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How to prevent getting sunburned with the Microsoft Band 2

Long exposure to ultraviolet light can damage your skin and eyes that may result in health problems, weaken your immune system, and cause skin cancer. It can be prevented with proper use of sunscreen and clothing coverage. The Microsoft Band 2 can help by letting you know the current UV index. Show More Summary

New study reveals how specialized cells help each other survive during times of stress

For the first time, researchers show how one set of specialized cells survives under stress by manipulating the behavior of key immune system cells.

ISU: Mutations led to pigs lacking immune systems

Animal science researchers at Iowa State University, in Ames, IA, United States, have identified a pair of genetic mutations that cause immune deficiencies in pigs that make them uniquely good models for testing potential medical therapies for people.

Sugar-coated nanoworms not for breakfast in the human immune system

Nanoparticles could aid diagnosis and treatment of diseases including cancer -- if the immune system would leave them alone. A new study shows that inducing crosslinks on nanoparticle surface sugars lets them escape mouse immune system and identifies remaining culprit for human immune recognition of nanoparticles.

Winter Beauty Essentials Part 1

For Part 1 of my Winter Beauty Essentials I’m taking you behind the scenes into my kitchen and sharing how I’m preparing my immune system for winter. Let’s start with a detox baby. I finally committed to a three day detox using Vibrant Cleanse by Vibrant Health. I was inspired by a major upcoming photo [...] Winter Beauty Essentials Part 1

Sugar-Coated Nanoworms Not for Breakfast in the Human Immune System

University of Colorado Cancer Center study shows how iron nanoparticles evade human immune system, potentially helping useful particles avoid elimination.

The JVM Immune System: Debugging Distributed Servers at Scale

Today more than ever, speed plays a larger role in the software development lifecycle. We see R&D teams who want to push code faster to production environments with rising complexity, and this amplifies a vulnerability that must be addressed

Sugar-coated nanoworms not for breakfast in the human immune system

Iron nanoparticles injected before magnetic resonance imaging can make tissues more visible and the same nanoparticles may allow doctors to precisely target tumors with new medicines. However, among the challenges to the practical use...Show More Summary

The Innate Immune System Modulates the Severity of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, a debilitating neurological disease, is triggered by self-reactive T cells that successfully infiltrate the brain and spinal cord where they launch an aggressive autoimmune attack against myelin, the fatty substance that surrounds and insulates nerve fibers. Show More Summary

Immune cells that fight obesity

We tend to think of the immune system as guarding us against bacteria, viruses and assorted foreign invaders, but this system has some other surprising roles. Weizmann Institute researchers have now identified a small subtype of immune cells that appears to prevent metabolic syndrome: obesity, high blood pressure, and high levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. read more

Penn study blocks ebola virus budding by regulating calcium signaling

The Ebola virus acts fast. The course of infection, from exposure to recovery, or death, can take as little as two weeks. That may not leave enough time for the immune system to mount an effective response. read more

More on FOXN1 in the Aging Thymus

last monthHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Last year, researchers demonstrated restoration of youthful activity of the thymus in old mice via increased levels of FOXN1. Rejuvenation of the thymus is one possible path towards at least partial rejuvenation of the immune system,...Show More Summary

A Possible Way to Target Exhausted T-Cells For Destruction

last monthHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers here identify a possible way to identify and target T-cells that clutter up the aged immune system, impacting its effectiveness. A sizable part of immune decline in aging seems to result from the accumulation of large numbers of memory T-cells and exhausted or anergic T-cells at the expensive of naive T-cells capable of attacking threats. Show More Summary

Enzyme identified as a major culprit of autoimmune diseases

Activating an enzyme that sounds an alarm for the body's innate immune system causes two lethal autoimmune diseases in mice, while inhibiting the same enzyme rescues them, researchers report.

What You Should (and Shouldn't) Eat When You're Sick

By: Marina Komarovsky Credit: Shuttershock The time will inevitably come when your immune system fails at its ONE JOB, and you'll get sick. Out come the pillows and the Netflix, but as you ride out the illness, you also need to eat. You...Show More Summary

Making heads and tails of embryo development: lessons from the humble fly

Proteins usually responsible for the destruction of virally infected or cancerous cells in our immune system have been found to control the release from cells of a critical growth factor governing head and tail development in fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster). Show More Summary

Alerting the immune system's watchmen to improve vaccines

As the days get colder and shorter, we carve jack-o-lanterns and drink pumpkin spice lattes. But one fall tradition can actually keep you healthy: getting your flu shot. Like all vaccines, the flu shot trains the immune system to fend off infection, but some need help to produce the full effect. Show More Summary

"Chelsea Ake-Salvacion felt she was on health care’s cutting edge, working at a cryotherapy center in this Las Vegas suburb..."

"... that promised to help clients burn calories, reduce pain, strengthen immune systems and halt aging by embedding them in freezing tanks for a few minutes at a time."In her off hours, she engaged in the practice... But last week, Ms. Show More Summary

Intestinal worms 'talk' to gut bacteria to boost immune system

EPFL researchers have discovered how intestinal worm infections cross-talk with gut bacteria to help the immune system. read more

UT Southwestern researchers identify an enzyme as a major culprit of autoimmune diseases

DALLAS - Oct. 27, 2015 - Activating an enzyme that sounds an alarm for the body's innate immune system causes two lethal autoimmune diseases in mice, while inhibiting the same enzyme rescues them, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers report. The findings, published in the Oct. Show More Summary

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