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Dave Eggers Will Not Attend Gunter Grass Foundation Award Ceremony

4 years agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Author Dave Eggers has declined an invitation from the Gunter Grass Foundation to attend an awards ceremony honoring his novel 'Zeitoun,' citing Grass' recent controversial poem. News by John Jarzemsky Via Author Dave EggersShow More Summary

In the News: Rejected Prizes, Rejected Authors

Dave Eggers refuses to accept the Günter Grass award in person due to the recent controversy over Grass’s poem about Israel. “This was the year we all lost.” Ann Patchett on the missing 2012 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Winston Churchill’s...Show More Summary

Understanding Gunter Grass In His Continental Context

4 years agoNews : Jeffrey Goldberg

D.G. Myers:"(P)eople can get away with anti-Semitism these days only by passing it off as…

Robert Lowell scooped Gunter Grass

The late American poet Robert Lowell said he was scared to death by the wave of New York Jewish nationalism accompanying the 1967 War

Grass and the Nobel

I couldn't really be bothered to weigh in on the Günter Grass-poem fallout -- fascinating and entertaining though it has been -- but then you've surely been able to find your fill elsewhere. Worth pointing to, however, is Permanent Secretary...Show More Summary

Jennifer Rubin: Morning Bits

Ruthie Blum demolishes the left, which rushed to defend German poet Gunter Grass’s anti-Israel screed. “The real issue is that anti-Semitism is not only alive and well among the radical Islamists; it has returned in full swing among European intellectuals. Show More Summary

Christina Patterson: If a Nobel Laureate Can't Speak Out, Who Can?

Günter Grass may or may not be right to say, in his poem, that Israel's nuclear weapons are a threat to world peace. But he's right to say that the West's attitude to Israel, and its nuclear arsenal, involves an awful lot of hypocri...

Digital highlights, April 14th 2011

4 years agoNews : Newsbook

Did you use the QR code in the print edition to access this page? If so, please tell us what you think in the comments. Is this something we should do every week? Günter Grass’s giant gaffe In “What Must Be Said”, Germany’s greatest post-war writer made a clumsy attempt to break a taboo on Germans criticising Israel. Show More Summary

On anti-Semitism, war crimes, and old poets

It is easier for people to attack Gunter Grass than the Israeli occupation

The Nuclear Politics of a Poem

4 years agoUS Politics / Liberal : Vox Pop

As you may have read in last Sunday's New York Times, the government of Israel has declared German Nobel laureate Gunter Grass persona non grata because of a poem. True, it's a pretty lousy poem: "What Must Be Said," it's called, and that "Must" tells old Grass hands that it's musty Gunter Gasbag time. Show More Summary

Günter Grass: Always on the Wrong Side

Berlin — Last week, Germany’s most famous living writer called Israel the greatest impediment to world peace. Eighty-four-year-old Nobel literature laureate Günter Grass penned a poem entitled “What must be said” for Munich’s liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, accusing Israel of planning a first strike on Iran to “extinguish the Iranian people.” Keep reading this post...

Israeli Authors Rebuke Gunter Grass

4 years agoNews : The Daily Beast

Israeli authors vilify Gunter Grass for his poem criticizing Israel, but some say Israel overreacted, too.

Shall I compare thee to a nuclear power

GUNTER GRASS wrote a poem restating the widely held assumption that Israel has nuclear weapons and alleging its eagerness to attack Iran is a threat to world peace. Not much of a poem, more of an opinion piece, and sloppy, with its odd...Show More Summary

Daily Links

4 years agoReligion : The Revealer

Intelligent design, Günter Grass, Kathryn Joyce on Santorum's family, Kony, Andrew Sullivan's call to follow Jesus, me and feeding tubes, and prison chaplains.

The Günter Grass Debacle: Blowback from Anti-Israel Poem Envelopes Both Sides

Günter Grass, the German author who waited until he’d won a Nobel Prize before revealing that he’d served in Hitler’s SS, might seem an unlikely vessel for criticism of Israel (in 2006 he confessed that in 1944, at the age of 17, he’d belonged to the Waffen; his novel, The Tin Drum, covers the rise [...]

Piquish Israel bans prat with a pipe

Salman Rushdie has described Israel’s travel ban on fellow scribbler Günter Grass as an act of “infantile pique”. I would go along with Rushdie’s succinct analysis of the affair. Grass was once a fairly decent writer, albeit not to my own taste, but in his dotage the one-time Waffen SS member has descended into vainglory [...]

Bernard-Henri Lévy: The First Death of Günter Grass

Here is a European writer, one of the greatest and most eminent, for he is Nobel prize laureate Günter Grass, who has nothing better to do than to publish a poem in which he explains that there is only one serious threat hanging over our heads: the State of Israel.

Günter Grass's giant gaffe

4 years agoNews : Newsbook

“IT'S a disgusting poem,” said Marcel Reich-Ranicki, one of the most influential German critics. He was speaking of "What Must Be Said", a poem by Günter Grass denouncing Israel’s nuclear programme, its aggressive posture towards Iran and Germany’s sale to Israel of submarines that can carry nuclear weapons. Show More Summary

Is the Pope also barred from entry into Israel?

Gunter Grass is barred from Israel because he donned a Nazi uniform. What about the Pope?

Whatever you think of Günter Grass, he's no Nazi

Günter Grass is a great writer: a great German writer and a great European one. He is now 84. Sometimes in old age writers, like many other elderly people, turn away from the world. Sometimes they feel the need to speak out, all the more urgently because they are aware that night is falling and [...]

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