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Ye Olde UFO

The UFO spotted over the Phoenix area on Monday really was the eponymous "weather" balloon.The Arizona Republic reports a 4,000 pound NASA research balloon launched Sunday morning from Fort Sumter, N.M., landed Monday night south of Kingman. Show More Summary

Say What?

It seems the Georgia State Senate recently threatened to secede from the Union. Although it went largely unnoticed at the time, Jay Bookman is on the case: It wasn't quite the firing on Fort Sumter that launched the Civil War....

Lincoln's Pocketwatch Contained Secret Message, Secret Not So Secret Anymore

6 years agoHumor : Geekologie

Apparently a watchmaker who was repairing President Lincoln's watch on the day gunfire broke out at Fort Sumter, SC (sparking the civil war), secretly immortalized the day by engraving a note inside Lincoln's pocketwatch. The engraving,...Show More Summary

Secret Message Inside Abraham Lincoln’s Pocket Watch

6 years agoHumor : Neatorama

Jonathan Dillon was an Irish immigrant watchmaker who worked in a watch repair shop in Washington D.C.  He told his children that on the day the news arrived of the attack on Fort Sumter he was repairing Lincoln’s watch.  He told them he had inscribed inside the watch these words: "The first gun is fired. [...]

Secret message found in Lincoln’s pocket watch

The descendants of Jonathan Dillon, Abraham Lincoln’s watchmaker, have had a family legend that their ancestor carved a graffito in Lincoln’s watch after the attack on Fort Sumter and then returned it to the president without telling him. Dillon told his children (and, half a century later, a reporter for the New York Times) that he [...]

The secret message inside Abe Lincoln's watch

6 years agoHumor : TYWKIWDBI

Jonathan Dillon was an Irish immigrant watchmaker who worked in a watch repair shop in Washington D.C. He told his children that on the day the news arrived of the attack on Fort Sumter he was repairing Lincoln's watch.He told them he had inscribed a secret message inside the watch: "The first gun is fired. Show More Summary

Abe's Flubs, #6: "What have I done wrong?"

The Flub: Abraham Lincoln truly was an awful administrator--okay, maybe not awful, but he was certainly indifferent to the detail work of papers, orders, etc., and at times this had consequences.Case in point: during the Fort SumterShow More Summary

"Holy Fort Sumter, Batman!"

Story here that Marvel has released a new Abe Lincoln comic as a way to celebrate President's Day. The front cover (above) is priceless. And if you access the story, scroll down to the bottom, and check out the cartoon of Obama wearing a "What Would Lincoln Do?" arm bracelet. Quite a hoot.

Robert Mackey: 150th Civil War Sequiscentennial

6 years agoNews : Huffington Post

In a bit over two years, it will be 150 years since Confederate troops opened fire on the Federal forces inside Fort Sumter, South Carolina.... ...

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Some creepy statistics: From Lusitania sinking To Armistice Day = 1284 days. = World War I «»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«» From Pearl Harbor To Japanese Surrender = 1365 days. = World War II «»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«» From Fort Sumter To Appomattox courthouse = 1458 days. = U.S. Show More Summary

"Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin' for, worth fightin' for, worth dyin' for, because it's the only thing that lasts"

In our discussion the other about mobilization following the incident at Fort Sumter, Abraham Lincoln's call for 75,000 troops, and the loss of the Upper South, my students repeated the common assumption that white Southerners were more closely united at...

With a Rebel Yell: Jim Webb hearts the Confederate States of America.

In 1861, the United States of America went to war after being attacked at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, in April 12 of that year. The war drained the nation's blood until the Confederate States of America surrendered to the U.S.A. in Virginia, at the Appomattox Court House, on April 9, 1865. Show More Summary

And the answer is. . .

OK...Here is the answer to last week's trivia question:The two US officers who were present at both Fort Sumter AND Appomattox were Samuel W. Crawford, and Truman Seymour. (Crawford is front row, center-right; Seymour is back...

And While I'm On The Subject Of Truman Seymour. . .

Now, how many times can I say that sentence in my life?Last week, I posted a brief blogography of General Abner Doubleday, with a little bit of emphasis on his role during the bombardment of Fort Sumter. I also tested your Civil War...

Test Your Civil War IQ. . . here's the challenge:Which two of the nine fellas pictured above, who were present at Fort Sumter, were also present at Appomattox when General Lee surrendered, nearly four years to the day later? Good luck......

This Day in Naval History - April 09

From Navy News Service1861 - Second relief convoy for Fort Sumter left New York.1941 - Commissioning of USS North Carolina (BB 55), which carried nine 16-inch guns.1943 - Re-establishment of Commodore rank.1959 - Selection of first...

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