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Court Rules That YouTube Cannot Be Forced to Remove Innocence of Muslims

6 months agoNews : Mediaite

An appeals court today reversed a lower court's decision compelling YouTube to remove the controversial film Innocence of Muslims, saying that such an act was a violation of the First Amendment.

YouTube Video Maker Blamed for Benghazi Attacks Breaks Silence on CNN

2 years agoNews : Mediaite

On Tuesday, CNN host Jake Tapper interviewed Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the filmmaker behind the Innocence of Muslims YouTube trailer which some members of President Barack Obama’s administration erroneously blamed for deadly attack on an American consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012. Show More Summary

Innocence Of Muslims’ Filmmaker Speaks To Fox From Prison: ‘If I Could Go Back,’ I’d Release Video Again

2 years agoNews : Mediaite

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man behind the highly controversial video "Innocence of Muslims," remains in a southern California prison nearly nine months after he was arrested for allegedly violating terms of his probation. Nakoula spoke to Fox News from prison this week and portions of the phone interview aired during America Live with Megyn Kelly today.

YouTube Blocked In Egypt Over ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Film… For One Month

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

It's been close to five months since Google decided to keep the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims on YouTube, despite pressure from around the world, as well the White House, for it to be taken down as hate speech. But now, Egypt's courts are exacting their retribution on the company.

Innocence of Muslims Creator Speaks Out For The First Time, Has No Regrets About Releasing Film

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

The maker of the controversial anti-Islamic film Innocence of Muslims is speaking out for the first time since his film went public and became the source of international controversy. In statements published by The New York Times, Nakoula...Show More Summary

Red Eye Panel Gets Heated Over Whether Feds Jailed Anti-Muslim Filmmaker As ‘Scapegoat’ For Benghazi

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

On this morning's edition of Red Eye, Gavin -- err, "Jimmy" -- McInnes and host Greg Gutfeld got into a heated battle with resident ombudsman Andy Levy over whether the filmmaker behind Innocence of Muslims was recently jailed because of the parole charges levied against him... or because the federal government wanted to punish him for making the anti-Islam movie.

Right-Wing Media Making Martyr OfInnocence Of Muslims’ Filmmaker

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

The runner-up for weird right-wing narrative of the day belongs to the strange notion that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man behind the film Innocence of Muslims, is some kind of political prisoner, being silenced and made an example of by the evil Obama administration. Show More Summary

Allen West: Person Responsible For Libya ‘Cover-Up’ Will Be ‘Fired’ On Nov. 6th

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Florida congressman Allen West stopped by Fox & Friends' curvy couch on Monday, where he said that President Obama is complicit in trying the attacks in Benghazi to the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims. The Obama administration, he continued, simply does not want its foreign policy to be regarded as a "failure."

Ann Coulter On Red Eye: Innocence Of Muslims No Worse Than A J.Lo Movie

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Ann Coulter joined the Red Eye panel eeeeaaaarly Saturday morning, where she weighed in on whether the jailing of Innocence of Muslims filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was a move meant to "appease Muslim extremists" or, possibly, to "appease Muslim extremists."

Iranian Gov’t: We’ll Continue Nuclear Development — Oh, And We’re Boycotting The Oscars…

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

How does Iran decide to show its displeasure with that crappy Innocence of Muslims movie? In perhaps the strangest way: boycotting next year's Academy Awards. The New York Times reports that Iranian culture minister Mohammad Hosseini...Show More Summary

The Free Speech Question: How Governments Are Reacting To Innocence of Muslims

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

It takes a special kind of art to arouse intense emotions in people. Innocence of Muslims, the controversial, offensive, and badly-produced anti-Islamic film, has spurred Muslims all over the world to protest. YouTube has already resolved...Show More Summary

Egypt Issues Arrest Warrants For Americans Connected To Innocence of Muslims Film

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Egypt's general prosecutor issued multiple arrest warrants today for eight individuals involved in the production and distribution of the controversial film Innocence of Musims. The warrants were issued for seven Egyptian Coptic Christians,...Show More Summary

Current TV’s The Young Turks Unearths Original Poster For Innocence of Muslims

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

As the mystery surrounding Innocence of Muslims, the film that's been blamed for protests at U.S. embassies around the world, continues to unfold, a producer for Current TV's The Young Turks has added another piece to the puzzle. TYT...Show More Summary

Judge Napolitano: Google Is ‘Defending Freedom’ By Not Taking Down Innocence Of Muslims Video

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

By not taking down the controversial Innocence of Muslims trailer from YouTube, Google is "defending freedom," Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox's Megyn Kelly this afternoon during a segment of America Live

Scarborough On ‘Middle East & Arab World’: ‘They Hate Us’ Because Of Their Religion, Their Culture, And Peer Pressure

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

On Monday's Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough shared his two cents on why it is that so much tension exists between the so-called Muslim World and the U.S. It is most definitely not, he said, because of the "crude" Innocence of Muslims film, which is merely being used as an excuse.

Alleged ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Taken In For Interviewing

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the alleged filmmaker behind Innocence of Muslims who was originally reported as being named "Sam Bacile," has been taken in for interviewing by Los Angeles County sheriff deputies, the Los Angeles Times is reporting today.

Google Keeping Innocence of Muslims Trailer On YouTube, Despite White House Pressure

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Popular speech is not protected by the notion of "freedom of speech," it would be pointless. What freedom of speech is designed for is to defend unpopular speech, no matter how cruel or vile or bigoted. Keep that in mind as you ponder...Show More Summary

White House Has Asked YouTube To Review Anti-Islam Film

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

The White House has asked YouTube to review the anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims — which many have said sparked the recent protests and attacks in the Middle East — to determine whether it violates the site's terms.

FBI And Homeland Security Warn That Violence Over Innocence of Muslims Spread To U.S.

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Violence and anti-American protests have spread throughout the Muslim world over a controversial film, Innocence of Muslims, that has been widely criticized as offensive to the Muslim religion. Now the Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning that violence could spread to the United States in a joint statement with the Department of Homeland Security.

Secretary Of State Clinton: Violence In Response To Speech Is Not Acceptable

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented a message to an international audience Thursday morning as riots and protests continue to spread across the Middle East. Clinton specifically tied the violence to Innocence of Muslims -- an English-language film, posted online this summer, that mocked the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

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