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Jason Miller Was Arrested Over an ‘I Love You’ Snapchat Message

(Shaved head? New cross-tattoo that matches your nail polish? Congrats, Jason, you're ready for prison. / Photo via OFFICIALMAYHEMMILLER) Yesterday, we regretfully informed you that Jason "Mayhem" Miller had been arrested for the third time in the past 30 days for violating a "stay away" order related to his ongoing domestic violence charges. Show More Summary

Yup, Mayhem Miller Got Arrested Yesterday. Again. [UPDATED]

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Potato Nation, Jason "Mayhem" Miller has entered Kat Williams Mode. Yes, after being arrested twice in the past two weeks for felony domestic violence and releasing a bizarre "apology" that channeled bothShow More Summary

Report: JasonMayhemMiller Arrested Again

Things continue to spiral out of control for former UFC star JasonMayhemMiller, who was arrested again on Monday. Fox Sports writer Mike Chiappetta broke the news in a Twitter post on Tuesday. While details surrounding the arrest...Show More Summary

Mayhem Miller: "UFC Is Fake, and It's Run by an Insecure, Chunky Golf Player"

JasonMayhemMiller believes in conspiracy theories, and one in particular puts the UFC at the center of a scandalous plot involving gambling and fixed fights. During an exclusive interview with, the retired fighter...Show More Summary

Stitch Duran Recalls the Night He Had a Run-in with Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

Jacob "Stitch" Duran can be seen at almost every major UFC event working the corner for one fighter or another, and his expertise has saved for than a few bouts from being stopped due to a cut. Duran is also recognized as one of theShow More Summary

JasonMayhemMiller Allegedly Choked, Urinated On Domestic Violence Victim

JasonMayhemMiller was arraigned in Orange County, California, Monday on charges of domestic violence. The MMA veteran was arrested for corporal injury of spouse last Thursday, just over a week after he was released from jail on the same charge. Show More Summary

Report: 'Mayhem' Miller Allegedly Choked, Urinated on Domestic Assault Victim

When someone has been arrested for domestic violence twice in a roughly two-week period, clearly there are few, if any, positives to take away from the situation. In the case of former Dream, Strikeforce and UFC fighter Jason Miller,...Show More Summary

Report: Jason Miller’s First Court Appearance for Domestic Violence Charges Marked by Bizarre Behavior, Disturbing Allegations

("Your honor, I'd like to answer these charges through 45 minutes of interpretive breakdancing." / Photo via Getty) Troubled ex-MMA fighter JasonMayhemMiller attended an arraignment hearing yesterday in Orange County, California,...Show More Summary

JasonMayhemMiller Arrested For Domestic Violence Again

JasonMayhemMiller was arrested for domestic violence Thursday, a little over a week after he was released from jail on the same charge. The UFC veteran was arrested on a felony charge of corporal injury of a spouse, CPC 273.5 (A), and held on $50,000 bail. Show More Summary

JasonMayhemMiller Arrested Again on Felony Domestic Violence Charge, Is Currently Being Held on Bond

(We hope you find the strength to leave him, Noodles. / Image via ennvy) For the third time since his retirement in May 2012, Jason "Mayhem" Miller has been arrested. According to records, the Orange County Sheriff's Department arrested...Show More Summary

Jason "Mayhem" Miller Arrested Yet Again, out on $50k Bail

MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani is reporting that former journeyman middleweight Jason "Mayhem" Miller has been arrested. Again. Details remain sparse, with Helwani tweeting the following on Friday night: According to the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Jason Miller was arrested yesterday afternoon. Show More Summary

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller arrested again, currently in jail on $50,000 bond

Yesterday (Aug. 22, 2013), Jason Miller was arrested again. The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight contender has had a rough month, as this is currently his second arrest in August. Earlier this month, Miller was...Show More Summary

Dana White reacts to Mayhem Miller's domestic violence arrest: 'He's not a UFC fighter'

Jason Miller is not a UFC fighter. Sure, he competed for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on three separate occasions, but the 32-fight mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran failed to secure any wins inside the Octagon and actually has...Show More Summary

JasonMayhemMiller Issues Bizarre Apology After Domestic Violence Arrest

Former UFC fighter JasonMayhemMiller has issued an official apology regarding his recent domestic violence arrest. Miller was arrested on August 11 after the victim called police and said that they had gotten into an argument over a text message she found on his cell phone. Show More Summary

JasonMayhemMiller Releases Rastafarian-Themed Apology Following His Domestic Violence Arrest, And It Is Fcking Crazy

(We still haven't tracked down Miller's latest mugshot, but in the meantime, here's a photo of him in drag dancing with a sexy cop.) In his first public statement since he allegedly beat up a woman at his home, former MMA fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller has published a post on his official website apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Show More Summary

Mayhem Miller apology for domestic violence arrest: JAH THE ALMIGHTY SHALL JUDGE

Anyone wondering about Jason Miller's state of mind can probably wonder no more. The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Strikeforce middleweight has issued an official apology (here) following his recent arrest for domestic...Show More Summary

JasonMayhemMiller Arrest Details Released

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department released the details of JasonMayhemMiller’s domestic violence arrest Tuesday. The retired MMA fighter was arrested on Sunday, August 11 after an argument that took place over a text message....Show More Summary

Mayhem” Update: Details Reveal Domestic Violence Charge the Result of a Text Message Argument

At this point, I'm as sick of writing about former UFC/Strikeforce/DREAM/Bully Beatdown star Jason "Mayhem" Miller as you are of reading about him. "He doesn't fight anymore, so why are we still talking about him?! RABBLE! RABBLE!!" some of you have angrily typed, and to some extent I agree with you. Show More Summary

Mayhem Miller arrest report details: Text message argument leads to domestic violence charge

Former Strikeforce and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Jason Miller was arrested and charged with domestic violence on Sunday (Aug. 11, 2013) in Mission Viejo, California (details here), after his alleged victim informed...Show More Summary

JasonMayhemMiller Released From Jail After Domestic Violence Arrest

Santa Ana, CA — Former UFC fighter JasonMayhemMiller has been released from jail following a domestic violence arrest Sunday. Miller was released from the Central Jail Complex in Santa Ana Monday morning after posting a $50,000 bond, Orange County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Jeff Hallock told MMAJunkie. Show More Summary

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