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9 Practical IKEA Hacks for Your Office & Workstation

Is your office setup starting to bore you? Want to clean up the clutter without shelling out a ton of cash? Or are you starting to suffer health problems due to too much computer work? All of these can be resolved with a single trip to IKEA and a bit of elbow grease. Show More Summary

Facebook Live for Everyone, Microsoft Surface Phones in Works… [Tech News Digest]

Three versions of Microsoft Surface phone reported to be in the works, Facebook Live is rolling out for everyone, Ikea’s new VR showroom spares you a trip, Todoist arrives on Windows 10, and this hidden camera geo-blocking spoof will show you exactly what it’s like to be European on the internet right now. Show More Summary

IKEA Invented a Stainless Steel Receipt So You Don't Lose Your Warranty

They know us well IKEA has probably dealt with its fair share of customers that want to claim a warranty but can't produce their receipt, because, to be fair, receipts were made to be lost or discarded. So the Austrian division of the...Show More Summary

This Ikea Purchase Is the Answer to All Your Small-Closet Problems

Tiny closets are a source of stress and frustration almost all small-space dwellers can relate to, but when you have to share that tiny closet with your significant other, battle lines are drawn. I should know. My husband and I tried...Show More Summary

If You Bought an Ikea Cape For Your Kid, You Need to Read This Immediately

If you bought your child a simple black bat cape from Ikea, the Swedish retailer is now imploring parents: "Please immediately take the cape away from children." In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission, Ikea announced...Show More Summary

Ikea Releases Pilot Virtual Reality Kitchen Experience for HTC Vive

Coming up with a design for the kitchen will never be the same again thanks to the latest app made by world's largest furniture retailer. According to a report by The Verge, Ikea has launched a pilot virtual reality app called the Ikea VR Experience. Show More Summary

This Swedish Scientist's Transparent Wood Could Transform Architecture

A new material design innovation has made wood practically invisible. Just watch for splinters. You don't have to shop at Ikea to see that Sweden is obsessed with wood. Over 57% of the country is covered in upwards of51 billion trees, and lumber and paper products are one of the country's biggest exports. Read Full Story

IKEA launches new VR app that lets users experience a virtual kitchen

Have you ever wanted to see how a new piece of furniture might look in your home before buying it? If IKEA has a say, that may soon be a normal part of your home shopping experience. The Swedish furniture giant has just released a virtual reality app that will allow users to explore and customize a virtual kitchen. Show More Summary

New Simple (and Wildly Customizable) Pine Wood Kids' Collection from IKEA — Design News

Pin it In the IKEA universe, simple pine wood shouldn't be interpreted as basic or plain, but instead as a refreshingly blank slate on which to work your DIY magic. That's why I'm excited about the new Flisat collection which just hit stores in the U.S. (Too bad the cool wood playhouse depicted in these pictures isn't for sale!) READ MORE »

Ikea has already found a great use for virtual reality

Virtual reality is here and products such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung’s Gear VR are ready to offer various types of VR experiences. And VR content doesn’t have to be only about games, as Ikea will tell you. In fact, the Swedish...Show More Summary

Ikea knows VR is good for more than just gaming and movies

Ikea launched a kitchen remodeling app for the HTC Vive headset.Video provided by Newsy        

IKEA Lets Users Explore Kitchen Ideas In Virtual Reality

If you wanted to remodel your kitchen, you could hire an interior designer who might draw up some sketches as to how the end result might look like. Alternatively you can always browse websites like that of IKEA to get some ideas, but given that not all kitchens are designed the same way, what you see might not necessarily be what you get. Show More Summary

You Can Now Visit Ikea In Virtual Reality

Me: “Hey, Future, I want to check out kitchens at Ikea without leaving my couch.” Future: “K” I kid you not, this is an actual conversation I’ve had with myself. And now it has happened. The Ikea VR Experience released on Steam today, and my inherit laziness has been enabled in a whole new way. More »      

Bless whoever first realized that the Ikea doll bed also makes an adorable cat bed.

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

Ikea may have just accidentally stumbled upon their next big business venture: cat furniture. The Swedish furniture company sells these doll beds for $20 each, but cats (being creatures that think the world belongs to them), decided to turn them into their own personal cat cots, and the results are very cute. Show More Summary

IKEA creates psychological horror virtual reality kitchen game

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets :

You can put together an IKEA kitchen for just a few thousand bucks, or you could be a real geek and spend it on an Oculus Rift and a badass PC instead and […]

IKEA’s new VR app lets you tour kitchens before purchasing

3 weeks agoTechnology / Google : Phandroid

With virtual reality, you can be transported to magical new worlds and experience majestic landscapes. IKEA wants to use it to show off kitchens.

IKEA’s Virtual Kitchen Offers Supreme Customization

In a partnership with HTC Vive, the home furnishing brand is striking out into VR

Ikea Lets You Redecorate Your Kitchen in VR

3 weeks agoTechnology : Tom's Guide

Strap on your VR headset and get a preview of your next kitchen remodel.

Ikea Brings Kitchen Design to Virtual Reality in New App

Explore three different kitchen schemes Ikea may have wild ideas about the kitchen of the future, but in the interim, the Swedish furniture giant is unveiling a new way for consumers to tinker with kitchens of the present. LaunchingShow More Summary

Watch: We used a VR headset to cook meatballs in a virtual IKEA kitchen

In what is perhaps the most Christian Donlan video we've uploaded so far, here he is venturing bravely into the world of virtual reality to experience firsthand... a virtual IKEA kitchen. This is, perhaps, the start of something we can expect to see from a whole range of companies, not just those that specialise in Swedish flat pack furniture. Show More Summary

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