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Chris Christie Books First Late-Night Visit of His Campaign

The New Jersey governor follows Jeb Bush in heading to 'The Tonight Show.' read more

Chris Cross

I'm not quite sure what to make of the rumors that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will pull the plug on his star-crossed presidential campaign by the end of the...

Chris Christie Could Be Relegated to Junior Varsity Debate

Politico: Chris Christie, the voluble New Jersey governor, is once again facing the possibility that he might be relegated to the junior varsity debate -- and rival Republican campaigns and outside observers say his window to re-enter the top tier of presidential candidates is closing fast. Show More Summary

Marijuana Legal In A State Near You? 11 States Most Likely To Legalize Weed Next

While New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, has so far taken a decidedly anti-Marijuana stance during his 2016 presidential run, other candidates, like Bernie Sanders, have been leaning more toward marijuana legalization, and judgingShow More Summary

Chris Christie On Hillary’s Server, National Security Breaches, And The Judiciary

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined me today: Audio: 08-20hhs-christie Transcript: HH: That, of course, former Secretary of State Clinton talking two days ago. I’m joined now by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who must have seen or heard that press conference by now. Show More Summary

Uh, Did Chris Christie Forget About the Time He Deleted Bridgegate Text Messages?

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Ah, 2013. A simpler time. Donald Trump was still an orange reality show host! It seems like so long ago. And apparently it was long ago enough that New Jersey governor and ardent Sprinsteen stan Chris Christie doesn’t remember the details of his worst political scandal. Read more...

New Jersey governor to hold talks about transportation amid commuter delays

2 months agoNews : The Newsroom

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is scheduled to meet with federal and state transportation officials on Tuesday to address the lengthy train delays that have frustrated commuters in recent weeks. Electrical problems in the rail tunnels...Show More Summary

Chris Christie’s budget fiasco: Billions blown on an aborted tunnel

Why the New Jersey governor's decision to kill a 2010 public transportation project is coming back to haunt him

Chris Christie Laughs About Veto of Trans Birth Certificate Bill

A bill making it easier to change gender markers would solve a serious problem for trans people, but the governor thinks it's a laughing matter. read more

Christie: First It Was Bridge Trouble; Now It’s Tunnel

2 months agoNews : Newsweek: US

This article was first published on the ProPublica site. When we wrote in April about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s budget “sins,” one of the biggest was the money shuffle he engineered after his 2010 decision to kill an $8.7Show More Summary

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie On Iran Deal, Latest Developments In Hillary’s Server Scandal

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined me today to discuss the latest developments swirling around Hillary Clinton and other issues including the Iran deal: Audio: 08-12hhs-christie Transcript: HH: Joined now by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Show More Summary

Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes Another Important Bill for Transgender New Jerseyans

Governor Christie has shamefully vetoed a bill that would have made easier for transgender residents to obtain an appropriate birth certificate reflecting their identity.

When You Punch Teachers Unions, You're Punching Teachers

Cross--posted with Jersey Jazzman. Fortunately, I was outside of the country when Chris Christie sank to his latest new low: The New Jersey governor was on CNN on Sunday, where host Jake Tapper asked, "At the national level, who deserves...Show More Summary

The Persistence of Christie's Legacy

As Chris Christie's presidential ambitions (at least for 2016) begin to unravel, his legacy as governor is simultaneously being formed. Due to some of his more egregious actions, that legacy will weigh heavily in New Jersey for decades to come. Show More Summary

Would the Washington Post Help Chris Christie Deceive Voters About Social Security?

Of course it would, since deception is the only way to get large cuts in this incredibly popular program. This is why we find the Post applauding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his: "cogent defense of his plan to trim old-age...Show More Summary

Huckabee: Let 'Illegals, Prostitutes, Pimps And Drug Dealers' Pay For Social Security

One of the more bizarre exchanges late in yesterday's debate was between Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie on Social Security and Medicare. The question posed to both of them by Chris Wallace: Governor Christie, I want to engage you and...Show More Summary

The Money Saved by Chris Christie's Plan to Means Test Social Security

In case you were wondering whether we can substantially improve the financing of Social Security by means-testing benefits, as Governor Christie advocated in the Republican candidate debate, CEPR has the answer for you. We did a paper...Show More Summary

Chris Christie's Hypocrisy in the GOP Debate: How the Former U.S. Atty. Once threatened a NJ Sheriff Who Learned Where Two 9/11 Hijackers Got Their Fake IDs

During Thursday night's GOP debate NJ Governor Chris Christie attacked Sen. Rand Paul's criticism of warrantless NSA data gathering, saying that he would "make no apologies, ever, for protecting the lives and safety of the American people." But when it comes to his anti-terrorism record, few people know that it was on Christie's watch as U.S. Show More Summary

Rand Paul and Chris Christie get into heated brawl over surveillance during Republican debate

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Paul’s defense of curtailing NSA brought applause from crowd after New Jersey governor had testy response to Kentucky senator’s initial barb over Obama hug Related: Republican debate: Trump attacks women, Bush talks Iraq and NSA fight breaks out – live updates It might not have looked like at the...

Rand Paul and Chris Christie clash over surveillance

A panel of MSNBC political analysts discuss the heated exchange between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senator Rand Paul over the line between...

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