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George W. Bush Wanted To Gay Marry Some Ladies, Because He Is A Filthy Liberal Now

Oh no, even former President George W. Bush has been conquered by the Gay Mafia! Way back in 2013, we reported that other former President George H.W. Bush had been an official witness for the lesbian nuptials of Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen, in Kennebunkport, Maine. Show More Summary

Despite Republican attacks, Obama is 'very clear on the lessons of Iraq'

The official Republican talking point on Iraq and the extremist group known as ISIS is that everything would be peachy if only President Obama had continued the policies of George W. Bush. Except not the policy where Bush negotiated a withdrawal timeline and Obama stuck with it. Show More Summary

Cartoon: Jeb Bush and Brotherly Love

Jeb Bush has performed a valuable service with his recent missteps and flubs, he’s reminded the world of the baggage he willingly carries. I’m not tarring him with the same brush as George W. Bush just because they are brothers. Jeb has voluntarily staffed his foreign policy team with 17 people from his brother’s administration. Show More Summary

On MSNBC's All In , Former George W. Bush Advisor Disputes Bill Kristol's Op-Ed Blaming Obama For Iraq Disintegration

From the May 21 edition of MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes: Previously: Iraq War Architect Bill Kristol: Knowing What We Know Now, "We Were Right To Fight In Iraq" Weekly Standard's Kristol Calls For Congress To Authorize War With Iran Where Are The Media's Iraq War Boosters 10 Years Later?

Republicans hope ISIS will help them fearmonger their way to the White House

Republicans think they can get voters to forget who's really responsible. Republicans, led by George W. Bush, made a giant mess of Iraq, destabilizing the country in ways leading directly to the formation of the extremist group known as the Islamic State, ISIS, or ISIL. Show More Summary

W's CIA Briefer: Bush, Cheney Lied About WMD Intel

David Corn, Mother Jones: For a dozen years, the Bush-Cheney crowd have been trying to escape -- or cover up -- an essential fact of the W. years: President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and their lieutenants misled the American...Show More Summary

Congressdolt Louie Gohmert: Iraq War Was A Mistake Because Obama Has Boner For Our Enemies

Texas congressoaf Louie Gohmert offered a new variation on this week’s popular “Was The Iraq War A Good Idea” theme Tuesday, explaining that if George W. Bush had only known he’d be succeeded by the Very Bad President Barack Obama, he...Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: 'History will allow clear judgments' on Iraq

Simon Maloy: New York Times columnist David Brooks was once an enthusiastic backer of George W. Bush’s disastrous invasion of Iraq. He’d write columns for the Weekly Standard – the official journal of bankrupt neoconservative thought...Show More Summary

Gohmert Blames Obama For Bush's Decision To Invade Iraq

Forgive me, C&L Readers, for highlighting that which is so stupid that it deserves to be buried far beneath the earth forever. But I cannot resist, because Louie Gohmert has found yet another reason why President George W Bush isn'tShow More Summary

Cartoon: I'm my own man!

Terrible Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has had a very hard time distancing himself from his brother George Jr., the worst President in US history. Okay, maybe he is showing some of them Republican Family Values they're always going...Show More Summary

Even Crazy Old Pat Robertson Knows Iraq War Was A Mistake, Sorta

Pat Robertson is just the latest rightwinger to decide that, as of right now, the Iraq War wasn’t such a terrific idea after all. Not that George W. Bush sold us the war based on a pack of lies or anything — he was just misled by the flawed intelligence, don’t you know. Show More Summary

Rand Paul vows to filibuster to block Patriot Act

The federal government's surveillance programs could play prominently in the GOP presidential primary contest, which is heating up just as Congress debates surveillance programs initiated by President George W. Bush's administration and continued under President Barack Obama. Neither Wisconsin Gov. Show More Summary

What we know now about Iraq we knew back then, too

Seeking to avoid the multi-day saga that Jeb Bush endured in publicly crafting an opinion on the Iraq War, Marco Rubio was quick to pipe up that he wouldn't have invaded Iraq based on what we now know, but George W. Bush himself wouldn't have either. Which raises an interesting question: Would George W. Show More Summary

White House hopefuls agree: Iraq war a mistake

Over time, more and more GOP politicians have allowed that the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq undermined Republican President George W. Bush's rationale for the 2003 invasion. The fact that Jeb Bush, a likely candidate...Show More Summary

Marco Rubio Melts Down On Fox While Refusing To Admit Iraq Was A 'Mistake'

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio struggled on Sunday to answer a question from Fox News about whether President George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq had been a mistake. On Sunday's edition of Fox & Friends, host Chris Wallace...Show More Summary

Among rivals in Iowa, Bush tries to bounce back from remarks

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Republican Jeb Bush tried Saturday to regain his stride after an awkward week, noting his misstep about the Iraq war with humility and a laugh while reaffirming his affection for brother George W. Bush, the president who ordered the invasion. [...]Show More Summary

Jeb Bush and others learned nothing from Iraq

Jeb Bush began a talk the other day by addressing the issue of his brother George, noted architect of the Iraq War, and he did not shrink from the challenge. "I can't deny the fact that I love my family," announced Jeb.

Jeb Bush Admitted the Iraq War Was a Mistake—He Just Doesn't Realize it Yet

Any Republican hoping to become the first Republican president since George W. Bush should have a well-rehearsed opinion about the wisdom of the Iraq war, and should be able to deliver it in response to an unambiguous question like, “Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion

Jeb Bush's bad week doesn't get any better in Nevada

It seems that that pesky Iraq question, the one question that Jeb Bush should be really prepared to answer, continues to stump him. Unbelievably, his answers are getting worse! "First of all, I’m proud to be George W's brother. … It's...Show More Summary

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