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10 ways Martin O’Malley can beat Hillary Clinton

With a few plucks of his guitar, former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley confirms he will kick off his presidential run tomorrow. Going up against the Clinton machine isn’t easy, so he gets credit for political courage. But if he really wants to win and not simply be a sparring partner for Hillary Clinton, he is […]

The head of Hillary Clinton's campaign and Matt Drudge are teasing each other about pantsuits

John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, took to Twitter on Friday after conservative blogger Matt Drudge mocked his fashion choices. On Tuesday, the campaign unveiled a t-shirt designed to look like one of Clinton's trademark pantsuits. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Returns to SC as a Force to Be Reckoned With

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton visited South Carolina for the first time since her defeat in the 2008 election primaries. This time around, she didn't waste any time getting to the issues while addressing the South Carolina Democratic Women's Council at their third annual Day in Blue event. Show More Summary

What voters say about Clinton’s age

If elected at 69, Hillary Clinton will be the same age as Ronald Reagan when she moves back to the White House. Do voters care?

The Blumenthal Saga

To a certain long-in-the-tooth species of Clinton-hater, the appearance of Sid Blumenthal's name on newly disclosed emails to Hillary Clinton was a big aha! moment where old grudges could be...

Friday Fun: Jon Stewart Mocks Hillary’s Fake Southern Accent

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton grew up in Chicago, Illinois. She attended school in Massachusetts and Connecticut. She then served as a...

Clinton’s Benghazi emails confirm her lack of post-intervention plan for Libya

(Paul Mirengoff) As John has explained, Hillary Clinton doesn’t just have a Benghazi problem; she has a Libya problem. More than anyone else, Hillary Clinton pushed for, and helped effectuate, the overthrow of Moammar Qaddafi. As a result of his overthrow, Libya became a playground for terrorists, a haven for ISIS, and a failed state. Show More Summary

O’Malley to Join Race This Weekend

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) will become the third candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination this weekend, joining Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Harry Enten: “O’Malley is a star in Democratic primary polls. But that’s not a good [...]

GOOD QUESTION & THE ANSWER IS “NO ONE”: Byron York asks, If Hillary becomes president, who will…

GOOD QUESTION & THE ANSWER IS “NO ONE”: Byron York asks, If Hillary becomes president, who will make her obey the law? Last year, before Hillary Clinton’s secret email system became publicly known, Congress passed a law to keep presidents from trying the same trick. If Clinton wins the White House, the law could well be […]

Fox & Friends: Hillary Clinton Can’t Talk Southern, She Only Lived In Arkansas 18 Years!

Let’s Make A Stupid about Hillary Clinton, with the cast of teevee’s Fox & Friends. You see, Wednesday, Hillary Clinton spoke in South Carolina, and not only did she make a joke about how her hair won’t go white in the White House, because...Show More Summary

The Daily Show Blasts Media's Dismissive Coverage Of Sen. Bernie Sanders' 2016 Campaign

From the May 28 edition of Comedy Central's The Daily Show: Related: The Week Everyone Began Taking Bernie Sanders Seriously Previously: The Daily Show Ridicules The Media's Absurd Obsession With Hillary Clinton's Trip To Chipotle

STEPHEN L. CARTER: Hillary Clinton and the New Litmus Test. You might have missed the news that …

STEPHEN L. CARTER: Hillary Clinton and the New Litmus Test. You might have missed the news that John Paul Stevens, the retired U.S. Supreme Court justice, criticized Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton last week for her announcement that she would nominate to the court only individuals committed to overturning the 2010 decision in Citizens United […]

The GOP’s impotent “Millennial” warfare: What Hillary Clinton understands that Republicans simply do not

Right-wing operatives are hard at work trying to ingratiate Republicans to younger voters. Here's why it won't work

Hillary Clinton’s latest hard choice: How will she solve her Bernie Sanders problem?

Clinton's response to Sanders will tell us much about her true beliefs. Here's why lefties should be nervous

Hillary Clinton cites GOP quotes on equal-pay legislation out of context

“Now we could fix this [equal pay for men and women].  If Republicans would get on board, we in fact could fix this today but they won’t. One Republican candidate dismissed equal pay as ‘a bogus issue.’  Another said Congress was ‘wasting time’ worrying about it.  One even said that efforts to guarantee fair pay […]

Justice as Collateral Damage

Hillary Clinton wil lbe watching this case closely.

Fox's Andrea Tantaros: Hillary Clinton Has Gotten Ahead By "Play[ing] The Victim"

From the May 28 edition of Fox News' Hannity: Previously: Fox's Tantaros: Left Doesn't Like Ben Carson Because "He Never Played The Victim Card, He Worked Really Hard" Sean Hannity: Obama Claimed To Be The Victim Of Birtherism Because...Show More Summary

Yahoo Columnist Spins Against Bernie Sanders: 'Hillary Clinton's Not Like the Rest of Us? Good!'

Former Newsweek and New York Times writer Matt Bai has a column at Yahoo spinning furiously against anyone suggesting the Clintons are too wealthy to be in touch with those “everyday Americans.” His headline was frank: “Hillary Clinton’s not like the rest of us? Good!”

Comedian who plays wonderfully wooden Hillary on SNL finds actual Hill “resplendent”

Hey, imagine what the impression would look like if she wasn’t “rooting for” the “resplendent” Hillary Clinton. I shudder to...

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