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E-Cigs Weaken Immune Systems in Mice, Study Says

3 weeks agoHealth : Healthland

Latest study underscores the need for more research into electronic cigarettes

Record keeping helps bacteria's immune system fight invaders

Bacteria have a sophisticated means of defending themselves, and they need it: more viruses infect bacteria than any other biological entity. Two experiments provide new insight at the heart of bacterial adaptive defenses in a syste...

E-cigarette exposure impairs immune responses in mouse model

In a study with mice, researchers have found that e-cigarettes compromise the immune system in the lungs and generate some of the same potentially dangerous chemicals found in traditional nicotine cigarettes.

E-Cigarette Exposure Impairs Immune Responses in Mouse Model, New Research Finds

In a study with mice, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers have found that e-cigarettes compromise the immune system in the lungs and generate some of the same potentially dangerous chemicals found in traditional nicotine cigarettes.

Does spaceflight accelerate immune system aging?

According to a new study, spaceflight may have detrimental effects on the immune system. Continue reading ? The post Does spaceflight accelerate immune system aging? appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

Vaccines: Delayed immunization schedule can be deadly, experts say

3 weeks agoSports / Baseball : Dodgers Now

Some parents have said they're not anti-vaccine, but that they want to delay vaccines, or spread out shots, for fear of overwhelming a baby's immune system.

How spaceflight ages the immune system prematurely

As the world waits to see if Mars One can establish a human colony on Mars, scientists are working to determine the long-term consequences of living in low or no-gravity conditions, such as those that might exist on the trip to another planet. New research shows that spaceflight may be associated with a process of accelerated aging of the immune system.

Weekend Newsstand: January 31, 2015

4 weeks agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

As of January 24, 56 people have died of the flu in Toronto alone. If you have a weak immune system, stay away from... people. All of them. Just to be safe. In the news: someone has successfully scaled a frozen portion of Niagara Falls, community and home health-care workers are on strike, and 22 more GO stations will have Wi-Fi on Monday. Show More Summary

The clime's speech: Data analysis supports prediction that human language is influenced by environmental factors

(—Human speech is not typically thought to adapt to the environment, and a standard assumption in linguistics is that sound systems are in fact immune to ecological effects. Recently, however, scientists at University of Miami...Show More Summary

Genetically engineered antibody-based molecules show enhanced hiv-fighting abilities

Capitalizing on a new insight into HIV's strategy for evading antibodies -- proteins produced by the immune system to identify and wipe out invading objects such as viruses -- researchers have developed antibody-based molecules that are more than 100 times better than our bodies' own defenses at binding to and neutralizing HIV, when tested in vitro. Show More Summary

Dad Thinks His 6-Year-Old’s Life Matters More Than Your Right To Send An Unvaxxed Kid To Public School

Carl Krawitt's six-year-old son Rhett has finally kicked a case of childhood leukemia after several rounds of chemotherapy (yeah, Rhett!). But Rhett and his decimated immune system now have to attend an elementary school where 7% of the kids haven't been vaccinated on account of 'personal belief' exemptions. Show More Summary

Symptoms and How to Deal with Food Allergies in Babies and Toddlers

When a child is allergic to food; the food comes to her/him like an invader first attacking the immune system. In some cases, the body will automatically make an antibody called IgE, which is a protein that detects the food causing the allergy and releases substances such as histamine to fight the allergy. Thereby, you [...]

Another Step Towards Mass Manufacture of Immune Cells

last monthHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

One of the more important ways in which the immune system declines with age is that its composition shifts towards large duplicated collections of comparatively useless cells involved in coordination and memory of threats, and this is at the expense of a shrinking population of cells capable of destroying those threats. Show More Summary

Warming seas decrease sea turtle basking

Green sea turtles may stop basking on beaches around the world within a century due to rising sea temperatures, a new study suggests. Basking helps the turtles regulate body temperature and may aid their immune system and digestion.Show More Summary

The language of T lymphocytes deciphered, the 'Rosetta Stone' of the immune system

How can our immune system defend us against aggressors so diverse such as viruses, parasites, fungi and tumors? The secret lies in the large number of clones of T and B lymphocytes, each of which expresses a particular specific receptor. Show More Summary

Sexually-transmitted diseases: Do multiple partners mean more immunity?

It has been assumed that the increased transmission of sexually-transmitted diseases in the case of mating promiscuity is influential in shaping the immune system of mammals. Results of a new study demonstrate that this simple idea does...Show More Summary

New nicotine vaccine may succeed at treating smoking addiction, where others have failed

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

If you're a smoker who's trying to quit, you may recall hearing about vaccines designed to cause the body's immune system to treat nicotine like a foreign invader, producing antibodies that trap and remove it before it's able to reach receptors in the brain. Show More Summary

Major Discovery on Spinal Injury Reveals Unknown Immune Response

In a discovery that could dramatically affect the treatment of brain and spinal cord injuries, researchers have identified a previously unknown, beneficial immune response that occurs after injury to the central nervous system.

Immune system may play a key role in viral therapy's effectiveness against tumors

Viral therapy for childhood cancer could possibly improve if treatments such as chemotherapy do not first suppress patients' immune systems, according to new research findings. Research on mouse tumors resembling rhabdomyosarcoma, the...Show More Summary

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