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Predicting The Next IPO Wave: The Era Of The Enterprise

Over the last three years, we’ve seen an increasing number of tech IPOs – many from consumer facing companies that we’ve long known were headed for an IPO. I’m talking about Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Yelp, Groupon, Zynga, etc., which most casual observers could see from a mile away. Show More Summary

Chinese Internet Giant Alibaba Will IPO In April (YHOO)

Chinese Internet e-commerce company Alibaba is ready to IPO in April, Bloomberg reports. It's expected to be the biggest IPO since Facebook raised $16 billion in 2013. Bloomberg says analysts give Alibaba a $153 billion valuation. This will have big ramifications for Yahoo, which currently holds a 24% stake in Alibaba. Show More Summary

Here Comes The Spotify IPO...

Spotify has made another move that indicates it is preparing to go public. It took on a $200 million credit facility from its banks, according to The Independent. "Both Twitter and Facebook did exactly the same two things before their...Show More Summary

Facebook is holding its first conference since its IPO. Mark your calendars

f8! f8! f8! This is Facebook's first whole-hog developer conference since 2011, and we'll be there.

Chinese ‘microblogging’ Site Weibo To Offer $8 Billion U.S. IPO, But Is It A Good Bet?

You may have heard of Sina’s Weibo before. Its been called China’s Facebook, China’s Twitter and various other things. The truth is

Want More Independent Decisions? Put More Women On The Board

What happened when Norway implemented a law creating a quota for the number of women running a company. Ahead of their hyped IPOs, Facebook and Twitter had zero females on their boards. Both firms appointed women after a heaping of public criticism. In total, eight of 13 Silicon Valley companies that launched IPOs in 2013 had no women directors. Read Full Story

CrunchWeek: Mt. Gox Implodes, GrubHub Seamless $100M IPO, Facebook Kills Email Feature

There's a lot to be excited about today: March is coming in like a lion, Mercury is finally out of retrograde, and it's time for a brand new episode of CrunchWeek, the show that brings three writers together at the TechCrunch roundtable to talk about the most exciting tech news stories from the past week. Read More

WhatsApp With Facebook's Stock? A Case Of If You Can't Beat'em, Buy'em

For all those naysayers out there who couldn't help but caterwaul over Facebook's demise before the ink was even dry on it IPO opening, May 19, 2012 -- including myself [see "How Many Dumb Fcks Rocked Facebook's IPO Like It's 1999?"] -- our subesquent rude awakening was the world's largest social network fooled a good many of us.

Facebook’s Spending Spree

Felix Salmon links Zuckerberg’s decision to acquire WhatsApp back to its “stroke-of-genius” decision to go public in 2011 and conquer the mobile market through acquisitions: Zuckerberg knew, circa Facebook’s IPO, that his company was not good at mobile: it didn’t have the problem solved. And he knew that asking his existing corps of engineers to turn their attention […]

As Facebook buys WhatsApp, Korea’s top messaging app preps for an IPO

Kakao Talk began as a simple messaging application that gained immediate popularity in Korea. But will its IPO plans stagnate as WhatsApp gets a Facebook infusion?

Facebook’s horrible, stroke-of-genius IPO

If you're asking whether Zuckerberg paid too much for WhatsApp, you're asking the wrong question.

10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! Here's what you need to know today in tech: A job listing for an "External Reporting Specialist" has people thinking Spotify might IPO. Facebook knows when you're going to fall in love based on how often two people write on each others' walls. Show More Summary

How Los Angeles Is Kind Of, Almost A Startup Town

All it takes is one IPO to make it official, say locals, and it feels like it's right around the corner. Los Angeles has never been a real tech titan. The city has yet to breed its own Facebook, Google, or Tumblr, whose vast successes generated sophisticated tech ecosystems in San Francisco and New York. Read Full Story

Impact of Mt. Gox shutdown highlights lack of major US Bitcoin exchange

The trading platform SecondMarket — known for providing a market for investors to trade shares in Facebook before the company’s IPO — has taken what it says could be the first step toward becoming the first U.S.-based, regulated and trustworthy [&hellip...

Twitter Stock Dips As Investors Disappointed By User Growth

Twitter IPO was probably one of the most talked about initial public offerings from the technology sector last year. The company went public rather smoothly last year and didn’t face issues that Facebook did at the time it went public. Show More Summary

Twitter's First Post-IPO Earnings: What to Expect

Twitter will release its first earnings report on Wednesday since going public in early November. As with the rest of the IPO process, chances are Twitter's team hopes to do the opposite of Facebook. The day after Facebook's first earnings report as a public company, Facebook's stock hit a new all-time low. Show More Summary

Facebook is doing fine but what’s next?

2 years agoTechnology : Pando Daily

Eighteen months ago, in the grips of a disastrous IPO and with Facebook reporting no mobile revenue, there was an explosion of commentary about how the mobile platform was going to kill Facebook and possibly put an end to digital advertising as we know it. What a difference a year and a half makes. For the last quarter of...

One Of The Geniuses Behind Candy Crush Explains Why Some Levels Are So Tough To Beat

All eyes have lately been on, the game-maker that delayed its IPO because Candy Crush Saga has been "too successful." But before Candy Crush Saga became a massive hit on both Facebook and mobile devices, had a few duds, King chief creative officer Sebastian Knutsson tells Business Insider. Show More Summary

9 Ways Social Media Marketing Will Change in 2014

From the decline of Facebook use among teens to Twitter's IPO, if there is one thing we know for sure about social media, it's that few trends hold on for long — so marketers need to stay on their toes. See also: The Top 10 Most-Shared...Show More Summary

The ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of Facebook investing (infographic)

Since Facebook's blockbuster $16 billion IPO, the social network has seen its share of highs and lows.

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