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Photo of the Day Gallery, November 2015

3 weeks agoArts / Photography : Pop Photo

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Ear to the Ground: Intrigue at South Dakota's Corn Palace

A corn mural from 2013 (Photo: PunkToad/Flickr) In Mitchell, South Dakota, which is about 80 miles from the Minnesota border and 220 miles from Wall Drug, the Corn Palace is a very big deal. First built in 1892, this arena is decorated...Show More Summary

Rats, It’s Monday

And Olivia The Ratty has NO problem with that! This fine photo is by ArtBrom as seen on Flickr.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hoomin Interaction, Rats It's Monday

A Little Holiday Cloth

4 weeks agoArts / Fiber Art : Spirit Cloth

6AM:So here I am, working through the technology issue the best I can. On Halloween I have to stick with smaller photos for the time being. Which means they cannot be enlarged. I will load the larger photos to Flickr...

Middle Schooler Halloween Strategies for Maximizing Candy and Coolness

Cool costumes, babies. (Photo: Juhan Sonin/Flickr) Though Halloween comes every year, coolness is forever in flux. This raises the question: how do you succeed at Halloween while also maintaining your suavity? We asked the experts—the...Show More Summary

Fleeting Wonders: An All-Woman Cosmonaut Crew on a Simulated Moon Mission

Get ready for all-woman crew of Russian cosmonauts, moon! (Photo: Gabriel Lascu/Flickr) At this very moment, six Russian women are locked in a mock spaceship on a mission to the moon, being closely observed for physical and psychological...Show More Summary

Is carried interest simply a tax break for the ultra rich?

While the top tax rate is almost 40 percent for all earned household income for those who make more than $450,000, the top tax rate on long-term capital gains is only 20 percent. Photo by Flickr user Surat Lozowick. Editor’s Note: There...Show More Summary

Mapping Hollywood's Most Infamous Horror Houses

The exterior of the Hollywood Tower Apartments, the inspiration for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride. (Photo: Loren Javier/flickr) In Hollywood horror, things rarely are what they appear to be. Filmmakers often build their haunted locations in the privacy of studio back lots or remote locations. Show More Summary

These Retirees Enjoy Long Walks on the Beach in Search of Dead Birds

A Harlequin duck, one of the species COASST monitors. (Photo: Richard Toller/Flickr) “We have over 1000 dead birds to our credit,” says Diane Bilderback. “We’re working on our second 1000,” adds her husband Dave. The Bilderbacks, retirees who live on the Oregon Coast, are no bird murderers. Show More Summary

Six Banned Candies You Won’t Be Getting On Halloween

Haribo sugar free gummy bears, discontinued because of, er, digestive troubles. (Photo: jamz196/flickr) Treats have been part of the Halloween tradition for centuries, and in the U.S., candy has been an indelible part of the holiday since the 1940s. Show More Summary

By: Monica

Renny! I wanted to tell you I was all over your Flickr and I just loved the photos you had!! These photos were wonderful, I could just picture myself curling up in a ball next to the water and just napping! You and Diane are so awesome. :)

Juggernaut Gifts of the Vanished Isle [Flickr]

buttonMasher posted a photo: Juggernaut's set Gifts of the Vanished Isle

Today's archidose #864

Here are some photos of the Holy Redeemer Church in Los Majuelos, San Cristóbal de la Laguna, Tenerife, Spain by Fernando Menis, photographed by Wojtek Gurak. To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

Your 'Wealth Advisor' Probably Isn't One

Photo courtesy of Flickr. Last week, I wrote about an experience I had with a broker who took offense at the use of the term "broker" in a talk I gave to a group of investors. I found that odd because he is employed by a large brokerage firm. Show More Summary

The House’s proposed budget bill will have devastating effects on millions’ Social Security benefits

For the third time in 40 years, Social Security recipients will not receive a benefit increase next year, the government said Thursday. Photo by Flickr user Tetra Images Section 831 of the House’s new budget bill would make radical changes...Show More Summary

FOUND: A Spider as Heavy as a Puppy

A giant spider (Photo: John/Flickr) Piotr Naskrecki, an entomologist at Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology, was in the rainforest in Guyana, surveying the animals and plants to be found there, when he came across a creature that would make many of us freak out. Show More Summary

Project Apollo Archive

A couple of weeks ago NASA made the photos of the project Apollo available for the public on their Flickr account. I have been planning to post about that since I saw that but for some reasons I kept forgetting but today I didn't and...Show More Summary

Are There Still Real Skeletons In Disneyland's "Pirates of the Caribbean"?

A fake skeleton, cozy in a bed decorated with an (allegedly) real skull. (Photo: Anna Fox/Flickr) For theme park buffs, Disneyland's "Pirates of the Caribbean" is considered to be the gold standard of amusement rides. Its plot—a peaceful...Show More Summary

The Story Behind the World's Most Terrifying Haunted Doll

Robert the Doll, in close up. (Photo: Cayobo/flickr) Here is something that most people would agree is true about Robert the Doll: He’s terrifying. Ostensibly a little boy in a sailor suit, his careworn face is only vaguely human. His nub of a nose looks like a pair of pinholes. Show More Summary

The Apollo Archives Hit Flickr, Total Awesomeness Ensues

People are creating all manner of mashups and remixes with the 8,400 high-res photos of the Apollo missions you can find on Flickr. The post The Apollo Archives Hit Flickr, Total Awesomeness Ensues appeared first on WIRED.

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