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TOYING AROUND: Exclusives, DC Bombshells & More!

Mezco shows off a "Dark Knight Returns" SDCC exclusive, DC announces a Bombshells comic book and a double dose of Iron Man from Hot Toys.

The Line It Is Drawn: Rock Out with Superhero Bands

It's time to rock, as the Line crosses superheroes with famous rock stars, like the X-Men/Go-Gos, David Bowie as Starman (naturally) and Bono as Iron Man!

"When Iron Man Used a Slide Rule to Save the Day" & More Blasts From the Past

CSBG collects outdated cultural references in old comics, like the latest, Iron Man defeating the Mandarin by using his armor's... slide rule?!

China's 20-foot Iron Panda Puts the Hulkbuster to Shame

Forget the Hulkbuster, Iron Legion or Iron Man Mark-whatever. Nothing Tony Stark has squirreled away in his arsenal compares to China’s "Iron Panda."

How Iron Man Defeated a Being Made of Energy By Blasting Her with Energy

In their latest spotlight on "bad" superhero fights, CSBG looks at how Iron Man managed to take down Captain Marvel at the peak of her powers.

COMIC REEL: "Civil War" Art Reveals Iron Man's "Bleeding Edge" Armor; Renner Talks Black Widow Comments

More potential promo art from "Captain America: Civil War" has emerged; Jeremy Renner talks "Ultron" on "Conan" and more.

COMIC REEL: Possible "Civil War" Promo Art Emerges; Suicide Squad Hits Set In New Photos

Captain America and Iron Man clash in possible "Civil War" image; "Suicide Squad" cast members break in their costumes on set and more.

TOYING AROUND: Merry Marvel Movies & More!

Diamond Select, Hot Toys and Factory Entertainment celebrate Marvel with Hulkbuster Iron Man, "Ant-Man" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" collectibles.

Soule Discusses Inciting a "Civil War" Amidst Marvel's "Secret Wars"

The ideological conflict between Captain America & Iron Man reignites and writer Charles Soule tells CBR about bringing "Civil War" to Battleworld.

How Much Does It Cost To Be Iron Man? (You Can't Afford It)

If you had dreams of being a superhero, you better aim to be bitten by a radioactive spider, because there’s no way you can afford to become Iron Man.

Forget Iron Man - Is Batman the REAL Hulkbuster?

CSBG's latest spotlight on "bad" superhero battles looks at the time the Dark Knight actually took out the Jade Giant in a one-on-one fight!

The Buy Pile - The Collected Poetry of Megatron

Quirky robots on a spaceship can't beat the insanity of "Multiversity" nor the Iron Man/Cap slapfighting that's been going on since "Civil War."

This Iron Man Helmet Is Actually A Bluetooth Speaker

The life-size replica of the Iron Man XLIII helmet will do more than gather dust on your shelf -- it'll blast music from your smartphone.

Artists Sue Marvel, Disney Over "Iron Man" Armor Design

Artists Ben Lai and Ray Lai have sued Marvel and Disney, claiming the "Iron Man" films ripped off the body-armor designs from their comic "Radix."

Iron Man Fan Creates Working Gauntlet With Lasers, Sound Effects

Inspired by a scene in "Iron Man 2," a prop creator made a glove with working lasers, light-up palm and sound effects.

Will Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch Take A Side In "Captain America: Civil War"?

The actress behind "Age of Ultron's" magical anti-hero hints that she may be joining Captain America and Iron Man in the next MCU adventure.

Hot Topic Unleashes Avengers Fashion Collection for Women

The new line of women's apparel from Hot Topic and Her Universe features designs inspired by Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Loki and Thor.

From "Avengers: Age of Ultron" to "Jurassic World": The Summer Blockbusters You Need to See

Iron Man, Chris Pratt and Tom Cruise headline one of the biggest movie summers ever. Here's your guide to the films you need to watch at least twice

Downey, Evans Discuss "Captain America: Civil War" Ignition Point

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans open up about the reasons Iron Man and Cap will clash in the post-"Age of Ultron" film.

Feige, Downey Jr. Talk Spider-Man's MCU Adventures

"Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoke about how Spider-Man will be updated for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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