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Republican candidates are exploiting a crisis

"The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That's not what Islam is about. Islam is peace." — President George W. Bush, Sept. 17, 2001 With recovery personnel still digging through the smoldering rubble of the World Trade Center and the horrifying shock of the 9/11 attacks still reverberating,...

Former Prez Once Threw Shoe At Screen When Trump Was On TV

George H. W. Bush was so upset with something Donald Trump said he threw his shoe at the television screen. “Trump was saying something outlandish about his sons and George senior threw his shoe at the television,” according to a source close to the Bush family, who says the loafer toss happened in Kennebunkport, Maine [...]

Meet The Press Demonstrates How Unlike The GOP Presidential Field, Former President George W. Bush Separated Islam From Terrorism

From the November 22 edition of NBC's Meet the Press: CHUCK TODD (HOST): Arsalan, what did the Bush White House do behind the scenes to make sure they got this right? ARSALAN IFTIKHAR: Well I think, you know, what George W. Bush said...Show More Summary

Limbaugh: You Can’t Blame Bush Because ‘ISIS Didn’t Exist’ When He Left Office

Ignoring how ISIS was formed, Rush Limbaugh ignorantly stands up for George W. Bush in an effort to blame President Obama for ISIS. Limbaugh asserted on Sunday that President Barack Obama was avoiding responsibility for creating ISIS by tracing the origins of the terrorist group back to the Iraq invasion. “People are scared, we’ve got [...]

Onion in 2003: This War Will Destabilize Entire Middle East

The Onion: This War Will Destabilize The Entire Mideast Region And Set Off A Global Shockwave Of Anti-Americanism. George W. Bush may think that a war against Iraq is the solution to our problems, but the reality is, it will only serve to create far more. Show More Summary

Former Top George W. Bush Aide Explains How U.S. Counterterrorism "Efforts Are Undermined By Declaring Islam Itself To Be The Enemy"

Former top aide to President George W. Bush and Washington Post opinion writer Michael Gerson denounced "U.S. politicians" who are "declaring Islam itself to be the enemy, and treating Muslims in the United States, or Muslims in Europe,...Show More Summary

Media Should Not Help Jeb Bush Criticize Democrats Over Phrase "Radical Islam," By Ignoring His Brother's Similar Rhetoric

Media should be careful about aiding Jeb Bush's criticism of Democrats for not using the phrase "radical Islam" by failing to note that President George W. Bush's administration followed the same practice. Media Outlets Push Jeb Bush's Criticism Of Democrats Over The Phrase "Radical Islam" Without Noting George W. Show More Summary

The Republicans’ dynamic deception for 2016

This week's GOP presidential debate was notable both for what the candidates said and for what they didn't say. Noting that Presidents Obama and Clinton had added 107,000 and 240,000 jobs a month compared to George W. Bush's anemic 13,000,...Show More Summary

Right-Wing Media Attack Hillary Clinton For Not Saying "Radical Islam" During CBS Debate

During the November 14 CBS Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton explained that she doesn't "think we are at war with all Muslims," but rather that "we're at war with jihadists." She noted that President George W. Bush expressed a similar sentiment following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Show More Summary

Sanders: Eisenhower More Socialist Than I

In contemporary presidential politics, you usually hear a lot of comparisons to John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, and some side-swipes at George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Oddly, during the last two presidential debates, both political parties have cited an often forgotten president: Dwight D. Eisenhower. During Saturday’s Democratic debate in Iowa, hosted by [...]

BREAKING: George Bush Kept Us Even Safer Than We Knew On 9/11!

Bad news for revisionist historians who have decided to Never Forget 9/11 by simply forgetting 9/11. Or saying Bill Clinton did it. Or insisting the first terrorist attack on a president’s watch doesn’t count. Or all of ’em, Katie. While...Show More Summary

Book: Bush 41 Called Dole “No Good Son Of A Bitch’

Jon Meacham’s memoir of George H. W. Bush will suffice for the one the former president never wrote himself. George and Barbara Bush have provided extraordinary cooperation, including access to their diaries, for an account of his life and presidency that has depth and value. And there is plenty of dish: Bush’s distaste for 1988 [...]

Bob Dole buries big, old hatchet with Bush endorsement

Rachel Maddow reports on the history of animosity between George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole to show the remarkable context of Dole's endorsement of Jeb Bush for...

Putin is in a quagmire in Syria - and Russians deserve better

In the late winter of 2003, a Russian television pundit named Alexei Pushkov told me why President George W. Bush's planned invasion of Iraq would end badly. "It's a huge over-estimation of your power, unless you want to become a rogue superpower," Pushkov said. "It's a trap. Bush can't back off....

Book: W Crashed Car, Upset That Jeb Was Getting Married

The1973 crash into a tree by a car driven by George W. Bush is explained in Jon Meacham’s book, Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush. The future president crashed his car into trash cans because he was upset that his brother had found the love of his life while he, W., was [...]

Daddy Bush Says It’s ‘Bullsht’ That Jeb Was Ever The Favorite Son

Remember the “conventional wisdom” that Jeb! was the one who was supposed to be president of the all the things, and George W. was supposed to be burying himself in piles of brush he just dry-drunk crashed his tractor into on the ranch?...Show More Summary

Book: Trump Wanted To Be Bush 41’s VP

Jon Meacham’s new book on George H.W. Bush, Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush, reveals that Donald Trump let it be known he’d be available to be Bush’s running mate. The book says Trump let Bush campaign adviser Lee Atwater know he was available for the post. In a Sunday [...]

No justice, no football and other headlines

Morning headlines: Mizzou football players join protest, video of police using Taser on student prompts investigation, George W. Bush on his dad's new bio.

George W. Bush acknowledges more calls to father for advice

George W. Bush made the acknowledgement in a public forum Sunday, talking about his father's biography with the book's author, Jon Meacham. The forum at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas touched on the father's early career...Show More Summary

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