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Research Shows How Antibodies Produce Vaccine-Like Effect Against Tumors

New research at Rockefeller University shows how antibody therapy destroys tumor cells then prompts a patient's immune system to form an immunological memory that can suppress the same cancer should it try to return.

Medical News Today: 'Vaccine on demand' approach to personal cancer treatment steps closer

The principle of training cancer patients' immune systems to destroy tumors via their mutation fingerprint is proven. Now, new research steps closer to this goal in practice.

Medical News Today: Gene sheds light on development of type 1 diabetes, autoimmune disease

Researchers probe a gene that appears fundamental to the development of autoimmunity, revealing new clues into why the immune systems targets the body's own tissue.

Seasonal immunity: Activity of thousands of genes differs from winter to summer

Our immune systems vary with the seasons, according to a study that could help explain why certain conditions such as heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis are aggravated in winter whilst people tend to be healthier in the summer. The...Show More Summary

STUDY: Molecule Discovered That Makes HIV Vulnerable to Attacks

Researchers have discovered a molecule that renders HIV vulnerable to immune system attacks. Could it lead to a vaccine? read more

New Strategy May Be HIV Cure

Kick and kill would use immune system to fight of HIV. Contributor: Katie Peoples read more

Discovery provides insight into development of autoimmunity

The action of a gene that regulates the education of T cells has been uncovered by researchers, providing insight into how and why the immune system begins mistaking the body's own tissues for targets.

Finding should enhance treatments that stop immune system attacks

An important discovery has been made about an immune cell that is already being used in immunotherapy to treat diseases such as type I diabetes. The work details how regulatory T cells can cure inflammatory diseases, researchers say...

Joslin Research Discovery Provides Insight into Development of Autoimmunity

Joslin researchers have uncovered the action of a gene that regulates the education of T cells, providing insight into how and why the immune system begins mistaking the body's own tissues for targets.

Finding Should Enhance Treatments That Stop Immune System Attacks

Scientists at The University of Manchester have made an important discovery about an immune cell which is already being used in immunotherapy to treat diseases such as type I diabetes.

Genes have seasonal cycles that can play havoc with your health

In winter, genes make your immune system more active. This protects you from cold and flu bugs, but also leads to heart attacks and autoimmune illness

Medical News Today: Cancer cells 'disguise themselves as immune cells' to spread via lymphatic system, study finds

One route through which cancer spreads to other parts of the body is the lymph system. Now, a new study shows how cancer cells disguise themselves as white blood cells to do this.

New research implicates immune system in Rett syndrome

The immune system plays an unsuspected and surprising role in the progression of Rett syndrome, a severe neurological disorder affecting children, new research suggests. Rett syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is caused primarily by mutations in the gene encoding for MeCP2, an important epigenetic regulator. Show More Summary

Starved T cells allow hepatitis B to silently infect liver

Hepatitis B stimulates processes that deprive the body's immune cells of key nutrients that they need to function, finds new research. The work helps to explain why the immune system cannot control hepatitis B virus infection once it becomes established in the liver, and offers a target for potential curative treatments down the line.

How cancer tricks the lymphatic system into spreading tumours

Swollen lymph nodes are often the earliest sign of metastatic spread of cancer cells. Now cancer researchers and immunologists have discovered how cancer cells can infiltrate the lymphatic system by ‘disguising’ themselves as immune cells (white blood cells). The researchers hope that this finding will inform the development of new drugs.

CRISPR genome editing is transforming medicine, nutrition, and agriculture

Researchers have customized and refined a technique derived from the immune system of bacteria to develop the CRISPR-Cas9 genome engineering system, which enables targeted modifications to the genes of virtually any organism. The discovery...Show More Summary

Accelerating the Development of New Vaccines and Immunotherapies for Cancer

For decades scientists have speculated that our immune system should have a natural capacity to detect and destroy cancer cells. Current breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy have been based on studies published by my own laboratoryShow More Summary

Rockefeller Scientists Resolve Long-Standing Debate Over How Many Bacteria Fight Off Invaders

For years, researchers have puzzled over conflicting results about the workings of type III CRISPR-Cas systems, a type of immune system found in many species of bacteria. Some data showed this mechanism would target the virus's DNA, while other experiments suggest it could only disable a virus once it had started replicating itself. Show More Summary

Medical News Today: Children's immune system weakened for up to 3 years after measles infection

Researchers thought measles suppressed a child's immune system for around 1-2 months after infection, but a new study suggests this suppression could last as long as 3 years.

LEDs Strips Tell You the Trains Aren’t Running

[James] is a frequent user of the London Underground, a subway system that is not immune to breakdowns and delays. He wanted a way to easily tell if any of the trains were being disrupted, and thanks to some LEDs, he now has that information...Show More Summary

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