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Photo of the Moment: On an Orphanage Doorstep in Haiti

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook. © Lucas (Flickr) The post Photo of the Moment: On an Orphanage Doorstep in Haiti appeared first on Vagabondish.

Marketing Your Business on the Cheap: These Strategies Won't Cost You Anything But Time

Image by OTA Photos via Flickr When most people launch a business, they spend all their money creating the perfect product or business concept. Until they have the perfect product to launch, they spend little money on marketing. TheShow More Summary

An Idaho farmer reflects on health, advertising, and the dairy checkoff

USDA CC BY-ND. Rebecca Lampman lives and works with her husband and three children on their 250 cow dairy farm in Bruneau, Idaho. In addition to the cows, the family has an assortment of other farm animals that they enjoy. Show More Summary

Collapsing Arguments for Conflicted Advice

Photo courtesy of Flickr. I had an interesting experience recently. I gave a talk to a group of investors. In the audience were a few brokers. My presentation consisted of two basic points: 1. Send an email to your broker or financial...Show More Summary

How New Yorkers Became Convinced That Dinosaur Bones Were Buried in Central Park

Crystal Palace Park dinosaur, designed by Benjamin Hawkins. (Photo: Gareth Williams/flickr) Besides the daily contributions of water bottles and cigarette butts, the ground beneath Central Park contains multitudes—layers of ancient schist, deposits from vast glaciers, and caches of long-dead fossilized creatures. Show More Summary

Why There are Still Borders Bookstores in Malaysia, Or The Strange Case of the Zombie Chain

The Berjaya Times Square mall in Kuala Lumpur, where Borders is still going strong. (Photo: Davidlohr Bueso/flickr) When bookstore megachain Borders filed for bankruptcy in 2011, it had completed its journey from corporate nightmareShow More Summary

Today's archidose #863

Here are some photos of the exhibition Essentials. David Chipperfield Architects 1985-2015 on display until 24 January 2016 at Museo ICO in Madrid, Spain, photographed by Ximo Michavila. To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just::: Join and add photos to the archidose poolTo contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just::: Tag your photos #archidose

Column: Does Social Security benefit the rich more than the poor?

Larry Kotlikoff answers your Social Security questions. Photo by Flickr user Florida Homes Magazine Boston University economist Larry Kotlikoff has spent every week, for over two years, answering questions about what is likely your largest financial asset — your Social Security benefits. Show More Summary

How Denver Airport Became the International Hub of Conspiracy Theories

Denver International Airport, home to many conspiracy theories. (Photo: David Rutledge/flickr) Things have been a little chaotic at Denver International Airport (DIA) in recent weeks, after a breakdown in Southwest Airlines' computer system caused long lines to snake through the terminal. Show More Summary

Rats, It’s Monday!

Looks like Kale is on the breakfast menu, too! Mmmmmm, Kale! (Not really.) Photo from C.O. Calendar Photographer Extraordinaire Deanna W. on Flickr!Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Rats It's Monday

The X-Files, Aliens, Comedy, Podcasts, and Spiders: My Super-Long Q&A with Dean Haglund

Dean Haglund in 2013. Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr. Licensed under CC-by-SA-2.0 All right. Let me geek out here a little bit. Back in the day, that day being the late 90s and early 00s, when The X-Files was in its initial airing, I was a huge fan. Show More Summary

13 Great Dog Training Tips

Photo: Courtesty of Flickr/Kevn Rodriguez Ortiz It doesn’t matter if you’re training a retriever, hound, pointer, spaniel or a doodle dog whose only job will be to not chew your slippers and make it outside to go to the bathroom. All...Show More Summary

8 Ways to Use College to Become a Great Editor

Photo by Bill Selak, Creative Commons, via Flickr. "What's the opportunity here?" This is the phrase that was playing in my mind after a conversation with my daughter, who is, in her own right, a talented writer and editor -- with the...Show More Summary

How Detroit Exorcised Devil's Night

Detroit by night. (Photo: Ed Schipul/flickr) Some call it Mischief Night, others Cabbage Night but the night before Halloween, with its long history of pranks escalating into chaos and destruction, is perhaps best known as Devil’s Night. Show More Summary

Are Dog Rescue Groups Too Picky?

By Crystal Miller-Spiegel Photo by jdehaan/Flickr When I was a senior in college in Central Pennsylvania, I adopted my dog, Simmons, the Greatest Dog Ever, at the local animal shelter for $20, with no obligation to neuter him and no landlord’s letter stating that, yes, dogs were allowed in my rental home. Show More Summary

Tips for a Safe Summer Vacation With Your Dog

By Justine Lee, DVM, with additional writing by Martha Barnette and Melanie Mannarino Photo by Garden State Hiker/flickr Planning to take your pet with you during your summer travels? There are a few things you should know, first.

Santa Monica Halting New Downtown Development For a While

Image via Nardella Photo Album / Curbed LA flickr pool As an explosion of mixed-use developments transforms the look and feel of Los Angeles, some Santa Monica officials are still terrified of developers making any more changes to their...

What Is The Point Of A Pug–and 19 Other Dog Breeds?

Best friends. (Photo: It can be hard to look at a modern dog breed and see any sort of use for it other than a snuggle buddy. Dog breeds have been systematically manipulated by humans to exemplify certain...Show More Summary

5 reasons to pay attention to the veterans in the newsroom

Photo by Andreas Cappell/Flickr When she was a fellow for Poynter this summer, Gurman Bhatia emerged from Roy Peter Clark’s office one day looking very excited. And she was, she told me then, because she’d just watched Poynter’s senior...Show More Summary

We Have a Copy of Patricia Highsmith's Unpublished Essay on Green-wood Cemetery

At Greenwood (Photo: katherine weil/Flickr) Late in October of 1987, the psychological thriller author Patricia Highsmith took a car over the Manhattan Bridge and through Brooklyn to Green-wood Cemetery, a sprawling, park-like expanse of crypts and tombstones. Show More Summary

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