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Babysitters Who Used Tot as Crime Decoy Don't Justify Helicopter Parents

Post by Jeanne Sager From the day we started trying to have a child, I promised that I would not be one of "those" parents. You know, the "OMG, I can't trust another living soul with my little snookums because I have to be in control of EVERYTHING" parents. Show More Summary

Mom Grieves Baby's Loss By Filling Breast Milk Bank in His Honor

Post by Jeanne Sager There's no perfect prescription for dealing with the loss of a child. Every parent will grieve differently. But Jennifer Coias has found a way to cope with saying goodbye to son Jude that's particularly beautiful. Show More Summary

'Fat' Is a Banned Word in Our House

Post by Jeanne Sager. My daughter came to me after lunch with a request. "I ate a little more than half of my sandwich. Can I have some cake?" To most moms, this would be an easy question to answer. But I always pause before I wade into a discussion about junk food with my 9-year-old. Show More Summary

Don't Use My Autistic Son as a Reason Not to Vaccinate

Post by Jeanne Sager. Shannon Des Roches Rosa isn't the sort of woman you'd expect to see on Capitol Hill, advocating for vaccines for children. After all, when Rosa's son Leo was diagnosed with autism in 2003, the California mom swore off immunizing her kids. Show More Summary

Hot Holiday Toys of 2014 Put to the Test (PHOTOS)

Post by Jeanne Sager. Well, Black Friday is here and Christmas will be before you know it. While Santa is checking his naughty or nice list -- twice -- the kids are taking stock of the hot holiday toys and loading up their own lists....Show More Summary

Hot Holiday Toys of 2014 Put to the Test by Real Kids (PHOTOS)

Post by Jeanne Sager. Well, Black Friday is here and Christmas will be before you know it. While Santa is checking his naughty or nice list -- twice -- the kids are taking stock of the hot holiday toys and loading up their own lists....Show More Summary

'Penguins of Madagascar' -- What Parents Need to Know

Post by Jeanne Sager. Trying to figure out what movie to take the kids to over the long Thanksgiving break? Penguins of Madagascar is Dreamworks' attempt to get families into theaters over the holiday, cashing in on the following its built up over three Madagascar films. Show More Summary

The Most Common Baby Name in America Revealed

Post by Jeanne Sager. Let's face it: even if you are a traditionalist when it comes to baby naming, you don't want your kid having to sit through school with five other boys or girls who have the same name. You want your baby to be special!...Show More Summary

Mom Resorts to Selling Her Wedding Ring So She Can Afford to Adopt a Baby

Post by Jeanne Sager. Zaundia Klingbeil and husband Enoch were two weeks away from becoming approved as foster parents when the call came. A woman was pregnant, and she wanted to place her child for adoption. Would the Klingbeils beShow More Summary

Lena Dunham's Mom Had Perfect Response to So-Called 'Sexual Predator' Daughter?

Post by Jeanne Sager. When actress and director Lena Dunham was accused this weekend of outing herself as a sexual predator in her memoir, Not That Kind of Girl, her response was one many a mother has thought over the years. Dunham says she was not molesting her younger sister when she took a peek inside 1-year-old Grace's vagina. Show More Summary

How the Season in Which Your Baby Is Born Affects His Personality

Post by Jeanne Sager. If you gave birth in the spring or summer -- or you have a summer baby on the way -- listen up. Scientists are back looking at the way the season of your birth affects you, and they've got some bad news for parents of the kids born when it's warm and sunny out. Show More Summary

25 Top Chapter Books to Read With Your Child at Bedtime?

Post by Jeanne Sager. Chapter books. Two words that are harder on parents that one would expect. Sure, we're proud when our kids "graduate" from picture books, but all too soon we know they won't need us to come into their bedrooms at...Show More Summary

The Perfect Time to Get an Epidural Revealed

Post by Jeanne Sager. Picture it. You've waddled your pregnant self into the maternity ward, huffing and puffing and ready to blow the house down. The nurse takes a gander down below, and yup, you're dilating and definitely in labor....Show More Summary

Making the Choice to Skip a Grade: How It Turned Out for One Kid

Post by Jeanne Sager. The year I turned 16 was a big one. I got my driver's license. I got in my first car accident. I dated my first boyfriend. I broke up with my first boyfriend. I started dating the man who would become my husband. Show More Summary

Halloween Costumes for Little Girls? Scare This Mom to Death?

Post by Jeanne Sager. I'm not sure why I thought this year's Halloween costume search would be different. Maybe because my daughter has asked to dress up as a panda for the holiday? The costume makers couldn't possibly use the cutest and cuddliest of bears to divide boys and girls down gender lines, can they? Oh, but they can. Show More Summary

My Daughter Can Call Her Vagina Whatever She Darn Well Pleases

Post by Jeanne Sager. When I found out I'd given birth to a little girl, my first thought was that my husband would be thrilled to get "his girl." My second was one of relief: someone whose "parts" I get! I can do this! Indeed, it made those first few diaper changes easier. Show More Summary

Kate Middleton's Awful Pregnancy Condition? Is One I Know All Too Well

Post by Jeanne Sager. I suppose it's what most little girls dream about: one day finding themselves in the same boat as a princess. Only, for Kate Middleton's sake, I wish her current condition wasn't one she shared with a mere commoner. Show More Summary

Extreme Morning Sickness in Pregnancy: Why It Happens and How It's Treated

Post by Jeanne Sager. It's a classic movie scene. The woman finds herself running to the bathroom to throw up, and suddenly it dawns on her, "I'm pregnant." Indeed, morning sickness is one of the classic signs of pregnancy, and some 85 percent of pregnant women will get nauseous and throw up in the first trimester. Show More Summary

6 Cool Sensory Craft Ideas From Mom Bloggers

Post by Jeanne Sager. Sensory play. It's a term that's becoming better known as more and more kids are diagnosed with various special needs in America, special needs that make them more prone to crave sensory input. They want to touch...Show More Summary

10 Reasons It's Tough Being the Mom of 1 Kid

Post by Jeanne Sager. When my daughter was born, my circle of friends changed. There were the old friends but new ones too: moms I met on the playground or at story hour, moms who I ran into at pre-school drop-off. Having kids tends to bring you together. Show More Summary

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