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‘Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel’ — Saban warns the Republicans

Haim Saban hints that Hillary Clinton is against the Iran deal, a strategic move to make sure Republicans don't get the pro-Israel money that they seem to think is in play

Democratic Differences

LONDON—Every once and a while, it’s worth pausing to ponder the relative merits of different kinds of democracy. Just consider: This week, Hillary Clinton published a two-minute video and launched what will be a grueling 18-month campaign. Show More Summary

No Palestinians need apply to program on ‘Palestinian issue’ at Center for American ‘Progress’

Center for American Progress has links to Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party. Is that why it's having an event on "Palestinian issues" that doesn't include a single Palestinian?

The global reality of Hillary in the White House

Clinton presents herself as the liberal paragon that her track record simply does not support.

The inevitable candidacy of Hillary Clinton

With no strong challengers this time around, things are looking up for Clinton.

Profile: Hillary Clinton

Former New York Senator and first lady has joined the race for the White House for the second time.

Hillary Clinton Could Save America's Asia Pivot

Natalie Sambhi, David C. Kang Diplomacy, If Clinton becomes president, expect U.S. engagement in the region to deepen. On Sunday, Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to announce that she’s in the race to become president of the United States in 2016. Show More Summary

President Hillary Clinton’s Middle East Policy: Interventions, Wars, More of Same

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) – Hillary Clinton announced her bid for the presidency Sunday, prompting another of these attempts at IC to do a quick overview of what we can…

Hillary Clinton makes it official, taking one more shot at US presidency

Hillary Rodham Clinton jumped back into presidential politics on Sunday, announcing her much-awaited second campaign for the White House. “Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion,” she said. As she did in 2007, Clinton began her campaign for the 2016 Democratic nomination with a video. But rather than follow it with […]

Hillary Clinton announces 2016 presidential run

Former US secretary of state unveils White House bid to become the first female president of the country.

Hillary Clinton Announces Candidacy to Succeed Obama

The former secretary of state finally declares her candidacy for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

Elizabeth Warren wants to see Hillary Clinton’s positions on Student Loans, Middle Class

CBSN | – “Sen. Elizabeth Warren continued to shift gears when answering questions about Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election on “CBS This Morning.” CBSN: “7 ways Elizabeth Warren avoids talking about…

Bill Clinton ‘ready for Hillary’ as ‘backstage adviser’

Don’t expect Bill Clinton to be the campaigner in chief for Hillary Clinton as she launches her second presidential bid — at least not initially. The former president, perhaps the most gregarious and naturally gifted politician of his generation, is viewed as a critical asset for Clinton, as she embarks on a campaign that is […]

How Obama won on Iran

Obama won the Iran deal by assembling a centrist-liberal coalition over the last eight weeks of Netanyahu blunders. That group includes Hillary Clinton, J Street, the New York Times, Chris Matthews, Jonathan Chait-- many of whom supported the Iraq war.

Leaked Clinton fundraising memo reveals presidential campaign strategy

Hillary Clinton has decided to run for president, according to a secret "eyes on the prize" memo obtained by Mondoweiss. The email to Clinton today from her longtime adviser Ann Lewis says the Clinton team will have a “wildly successful” campaign if it can stick to “the recipe from tried and true campaign plans” to meet a $1 billion fundraising goal. Show More Summary

Listen: Bob Ney on Pence, Hillary, Iran & Yemen

Former congressman and current Talk Radio News Service correspondent Bob Ney talks about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act, Hillary Clinton’s continuing email woes, the last minute talks with Iran and a Saudi airstrike on Yemen that killed at least 40 people in a refugee camp.

Listen: The Washington Report

Talk Radio News Service White House correspondent Victoria Jones talks about the gate attack at the home of the NSA, Iran talks, Hillary Clinton’s call to mend fences with Israel and President Obama’s announced trip to Kenya.

Clinton and Cruz both betrayed Obama’s foreign policy yesterday

Hillary Clinton throws Obama's foreign policy under the bus, making a call to a leading rightwing Israel supporter Sunday to say that she wants to put the relations between the countries back on a constructive track. Not a word in the Times about her fundraising concerns.

‘NYT’ and ‘J Street’ address power of Jewish donors behind Hillary and Hillel

Big Jewish donors who support the settlement project in Israel have influenced the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and major Jewish organizations-- surprisingly frank comments by the New York Times and young leaders at J Street's conference.

The Myth of Government Secrecy

There were a number of odd things about the Hillary Clinton email debate, but to me this was the oddest: the widespread conviction that the secretary of state’s communications—personal or otherwise—would have been “safe” in the hands of the State Department. Show More Summary

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