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Karl Rove, Ted Cruz in Slap Fight Over Bush 41

Business Insider: Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, is publicly feuding with top President George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove. Among other things, Cruz published emails that he said prove Rove is lying about events that took place six years ago when Cruz was looking at running for Texas state attorney general. Show More Summary

Republican leaders beginning to panic over Donald Trump

Republican leaders seriously, seriously do not like the entry of Donald Trump into their new-and-improved-for-2016 "serious" presidential race. “Donald Trump is like watching a road-side accident,” said former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer. Show More Summary

Do I ever have a George Bush story for you!

The Washington Post ran a piece the other day about the fanatical competitiveness of the Bush clan. Now, this is a topic I know a wee bit about. Back in the Eighties my son Kelly and I watched George H.W. Bush throw the mother of all...Show More Summary

The Obama Gap

Florida will always conjure a sense of dread for a certain generation of Democrats. After its hanging chads infamously decided the 2000 presidential race in George W. Bush’s favor, the state has now voted very narrowly for Barack Obama in two presidential elections, the first time the state has go

Jeb Bush: In time of mourning, 'all of us must fortify our love of Christ'

Remember how George W. Bush promised to be a "uniter, not a divider," and then spent eight years bitterly cleaving this nation apart? His brother, presidential aspirant Jeb! Bush, seems ready to follow precisely in his footsteps: InShow More Summary

Neil Young, Donald Trump Spar Over 'Rockin' in the Free World' Use

When Neil Young released his anthemic track "Rockin' in the Free World" off 1989's Freedom, the song quickly became a rallying cry in post-Reagan America for "American values" and the fall of communism. With George H. W. Bush still settling into his presidency, Young criticized the president's ideology, specifically referencing Bush's...

Senate Votes To End Torture, Not That We Ever Did That

As we know, the United States of America does not torture people. George Bush said we didn’t, and then Barack Obama officially ended it with an executive order, mostly, and then last fall the Senate released its report on all the torture that didn’t happen, and on Tuesday, the U.S. Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Named His Dog After His Brother (No, Not That One)

From a 1998 Jeb Bush Campaign Ad C-Span When it comes to naming new family members, the Bush dynasty isn't particularly creative. There are at least three Georges, two Barbaras, and a couple of Prescotts in the family. Apparently this...Show More Summary

George W. Bush Real Glad He Won Iraq War, Misses Commander Guy Cosplay

Look at this fuckin’ guy: A fair number of people in our country were saying that it was impossible to defeat al-Qaida — which is ISIS as far as I am concerned. They said I must get out of Iraq. But I chose the opposite — I sent 30,000 more troops as opposed to 30,000 fewer. Show More Summary

Jeb: I Am Not George. I Am An Introvert

Jeb Bush is less than one day away from his big announcement that, he too, will be riding along in the GOP clown car. Dana Bash caught up with him in Tallinn, Estonia where he's at the end of his European tour. Jeb admitted that he's been out on the campaign trail for the last six months. Show More Summary

Bush happy to echo father's legacy in eastern Europe

In a week of public events in three nations, the Republican candidate for president never mentioned his brother, former President George W. Bush. [...] he walked a path that recalls his father, George H.W. Bush, who served as vice president under Ronald Reagan and as president during the final days of communism in Europe.

The Iowa Straw Poll is irrelevant. Is Iowa?

In 1987, when Vice President George Bush ran for president, he suffered a major embarrassment early: He lost the Ames Straw Poll to televangelist Pat Robertson. He later lost the Iowa Republican caucuses to Kansas Sen. Bob Dole. In the end, he had to settle for a consolation prize: the presidency,...

Jeb Bush on Dubya's claim that he 'got a sense' of Putin's soul: Putin's changed

My brother was right, it's the world that changed. Back in the day, President George W. Bush declared Russian leader Vladimir Putin a man he could deal with. He looked into Putin's eyes, and "got a sense of his soul." Given that this...Show More Summary

Getting to know Jeb Bush (and not in a good way)

By Richard Barry I wonder how many people look somewhat favourably on Jeb Bush because he seems so much more intelligent than brother George. Not that the bar is very high, but Jeb is mostly able to string together a few coherent sentences...Show More Summary

Larry Wilmore Goes After Rummy, Gets A Visit From Hell

As we already discussed here, Donald Rumsfeld has been doing his best to try to revise history and what he said about building a democracy in Iraq while his boss George W. Bush was still in office, and hoping the public has a bad case...Show More Summary

Rumsfeld: George W. Bush Was Wrong About Iraq

When it comes to the U.S.-led war in Iraq, hindsight continues to turn up its share of surprises. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, one of the staunchest defenders of the Iraq war, said in an interview with the Times of London that his boss, former President George W. Show More Summary

People Have Paid Millions To Listen To George W. Bush, For Some Reason

The new rule is that making money is bad (if you’re a Clinton). And making money by charging speaking fees is bad (if you’re a Clinton). And being able to charge a TON of money because people really want to hear you say words is REALLY BAD (if you’re a Clinton). Show More Summary

George Bush Making Millions Of Dollars On Speaking Engagements

The media loves to put The Clintons in their crosshairs no matter what the issue is, especially when it comes to their speaking fees. There is some nefarious plot they are some how orchestrating behind the scenes, I guess. But as usual...Show More Summary

Rumsfeld Begins Iraq War Rewrite To Help 2016 GOP Contenders

Let the rewrites begin! And who better to lead the charge into revisionism than Donald Rumsfeld himself. President George W. Bush was wrong to try to build democracy in Iraq, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said in a recent interview, marking a striking admission from a key player behind the 2003 U.S. Show More Summary

Scott Walker Won't Rule Out Another Iraq Invasion

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker continues to prove himself to be the reincarnation of George W. Bush, without the baggage of the last name. ABC's Jonathan Karl asked Walker about his views on foreign policy and ISIS on this Sunday's This...Show More Summary

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