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Israel Blacklists German Nobel Laureate

Israeli authorities declared writer Gunter Grass, a winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in literature, persona non grata over his poem criticizing Israel’s military plans, Jerusalem Post said on Sunday.

‘Israel’s policy endangers world peace’ — Jakob Augstein and Gideon Levy have Gunter Grass’s back

Leading German and Israeli writers back up Gunter Grass on the importance of his challenge to those who are silent about Israeli nukes' threat to peace

Grass smears in ‘Times’, plus new translation of his silence-exploding poem

'The New York Times' ascribes Gunter Grass's anti-nuclear-weapons poem to his guilt over service in Nazi military in WWII

Double-G: Gunter Grass, and the Good Grace to Shut Up

(David Post) Here is what, to me, is the most extraordinary thing about the recent flap over publication of Gunter Grass’ poem “What Must Be Said,” in which he excoriates the Israelis and depicting their undeclared nuclear program (and not Iran’s) as a threat to world peace.  Grass is of course entitled to have, and to publish, [...]

The intellectual cowardice of Günter Grass’s critics

Gunter Grass has made a logical demand: Israel's own huge nuclear arsenal must be acknowledged as a factor in the Middle East conflict

Must-Reads from Around the World: April 6, 2012

Warring Words - Der Spiegel reports on the raging controversy surrounding German Nobel laureate Günter Grass’s new poem, which is sharply critical of Israel. The poet has taken to the airwaves to defend himself, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined the fray Thursday. “Günter Grass’ shameful moral equivalence between Israel and Iran, a regime [...]

With ‘last ink,’ Gunter Grass breaks silence on Israeli nuclear program threatening world peace

Overcoming German inhibitions to judge Israel, Nobel Laureate Grass calls for "unhindered and permanent international control" of Israeli nuclear facilities

Just in: Günter Grass to face questions over ‘anti-semitic’ poem

The Nobel-winning novelist will go on ARD Television live tonight to face questions over an anti-Israel poem, which sections of the media have described as anti-semitic. Grass, 84, will appear on two consecutive programmes of news and debate. More here.

Günter Grass Draws Fire For Poem Criticizing Israel

Nobel Laureate Günter Grass's poem criticizing Israel--and arguing that a German can't criticize Israeli policy without being called antisemitic--is drawing fire in the media.

Günter Grass Poem Attacking Israel for Threatening Iran Condemned in Germany

3 years agoNews : The Lede

A poem by the German Nobel laureate Günter Grass depicting Israel's undeclared nuclear might as a threat to world peace drew wide condemnation from Jewish groups and media commentators.

Gunter Grass Poem About Israel Provokes Intense Criticism

3 years agoArts : ArtsBeat

The poem, which says that Israel, not Iran, was the Mideast's greatest threat to world peace, prompted the Israeli Embassy in Berlin to accuse Mr. Grass of propagating old-fashioned blood libel.

Gunter Grass's Passover surprise

The controversy-courting German author is back in the headlines today for a new poem published in several newspapers that accuses Israel of endangering world peace. Titled, "What must be said," it's available here in German. Reuters summarizes: "Why do I say only now... Show More Summary

Günter Grass joins the mob of Israel bashers

Just as the Syrian regime resumes bombing its own citizens and the Egyptians prepare for sharia law, the veteran Nobel-winning novelist has published a poem (never a good sign in a novelist) attacking German arms sales to Israel (but not to Iran). Grass brands Israel a ‘danger to world peace’ in the poem, published in the [...]

Is Gunter Grass An Anti-Semite?

Jacob Heilbrunn For decades the German Nobel-prize winning novelist Gunter Grass has posed as the conscience of Germany. He never missed an opportunity to denouce what he saw as the moral failings of his inferiors. He denounced America for the arms-race with the Soviet Union. Show More Summary

Grass goes nuclear

Günter Grass has just published a poem saying that Israel is a threat to world peace. According to these reports, the threat that Israel is comes not merely from the fact that it may be considering an attack on Iran...

Günter Grass' Christa Wolf eulogy

The New York Review blog has the first English translation (by David Dollenmayer) of Günter Grass' Christa Wolf eulogy, On Christa Wolf.

Prince of Asturias Award for Letters

So the Prince of Asturias Award for Letters always seemed a bit too Spanish-focused for me, but the list of laureates -- which includes Nobel laureates such as Mario Vargas Llosa, Camilo José Cela, Günter Grass, and Doris Lessing, as...Show More Summary

Prize: MLA translation prize

The MLA's Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for a Translation of a Literary Work has been announced, and Breon Mitchell gets it for his new translation of The Tin Drum by Günter Grass (get your copy at or, with...Show More Summary

Günter Grass reckons with the past in The Box.

"The children must never find out about what their father has suppressed," writes Günter Grass in The Box: Tales From the Darkroom, his new memoir in the form of a novel. "Not a word about guilt and other unwelcome deliveries." The last...Show More Summary

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