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The Kissinger friendship: Clinton called ‘Henry’ to intercede with ‘Bibi’

Hillary Clinton brought up Israel twice at last night's debate but Bernie Sanders didn't take the bait even as he landed on Henry Kissinger. He ought to be telling Americans that she got her job as secretary of state due to her close connections to Israel

Parsing Hillary Clinton's Disingenuous Foreign Policy Record

In their most recent debate in Wisconsin, the two remaining candidates for the Democratic nomination for president, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, clashed on a number of domestic and foreign policy issues. Show More Summary

The list of foreign policy experts Bernie Sanders should be consulting

Last night Hillary Clinton criticized Bernie Sanders for not having foreign policy advisers. She thereby echoed the conventional wisdom in the corporate media that Bernie Sanders is lacking in foreign policy smarts, and a symptom of the deficit is his absence of a braintrust. We decided to put forward our own list of names Bernie Sanders might want to consult.

Scenes from a Meltdown: Watching Clinton answer questions about Black Lives Matter and Muslim Americans in New Hampshire

Basim Usmani reports from an appearance by Hillary Clinton at New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire where the presidential candidate took questions from undergrads and grad students in an effort to expand her appeal to youth. Spoiler alert: It didn't work.

The Clinton Emails: What Is and Is Not Damaging

Paul R. Pillar Domestic Politics, United States The kerfuffle over Hillary Clinton's emails has confused and conflated several distinct and important issues about classified information and government documents. Well-informed comment about Mrs. Show More Summary

Can Hillary Close Gender Gap? Young Women for Bernie in NH

Lester Holt | (NBC News video report) | – – “Hillary Clinton is trailing far behind Bernie Sanders amongst young women — a paradigm that appears to be a surprise to the…

Foreign Affairs for a New President

Recent speeches of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz - the top four seeking the presidency - focus mainly on the turbulent and fascinating domestic issues in America: guns, gays, abortion, taxes, education and...Show More Summary

Libya Epitomizes Clinton's Not-So-Smart Power

Christopher A. Preble Politics, Middle East The Libyan gambit was never really about U.S. national security. A long profile on Hillary Clinton in the Washington Post earlier this week highlights the 2011 Libyan intervention as a key indicator of her approach to foreign policy. Show More Summary

Who Won the 2/4 Democratic Debate, Sanders or Clinton?

Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola & Jimmy Dore | (The Young Turks Video) | – – “Between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton who was the biggest winner of the Democratic Debate on MSNBC?…

Let’s Talk About Bernie Sanders and the Middle East

By Derek Davison | Lobelog | Foreign Politicy in Focus | – – On foreign policy, the Vermont independent’s “political revolution” hasn’t done much to distinguish itself from Hillary Clinton or Barack…

Define ‘establishment candidate’: Rubio and Clinton both love Netanyahu

Hillary Clinton has sided with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu over President Obama and even her own husband's policies. Marco Rubio has also kissed up to the Israeli PM. That's the definition of being an Establishment favorite these days.

Hillary Clinton officially declared winner of Iowa caucuses

DES MOINES — Hillary Clinton was declared the winner of the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday after final vote counts showed her narrowly beating Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, according to The Associated Press and other news organizations. According to the final results announced by the Iowa Democratic Party, Mrs. Clinton was awarded 700.59 state delegate […]

Iowa Showed That Obama's Legacy Is at Stake

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager began the race by saying he expected a competitive primary. Few pundits believed it at the time, but clearly, she got one. Clinton learned from her loss to Barack Obama in Iowa. She kept her head down and spent a year on retail politics, cleverly arriving in a van instead of on a plane. Show More Summary

Sanders: 'Unslick in really slick way'

[youtube:DEXAUZrMvSE] Who'd have thunk it? A 74-year-old who wants to raise taxes, describes the US economy as rigged, hates kissing babies, is pro-choice, and in favour of gay marriage, has just become Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare. OK so Bernie Sanders hasn't won the Iowa Democratic Caucus. Show More Summary

Cruz, Clinton hold early leads in Iowa caucus

DES MOINES, Iowa — Republican Ted Cruz had a slight advantage over Donald Trump while Democrat Hillary Clinton held a small lead over rival Bernie Sanders on Monday in Iowa’s presidential nominating contest, the first in the 2016 race for the White House. Cruz, a conservative U.S. senator from Texas, led the billionaire businessman 29 […]

US declares 22 Clinton emails 'top secret'

State Department says Hillary Clinton's emails sent through home server contained closely guarded government secrets.

Will Iowa’s Women Dems choose Hillary or Bernie?

Judy Woodruff | (PBS Newshour Video Report) | – – “Three days out from the Iowa caucuses, Democrats are weighing whether to go with the presumed favorite, Hillary Clinton, or to defy…

In his war on Sanders supporters, Krugman forgets about Iraq

Drumming support for Hillary Clinton, NYT columnist Paul Krugman name-calls Sanders supporters as "Bernie Bros" and forgets that Clinton supported the Iraq war, which really ought to have resulted in war crimes trials for our political class

Sanders calls for moving ‘aggressively as we can to normalize relations with Iran’

The Democratic presidential nomination debate on Sunday night was remarkable in part for Senator Bernie Sanders's strong support for normalizing relations with Iran, and Hillary Clinton's demurral on that same question. The difference is likely to play out in the Democratic primary process.

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