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Chris Christie Changed Position On Assault Weapon Ban Because Criminals Wouldn't Listen

Gov. Chris Christie joined Howard Kurt on his Fox News program MediaBuzz, and asked the NJ Governor about his recent flip flopping on many issues including his gun control positions. When Christie tried to say that he changed his positions...Show More Summary

Guns Control: A Complicated Love Story

Guns! 'Merica! That second amendment gives people lots of permission to go shoot 'em up! Right? Susie thinks it's all great but for some people out there, they don't like guns. Amazingly enough, people mostly agree (yes, you read that right!) that background check are good. Where do you stand? Please subscribe at

Is There A Gun Control Issue Chris Christie Hasn't Flip Flopped On?

I've seen many politicians change some positions while they are campaigning for a higher office, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen a man change his entire position on one issue (gun control) like Governor Chris Christie has. And I'm...Show More Summary

Lyin' Ryan Shoots Blanks At Gun Control Policies

When President Barack Obama issued the executive order for reasonable gun control policies by closing the loophole regarding background checks, Liar of the House Paul Ryan, as one might have expected, panned the idea. But as Jennifer...Show More Summary

NRA Publication Tweets Bullets Directed At Lawmakers Supporting Gun Control

The NRA as usual resorts to thuggish attacks of those who oppose unlimited guns by using threatening images. via NY Daily News Just four days before the fifth anniversary of the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the NRA targeted...Show More Summary

Why Gun Control Laws Work Elsewhere But Are DOA In The USA

A MEMORIAL TO MASS SHOOTING VICTIMS IN DUNBLANE, SCOTLAND Australia, the United Kingdom and United States are all relatively prosperous English-speaking lands with diverse populations and long histories of fidelity to the rule of law. Show More Summary

Chris Christie Calls Obama 'Petulant Child' Over Gun Control

Gov. Chris Christie, who has never been a big supporter of unlimited guns because he presides over big urban cities - has been forced to change his tune on gun control since he's running for the GOP presidential nomination. ChristieShow More Summary

Fox Presents Ben Stein As An Awesome, Stupendous Gun Control Genius (Because He Hates It)

Fox News host Neil Cavuto was super-impressed with “great writer and thinker” Ben Stein's opposition to gun control. “The problem is not gun control, it’s terrorism control,” Stein advised. During a crisis, Cavuto said in his introduction, “You have to step back, look at the big picture, and simplify what’s going on. Show More Summary

Erick Erickson Typifies Conservative Insanity On Gun Control

Even though America is averaging one mass shooting a day, and no matter how many Americans get massacred by automatic weapons, conservatives will never admit that having unfettered access to all types of assault weapons is insane. They...Show More Summary

RoJo Avoided Vote On Gun Control Bill

On Thursday, the US Senate voted on the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill. The bill, which would have required background checks on guns sold at gun shows and online, failed on a 48-50 vote. Ron Johnson somehow managed to miss the vote on this bill, even though he voted on the proposals just before it or just after it. Show More Summary

CNN's Smerconish Brings On GOP Ratfer Karl Rove To Opine Over Partisan Divide On Gun Control

If there's one thing you can count on from Mr. "No Labels" supporter turned CNN host Michael Smerconish, it's a healthy dose of both siderism every time he's allowed on the air. This Saturday was no different, with Smerconish opening up his show opining about the terrible partisanship in Washington D.C. Show More Summary

Liberals Soft On Bomb Control? Are You Sure You Want To Go There, Marco?

At Raw Story, Tom Boggioni reports: Appearing on Fox & Friends, 2016 GOP presidential contender Marco Rubio hammered at Democrats for proposing additional gun control laws after the San Bernardino attack, adding that “the left” never talks about “bomb control.” Rubio... Show More Summary

Even Morning Joe Isn't Buying Carly Fiorina's Gun Control Plan

If you are a Republican Presidential Candidate, the issue of paramount importance, following a gun massacre, is the expression of prayer. 'The unspeakable tragedy' of the San Bernardino shooting should not be dealt with in a pragmatic way; the most important thing to do, immediately, is to pray. Show More Summary

(Ret.) Senator Bill Bradley Calls The NRA: 'A Zealot Organization'

Former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley joined Bloomberg's "With All Due Respect," and discussed the shooting attack in San Bernadino and the topic of guns came up. John Heilemann asked if things have changed on gun control and how are...Show More Summary

Nevada's Ammosexual Fiore Blames Paris Casualties On Gun Control

There's no end to the insanity of NV GOP Assembly Majority Leader and calendar pin up girl, Michele Fiore. Naturally, the astute ammosexual had to weigh in on the Parisian attacks and add her very unsolicited two cents. Here's her tweet: STICKING...Show More Summary

Mike Huckabee Finds A Way To Conflate School Shootings With Abortion

Leave it to Mike Huckabee to find a way to use the issue of abortion in order to deflect on the need to pass gun control legislation. That's exactly what the viewers were treated to in Des Moines, Iowa, on local channel KCCI, where Huckabee...Show More Summary

Indiana Sheriff Will Defy Non-Existent Executive Order On Gun Control

The Sheriff of Elkhart County, Indiana, Brad Rogers, is charged with heading up law enforcement in the county of roughly 200,000 just east of South Bend. He claims that our greatest treasure is our children and on the official sheriff's...Show More Summary

Ben Carson: 'It's Not Hyperbole At All' To Say Gun Control Will Cause Next Holocaust

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson insisted over the weekend that it was "not hyperbole at all" to compare gun safety legislation to the Holocaust. During an interview on Face the Nation, host John Dickerson asked the candidate...Show More Summary

You Really Didn't Notice Until Now That Conservatives Blame Nazism On Gun Control?

Apparently, a lot of people believe that Ben Carson has strange and unusual ideas about the rise of the Third Reich: Ben Carson said Thursday that Adolf Hitler’s mass murder of Jews “would have been greatly diminished” if German citizens had not been disarmed by the Nazi regime. The comment... Show More Summary

Ben Carson Blames Gun Control For The Holocaust

I really do think Ben Carson has sociopathic tendencies. Maybe that's a prerequisite for becoming a surgeon, but as far as his belief systems are concerned, he's devoid of any empathy. Dr. Carson put out the idea that if you're being attacked by a mass shooter, you should commit suicide by charging the gunman. Show More Summary

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