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‘NYT’ and ‘J Street’ address power of Jewish donors behind Hillary and Hillel

Big Jewish donors who support the settlement project in Israel have influenced the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and major Jewish organizations-- surprisingly frank comments by the New York Times and young leaders at J Street's conference.

The Myth of Government Secrecy

There were a number of odd things about the Hillary Clinton email debate, but to me this was the oddest: the widespread conviction that the secretary of state’s communications—personal or otherwise—would have been “safe” in the hands of the State Department. Show More Summary

LIVE: Watch Hillary Clinton Speak at U.N. Conference on Women

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to speak at 1:30 p.m. EDT at a United Nations event in New York

Gaza, Again

TEL AVIV—In Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton’s account of her career as diplomat in chief, the likely two-time presidential candidate dedicates a chapter to her mediating of a Gaza cease fire. This was not long ago—2012—when Clinton...Show More Summary

Netanyahu’s disaster: speech cost ‘omnipotent’ lobby a veto proof majority for Iran sanctions

The Netanyahu speech controversy is a neverending disaster on Capitol Hill. Eighteen congresspeople say they'll boycott it. Bill Kristol wants to send a car for Hillary Clinton to attend it.

Clinton backs Obama, says more sanctions on Iran would be ‘Serious Strategic Error’

Potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday backed President Barack Obama’s opposition to additional congressional sanctions on Iran, saying that sanctions would create an “excuse” for Iran, Russia and China to back out of ongoing talks. “If we’re the reason — through our Congress — that in effect gives Iran and others the excuse […]

Clintons: Hillary ‘furious’ over Bill’s ‘part’ in latest sex scandal

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is incensed that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has been tied to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who’s also at the heart of an investigation into Prince Andrew’s alleged sexual dalliances with a minor, the New York Post reported. The sources told the Post they witnessed at the […]

Vote Clinton/Bush 2016 “Four More Wars, Four More Wars!”

When I look to differences between the Hillary and Jeb on war-making  I find complete harmony. The former Board Member of Walmart, Hillary Clinton, may be a bigger neocon. If you thought the Obama/Romney foreign policy debate……. excuse me, love-fest Kabuki was something -Jeb and Hillary will be an orgy of like-minded warmongering. The Clintons [...]

Hillary Clinton’s decision to support Iraq war was driven by Israel, Chris Matthews says

It used to be verboten to suggest that the Israel lobby helped drive the disastrous decision to invade Iraq. Now James Mann says as much of the neoconservatives. And Chris Matthews says the same of Hillary Clinton.

Here’s What Hillary Clinton Said About Alan Gross, U.S.-Cuba Relations in Hard Choices

Former Secretary of State Clinton considers the U.S.'s failure to bring Alan Gross home one of her "regrets"

Hillary's Policies (Two-State Solution, Mexico 43, EU Energy)

At the conclusion of my previous article on Secretary Clinton, I stated that "If we consider that harnessing new technologies and advancing women's rights are global issues, then Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State may have...Show More Summary

9 of the Most Memorable Moments of 2014

Images of Pope Francis in a nativity scene, Hillary Clinton cuddling her grandchild, Malala Yousafzai reacting to her Nobel win and more

Bush: My Brother Jeb Would Beat Hillary Clinton In 2016

George W. Bush says that he badly wants his brother Jeb to run for president — and that if he were to face off against Hillary Clinton, he would “absolutely” beat her in a 2016 matchup. “He knows I want him to run,” the former president told Candy Crowley on CNN’s “State of the Union” […]

The Progressive Presidential Primary

If you think Hillary Clinton is going to fight for a progressive agenda, you’re smoking the good stuff. The woman who just told her Goldman Sachs audience that the bankers are misunderstood is going to do what — get money out of politics, fix the banking system, do progressive economic policy? Even if you “stand [...]

On Doug Henwood’s piece about Hillary Clinton

(also to be found at There has so far been a good deal of controversy about Doug Henwood’s piece (“Stop Hillary“) excoriating Hillary Clinton in the most recent Harper’s magazine (November 2014), and now that this issue can be purchased in newsstands, I feel permitted to comment upon the Henwood piece and the debate [...]

As a Political Schmoozer, Not Good; As a Military Commander, Not Bad

Aided by a spate of accounts by ex-officials, from Hillary Clinton to Robert Gates to Leon Panetta and others, an image has formed around President Obama that he is hesitant and indecisive, and that he does not like to schmooze the nation's lawmakers. Show More Summary

Every Time She Thinks She's Out, They Pull Her Back In

Leon Panetta's new book is yanking Hillary Clinton into a debate she doesn't want to have: whether Obama lost Iraq.

Michele Bachmann declares Christian Jihad on all Muslims

The Young Turks: “Michele Bachmann took the stage at the Values Voters Summit today, and fired up the crowd with shots at President Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as a firm…

Is Hillary Clinton really a foreign policy hawk?

We are in strange times indeed when a presumptive US Republican presidential candidate can hope to score political points by accusing his likely Democratic rival of being a war hawk, but this is apparently the world we inhabit in 2014. The...Show More Summary

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