therefore be reversed, through the socialization of both companies and other social-media services that attain a similar […]

#PR: Look Out Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube; Here Comes Twitter

Summary: As almost all of us have heard, in the wake of its IPO, Twitter unveiled new features. One is Custom Timelines (where you supposedly can have multiple timelines for your Twitter account) and, what is probably even more important for PR and marketing types, an ability to include images and video on tweets. Yes, you read it correctly.

Twitter To Be Added To Wilshire 5000 On Friday

Just when Twitter briefly dipped in bear market territory from its post IPO highs, and threatened to wipe out the retail mania of 2013 (very much as FaceBook did in 2012), here comes the hail mary to provide the most anticipated IPO of the year its second wind. Show More Summary

Some Reasons that Twitter's IPO was Smaller than Facebook's.

Before its IPO, last Thursday, Twitter reacted to the strong demand for its initial public offering by raising the price range for its shares (from $17 to $20, as initially planned) to $26 per share. As a result, Twitter raised...

Study: Twitter had less media coverage than Facebook in month before IPO

Data compiled by the company that makes the news-reading app News360 says Twitter had 31 percent more media coverage than Facebook in the month after each company’s announcement that it planned an initial public offering. But in the month leading … Read more

Quick, Everyone IPO

Facebook's share price tanked upon IPO, scaring plenty of private companies away from the public markets. But with its eventual recovery and now the stellar performance of Twitter's IPO out the gates, the Wall Street bell suddenly has a much nicer ring to it. Just in the last few days we've heard of Square, Box, and Seamless moving forward with IPO plans.

Why Twitter will beat Facebook

It’s not just about the initial public offering, but the IPO does say something. Facebook’s IPO was a disaster. So far, Twitter’s has been a rousing success. Without looking too deeply into those initial steps into the public world, each situation may be a glimpse at each company’s future. Show More Summary

Twitter Did Everything Right To Avoid Facebook's IPO Woes

(Reuters) - As Twitter Inc's chief financial officer planned the company's initial public offering this year, he had one overriding goal: to avoid becoming the next Facebook Inc. Twitter CFO Mike Gupta grilled banks about how to sidestep...Show More Summary

Congratulations to my friends at Twitter

It looks like the Twitter IPO went well, maybe even exceptionally well.  Now lets hope they don’t pull a Facebook and see their stock at 25% of it’s current value in 3 months.  

Twitter Already Facing Two Possible Lawsuits Over the IPO

Hey, at least they didn't crash the stock market, like Facebook did. In fact, Twitter's stock prices are booming. We covered the morning's hype on our In House blog, including the spike from the IPO offering at $26, opening at over $45, and peaking at around $50 per share. Pretty......

NYSE, Twitter’s IPO and CNBC to Nasdaq: Suck it, chumps

I can’t remember the last time I woke up and turned on CNBC like it was Christmas Morning, transfixed with every word. Oh yeah, it was Facebook’s IPO. For those of us who don’t live in the late 1990s or on the East Coast, the theatre of CNBC can seem almost an anthropological experience. Everything is BREAKING! or EXCLUSIVE! A...

Twitter's First Day As A Public Company Was Huge. Now What?

At the close of a successful IPO, Twitter's biggest challenge looms: How can it make itself appeal to everyone like Facebook? Two months ago, Fast Company senior writer Ellen McGirt outlined the five things Twitter needed to do before its IPO. Show More Summary

What Do You Expect From Twitter as a Public Company?

Twitter officially became a publicly traded company as it opened Thursday at $45.10 per share. As the social network's IPO is analyzed, compared and contrasted to other major IPOs, including Facebook's, we asked for your thoughts, hopes...Show More Summary

Twitter's IPO: Less Volatile Than Facebook's and Less Profitable

Anyone doubting whether Twitter could avoid Facebook's missteps and pull off a successful IPO now has their answer. Twitter ended its first day of trading at $44.90, an increase of nearly 73% on the day, valuing the company at just below $25 billion. Show More Summary

TWITTER IPO LIVE: Strong debut counters skepticism

last yearNews : The Newsroom

NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter had a strong public stock debut Thursday in the most highly anticipated initial public offering since Facebook's last year.

Twitter Sings Happy Song with IPO, Telecoms Paid by CIA for Data Collection, Toronto’s Rob Ford Becoming Household Name: P.M. Links

last yearNews : Reason

Twitter’s initial public offering today is a far cry from Facebook’s first-day disaster. It initially offered stocks at $26 a share, but its first trade came in at more than $45 a share. Wondering why telecom companies aren’t objecting to handing over data to the feds? Money, of course. Show More Summary

TWITTER IPO LIVE: Stock up; closes short of open

last yearNews : The Newsroom

NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter had a strong public stock debut Thursday in the most highly anticipated initial public offering since Facebook's last year.

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