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This week in the war on voting: NC voting law upheld; KS voter registration suspension mess

Welcome to the latest edition in our war on voting series, a joint project of  Joan McCarter and Meteor Blades. U.S. District Court Judge Thomas D. Schroeder, a George W. Bush appointee, ruled in favor of North Carolina’s new voting law Monday, prompting plaintiffs in the case to say they would immediately appeal. Show More Summary

Will Ferrell to Play Reagan with Dementia

Will Ferrell is feeling presidential. The comedic actor, who has already portrayed President George W. Bush, has set his sights on Republican icon Ronald Reagan. Ferrell will star in and produce Reagan, a Black List script by Mike Rosolio. Show More Summary

Operation Wetback Revisited

Every four years in the United States, a common refrain is heard: “If candidate X wins the White House, I’m moving to Canada.” In 2000, facing the prospect of a President George W. Bush, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam memorably vowed, “I’m...Show More Summary

Koch Brother: Hillary May Be Best Choice Left

Billionaire Republican fundraiser Charles Koch said on ABC's This Week Sunday that Bill Clinton was a better president "in some ways" than George W. Bush. "In other ways, I mean [Clinton] wasn't an exemplar. But as far as the growth of government, the increase in spending," Koch said. Show More Summary

Watch Elizabeth Warren Rip A New One For Regulator Who Took A Nap During 2008 Meltdown

Welcome to episode seven million of our popular series, “Elizabeth Warren Gets Righteous On A Douchebag.” The schmuck in the hot seat this time around is one Leonard Chanin, who during the George W. Bush administration was Deputy Director of the Division of Consumer and Community Affairs at the Federal Reserve Board. His office was

George W. Bush Is Great Tipper, Terrible President, Did Not Actually Do 9/11

When a famous person comes into your restaurant and turns out to be a great customer, there are many things you should do as a server. Treat them like you would anyone else, give them good service, don’t bring up their potential war crimes (this is considered a faux pas). One thing best avoided, however,

'The Simpsons': Greatest Political Moments

Over its 27 seasons, The Simpsons has seen four presidential administrations, seven major campaigns and countless political scandals and embarrassments. Homer has hashed out some serious beef with George H.W. Bush, Lisa has crusaded against corruption in Washington and Moe the bartender has railed against "them immigrants." Matt Groening and company have tackled...

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Republican hypocrisy

We begin today’s roundup with this op-ed from Nancy Pelosi calling out Republicans for their hypocrisy on tax cuts and the deficit: President Clinton handed his successor, President George W. Bush, a projected $5.6 trillion 10-year budget surplus and eight years of economic expansion. Show More Summary

Cruz Finance Committee Member Neil Bush Admits He's Supporting Him For 'Strategic' Reasons

As we already discussed here, not only are Ted Cruz's foreign policy consultants a bunch of crazy, wingnut, neocon Islamophobes, he also recently added Neil Bush, the sleazebag younger brother of former President George W. Bush and failed...Show More Summary

Prominent Conservative Lawyers Support Obama's SCOTUS Nominee

Prominent conservative lawyers -- including some who served under or were nominated by President George W. Bush -- have defied the intransigence of Senate Republicans and their conservative media allies to express support for Judge Merrick Garland's nomination to the Supreme Court. Show More Summary

President Bush's Attorney General: "Give Judge Garland A Vote"

Alberto Gonzales, who served as White House Counsel and Attorney General under President George W. Bush, called for Senate Republicans to allow a floor vote on Judge Merrick Garland's nomination to serve on the Supreme Court. On March 16, President Obama announced that he will nominate Garland, the chief judge on the U.S. Show More Summary

SCOTUS Obstructionist Hugh Hewitt Once Lamented Conservative Media Effort To Deny A Vote To Bush SCOTUS Nominee

In 2005, conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt decried the fact that President George W. Bush's Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers didn't get an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor, and argued when "conservative pundits and activists" stopped...Show More Summary

The Latest: Guests gather for Nancy Reagan's funeral

Clouds are building over the nearby mountains, the wind is picking up and the temperature is dropping but rain hasn't started. Former President George W. Bush, Michelle Obama and three former first ladies, and a long list of other celebrities...Show More Summary

The Sad Irony Of The GOP’s Embrace Of Islamophobia: Muslim Americans Used To Be Republicans

George W. Bush was elected president of the United States of America because of the Muslim vote." The post The Sad Irony Of The GOP’s Embrace Of Islamophobia: Muslim Americans Used To Be Republicans appeared first on ThinkProgress.

GOP chair-elect in Texas pledges to speculate wildly about hypocritical closeted gay Republicans

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

And now, more from the fantastical world of Robert Morrow, that insane local GOP chair in Texas and most vile tweeter who has pegged Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rick Perry and George W. Bush as all being either gay or bisexual.  Time...Show More Summary

Can George W. Bush Suck Better Than Hillary?

Tip your hat to Robert Morrow, the newly elected chair of the Republican Party in Travis County, Texas. If it’s true that 1.5 million Americans are being prescribed the wrong medication, he’s the poster boy. And a couple years ago, he clearly replaced his daily psychoanalysis session with a Twitter account. Show More Summary

Trump reverses position on torture, targeting civilians

Congress outlawed waterboarding and any so-called enhanced interrogation techniques after the administration of George W. Bush carried out such acts against suspected al-Qaida fighters. The issue drew additional attention this week when...Show More Summary

Biden defends 1992 call for no late-term court nomination

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday defended a June 1992 speech in which he advocated putting off a late-term appointment to the Supreme Court should one arise during the last months of President George H.W. Bush's...Show More Summary

Revenge of the Simple: How George W. Bush Gave Rise to Trump

To hear GOP insiders tell it, Doomsday is here. If Donald Trump scores huge on tonight and seizes control of the nomination in the Super Tuesday primaries, it will mark the beginning of the end of the Republican Party, and perhaps the presidency. But Trump isn't the beginning of the end....

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