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Rihanna and George Clooney Played “Never Have I Ever” And Their Lives Are as Racy as You’d Think

Ellen DeGeneres might have just played her best game of "Never Have I Ever" ever, with a surprisingly well-matched pair: Rihanna and George Clooney. Rihanna is fresh off the release of Anti, and George Clooney stars in the upcoming and...Show More Summary

George Clooney and Rihanna play 'Never Have I Ever' on 'Ellen.' They've done a lot of stuff.

last weekHumor / odd : Happy Place

The eclectic trio of George Clooney, Rihanna, and Ellen DeGeneres played a few rounds of everyone's favorite awkward icebreaker: "Never Have I Ever." It turns out that these very glamorous famous people have done a lot of stuff, from...Show More Summary

George Clooney Shows up for an Under-Attended E.R. Cast Reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live

last weekHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

George Clooney showed up for an under-attended E.R. cast reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live to save host Jimmy Kimmel‘s life. Although the other stars of E.R. were unable to make it, Kimmel did arrange for fellow television doctor Hugh Laurie, the star of House, to assist in the procedure.

Watch Rihanna And George Clooney Play “Never Have I Ever” With Ellen

Fresh off the release of her new album ANTI, Rihanna floated down from heaven and to the Ellen set yesterday to play a game of “Never Have I Ever” with George Clooney. The A-list celebrity trio bared truth to questions like “never have I ever texted a nude selfie” and “never have I ever been […]

George Clooney Confesses: I Skinny Dipped in Lake Como!

She always has a way of chasing down juicy gossip tidbits, and Ellen DeGeneres suckered George Clooney into a game of “Never Have I Ever” on Thursday’s show (February 4). The “Monuments Men” hunk was joined on the couch by Rihanna as...Show More Summary

Watch Rihanna, George Clooney Play 'Never Have I Ever' on 'Ellen'

Rihanna and George Clooney both appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to play an especially dirty game of "Never Have I Ever." The host quizzed the pop star and actor on their texting habits and tried to define "hooking up" for Rihanna. DeGeneres had previously played the game on her show...

Amal Took 25 Minutes to Answer George Clooney’s Proposal, So That’s Encouraging

Eventually, of course, Amal said yes, mostly because George informed her that he was already 52 and certainly wasn't getting any younger waiting for a response. More » Amal Took 25 Minutes to Answer George Clooney’s Proposal, So That’s Encouraging is a post from Crushable - Entertainment, Hot Guys, Movies and Celebrity News.

Rihanna and George Clooney Play Never Have I Ever, Would Also Like You to Please Define ‘Hooking Up’

It's true, the world still lacks a universally accepted definition for hooking up. It can mean so many things! You could be hooking up your Wi-Fi with someone. If you're, you know, 13, then maybe hooking up to you means so much less than it will at, say, 18. Rihanna... More »

Rihanna Doesn't Believe George Clooney Has Never Texted A Nude Selfie

One of the greatest things about talk shows is the random pairings of guests. Rihanna and George Clooney? The only time we would have seen those two together is if we sneaked into some Oscars after-party (Yes, Rihanna is an actress and...Show More Summary

George Clooney Says His Proposal to Amal Took 25 Minutes

George Clooney looks super handsome while heading out on stage for his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing on Thursday (February 4) from Los Angeles. The 54-year-old actor opened up about his 25-minute proposal to wife Amal. “It was about six months until I actually thought I might pop the question,” George said. “And [...]

Watch George Clooney & Rihanna Reveal The Truth About Nude Selfies & Skinny Dipping While Playing 'Never Have I Ever' With Ellen DeGeneres!

George Clooney and Rihanna are both pretty hot right now, as the actor is starring in the upcoming Coen Brothers flick and the hit singer just released her new album ANTI. While out on the road promoting their new projects, Clooney and RiRi stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' talk show and had a bit of fun playing [...]

Watch George Clooney & Rihanna Play 'Never Have I Ever'!

George Clooney and Rihanna reveal a lot of surprising facts about themselves during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing on Thursday (February 4) from Los Angeles. The 54-year-old actor and 27-year-old entertainer played a fun game of “Never Have I Ever.” They were asked a ton of risque questions about texting nude selfies, [...]

ER Cast Reunion with George Clooney and Jimmy Kimmel

last weekHumor / odd : Neatorama

Jimmy Kimmel staged a reunion of he medical drama ER last night on his show. George Clooney was there, but could Kimmel get anyone else to show up? Yes, but it wasn’t who you’d expect. (YouTube link) What’s remarkable about this skit is its total insanity. The script would have been funny of they’d stuck to it, but they didn’t, and that was even better. -via Tastefully Offensive

‘Hail, Caesar!’ Review: George Clooney Gets Kidnapped As Coen Brothers Put A Wicked And Funny Spin On Classic Hollywood

Count me in whenever there is a new Coen Brothers movie in town. This multiple Oscar-winning duo has proven they can do it all, from drama to comedy and back again. And now they literally do do it all with their latest, Hail, Caesar!, but they...Show More Summary

“Hail, Caesar!”: The Coens’ hilarious yarn of ’50s Hollywood goes far beyond farce

George Clooney gets kidnapped, Channing Tatum sings and dances and Josh Brolin plays a studio exec -- as hero!

George Clooney and Hugh Laurie Team Up For “ER” Reunion on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Adding a little variety to the menu, Jimmy Kimmel invited George Clooney to partake in a reunion of the “ER” cast on his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” program last night (February 2). The “Ocean’s Eleven” hunk gladly jumped into his characterShow More Summary

Hey, Did You Know George Clooney Can “Rap?” Well, Now You Do

 George Clooney appears as Dr. Ross assisted by Hugh Laurie as Dr. House, tasked with reviving patient via the powers of Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight."

Kimmel's 'ER' reunion features a rapping George Clooney — and a surprise 'House' call

Television's longest-running medical drama has been away for seven years, but "ER" fans still hold out hope for a reunion one day. And Tuesday was that day. Sort of.

George Clooney nails Hollywood's diversity problem

At the Los Angeles Premiere of the new Coen Brothers movie "Hail, Caesar!", George Clooney made some choice remarks about Hollywood's lack of diversity. Story and editing by Ben Nigh Follow INSIDER on Facebook Follow INSIDER on YouTube Join the conversation about this story »

George Clooney Shares Secrets To A Happy Marriage

While appearing at the premiere for the upcoming film Hail Caesar, within which the heartthrob stars, George Clooney spoke on his marriage to his wife of 1 year, Amal Clooney and shared what it is that keeps them solidly smitten, even when oceans apart. Show More Summary

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