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Hillary Clinton Claims Victory on Coal Miner Bankruptcy Settlement

Hillary Rodham Clinton claimed a victory of sorts, as a coal company backed away from a deal that would have used $18 million intended for the health care costs of retired miners to pay for lawyers and costs dealing with bankruptcy.

CNN's Banfield: Hillary E-Mail Scandal 'Not Even A Scandal'

On Friday's Legal View, CNN's Ashleigh Banfield did her best to downplay Hillary Clinton's ongoing e-mail scandal. Banfield asked Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman if Bernie Sanders would bring up the issue at the upcoming Democratic presidential debate. Show More Summary

Woeful Attempt by WaPo Writer to Exonerate Hillary

[guest post by JVW] Phillip Bump of the Washington Post took to his keyboard earlier to day to suggest to us that we, the ungrateful and unwashed, are only fixating on the email security problems of Hillary! Rodham Clinton (the Once and Future Inevitable Next President of the United States) because we don’t understand how […]

Black Lives Matter Activists Say Meeting With Hillary Clinton Went Well

After Hillary Rodham Clinton met with Black Lives Matter activists, one attendee said, "In the end, I think she heard us."

A President for All Women

Josh Kraushaar, the political editor of the National Journal, spent ten paragraphs today kicking around the subject of Hillary Clinton's rather wide and deep unpopularity among Male-Americans. I say "kicking around" because Kraushaar accidentally stumbled upon the reason why it's happening, but he didn't notice it. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton had a 'candid' hour-long with Black Lives Matter activists about racial injustice

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton sat down with Black Lives Matter activists on Friday for a what one of the attendees described as a "candid" conversation about institutional racism. For approximately an hour in Washington...Show More Summary

NewsBusted: Hillary's Reaction to Amateur Liars

"According to a new study, the average teenager lies five times a day. OR, as Hillary Clinton calls them: amateurs." -- NewsBusted's Jodi Miller.

AoSHQ Podcast #118: Guest, @JayCostTWS

The Weekly Standard's Jay Cost joins Ace, Gabe, Drew and John on this week's episode to discuss his new pamplet, What's So Bad About Cronyism?, the Speaker's race, Hillary Clinton's continuing email woes and more. Listen: Stitcher | MP3 Download Subscribe: RSS...

Philip Bump is a Hack. Clinton’s email was at risk.

Philip Bump, Washington Post reporter, is ready to criticize or talk down every candidate for President not named Hillary Clinton. But her, he's ready to stick up for. He claims that "our technical ignorance" is hurting her. Sorry, I'm not technically ignorant. Show More Summary

How to Fix Hillary

(Steven Hayward) I’m struck by the comment on the Pacific trade deal that Scott quotes below: On Sunday in Iowa, Clinton said that “the President should listen to and work with his allies in Congress, starting with (House Minority Leader)...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Tells Black Lives Matter She Wants To Eliminate Private Prisons

She also said she's working on a criminal justice platform. The post Hillary Clinton Tells Black Lives Matter She Wants To Eliminate Private Prisons appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Hillary Clinton just met with Black Lives Matter activists

Hillary Clinton met with Black Lives Matters activists on Friday, according to tweets and video posted by a member of the movement.

Hillary Clinton Disclosed Identify Of CIA Source To Sid Blumenthal

There comes a time when a "scandal" becomes a crime and in the case of Hillary Clinton, revealing the identity of a CIA source certainly seems to fit that description, even to a non-lawyer like me. Trey Gowdy, tired of leaks from Democrats...Show More Summary

ASHE SCHOW: Hillary Clinton’s (Democrat) Woman Privilege: Hidden emails reveal laughable technol…

ASHE SCHOW: Hillary Clinton’s (Democrat) Woman Privilege: Hidden emails reveal laughable technological illiteracy, but the media won’t run with this narrative. “If she were a Republican man, she would be chastised for being so bad at, well, everything that has to do with technology. Heck, if she were a Republican woman, she’d be ripped to […]

Hillary Clinton Forwarded The Name of a Clandestine Agent of the CIA via Her Private, Unsecured Email

A very, very special lady. If I'm reading this right, she did not forward this clandestine source's -- this spy's -- name to someone outside the government. Issikoff's report says she forwarded it to "a colleague," I assume at the.....

A woman president? Who cares?

On Monday, NBC’s “Today” show hosted Hillary Rodham Clinton, for a folksy “Pancakes and Politics” town hall. The setting was autumnal Hollis, N.H., in a cozy red barn; Clinton wore a blazer the color of a minor explosion. The event opened with the jovial flipping of pancakes, because we all know...

Why A DREAMer Called On Hillary Clinton To Stop Supporting The Private Prison Industry

"Each dollar of private prison money accepted by the Clinton campaign undermines her pro-immigrant policy promises," Juan Carlos Ramos said. The post Why A DREAMer Called On Hillary Clinton To Stop Supporting The Private Prison Industry appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Hillary Clinton Wants to Cut Mega-Banks Down to Size

Bring back Glass-Steagall! This is a popular cry among lefty populists, but it's probably not a very good idea on the merits. Glass-Steagall is a New Deal law that split up commercial banks and investment banks, and it was repealed in 1999. Show More Summary

Clinton unveils a plan that Wall Street won't like

One of the concerns from the left about Hillary Clinton is that she might be overly friendly towards Wall Street. Those fears are being put to rest.

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