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'Extreme Guide to Parenting' Reality Show Is a How-Not-To for Moms

Post by Jeanne Sager. If there's one thing the makers of Bravo's Extreme Guide to Parenting, got right, it's that American parents can -- and should turn to the new reality show as a guide. A guide of what not to do to their kids, that...Show More Summary

Olivia Wilde Breastfeeds in 'Glamour' Because Moms Are Sexy Too (PHOTOS)

Post by Jeanne Sager. Breastfeeding mamas have made the big time! Actress Olivia Wilde allowed photographers to take photos of her breastfeeding son Otis, standing (OK, technically sitting) arm-in-arm with other moms who "dare" to breastfeed in public. Show More Summary

Schools Need to Let Us Recycle School Supplies

Post by Jeanne Sager. Every year it happens. The school supply list comes in. I take one look, and I groan. Is it any wonder parents end up spending some $72.5 billion (yes, BILLION) on back to school shopping every year? Recycling your school supplies is darn near impossible. It's not that we don't have anything worth recycling. Show More Summary

Moms Breastfeed in Very Public Places to Make Nursing 'Normal' (PHOTOS)

Post by Jeanne Sager. Leilani Rogers has breastfeed four children. The Texas mom nursed her youngest child for 18 months. And for 18 months, she managed to schedule every outing, every doctor's appointment so she never had to nurse in public. Show More Summary

25 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Saints

Post by Jeanne Sager. Know you have a baby girl on the way? Congratulations! Now it's time to pick a baby name, and you'd be smart to pick one with a good history. You can't do better than a saint name -- particularly one of the patron...Show More Summary

30 Arguments Parents Should Have BEFORE Baby Arrives

Post by Jeanne Sager. Nothing says "I love you" quite like coming together to make a child, right? Yeah... about that. Welcoming a baby into this world is a magical, mystical experience. That is up until the moment when you and yourShow More Summary

25 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Saints??

Post by Jeanne Sager. When picking a baby name, there are plenty of things for parents to consider. Does it flow with the last name? Is it too weird? And, of course, who else had the name? Were they a good person? One way to solve the...Show More Summary

Teen Wakes Up to Find Cellphone on Fire in Her Bed

Post by Jeanne Sager. Teens and their cellphones are rarely parted these days. Some kids even sleep with their cellphones, but if your child is one them, take heed! A Texas teen woke up to the smell of something burning in her bed this...Show More Summary

'Baby Hungry' Eva Mendes Accused of Trapping Ryan Gosling

Post by Jeanne Sager. Today, in further proof that the world just doesn't get how babies made (or maybe it just doesn't care), the gossip rags are atwitter with allegations that Eva Mendes "blindsided" boyfriend Ryan Gosling with her totally "unplanned" pregnancy. Show More Summary

Megan Fox Talks Choosing Motherhood Over Hollywood

Post by Jeanne Sager. Excited to go watch Megan Fox on the big screen in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this summer? Savor the moment. You won't get that many. Fox grew up with a crush on Michelangelo and took a dream role as April O'Neil in one of the season's most highly anticipated movies. Show More Summary

Zoe Saldana Is Pregnant and The Timing Is Perfect (PHOTO)

Post by Jeanne Sager. Mark 2014 on the calendar as the best year ever for actress Zoe Saldana. She's the star of expected summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, and oh yeah, looks like Saldana is pregnant! Saldana raised suspicions this week when a photo appeared on Instagram of the actress posing with her Guardians co-stars... Show More Summary

Meet the Mom Who's Taking on Anti-Vaxers?

Post by Jeanne Sager. When you hear vaccine advocacy, what's the first thing that comes to mind? A doctor in a white coat? A scientist with a microscope? How about a couple of moms, fighting for kids across America? Karen Ernst is one...Show More Summary

What Your Kids' Summer Plans Say About Your Parenting Style

Post by Jeanne Sager. Tiger moms. Helicopter moms. Free-range moms. Ever wonder where you fall on the range of parenting types? It turns out how your children are spending their summer vacations could be the key to figuring it all out. Whether...Show More Summary

Girl Scouts Partner With Barbie Because They Have Zero Imagination

Post by Jeanne Sager. To have a daughter in America is to face the Girl Scouts sign up sheet at least once. They're practically an American institution and one that's helped shape some 59 million American women to boot. But if you've...Show More Summary

11 Surprising Facts About Babies Born During the Summer

Post by Jeanne Sager. If you've got a summer baby, welcome to the club! There are more babies born in the summer in America than any other season. It's certainly not a bad time to give birth -- less fears of germs getting your baby sick and plenty of sunshiney days for backyard birthday parties when they're older. Show More Summary

Kim Zolciak Makes Kroy Biermann Drink Placenta Smoothie

Post by Jeanne Sager. There are certain things you can expect of your husband after you give birth. And then there's the request... wait, scratch that... demand Kim Zolciak had of husband Kroy Biermann right after giving birth to their twins. Show More Summary

Why I'll Never Let My Babysitter Drive My Kid

Post by Jeanne Sager. Every mom has that moment when they realize something they thought was just part of parenting makes them different. For me, it's the car. I have a problem letting my daughter get into a moving vehicle with just about anyone, save for my husband and me. Show More Summary

10 Easy DIY Dorm Ideas for the Coolest Room on Campus

Post by Jeanne Sager. The summer is flying by and college is right around the corner. Didn't expect it to sneak up on you quite so fast, did you, Mom? Well, you can sit around sobbing and eating pints of ice cream or you can get busy... Show More Summary

Dad's Response to 'Rude' Song Is As Disturbing As the Original (VIDEO)

Post by Jeanne Sager. Before this week, the song "Rude" by Canadian band Magic was just a catchy tune playing on the radio in my car as I shuffled my daughter from one summer vacation moment to the next. Then a father named Benji Cowart...Show More Summary

Mystery Surrounding Christina Aguilera's Baby Bump? Is Kinda Creepy (PHOTOS)?

Post by Jeanne Sager. Hear that sound? That buzz is the Internet going on and on about the raunchy cake Christina Aguilera supposedly ate at her baby shower. But while all eyes were focused on that cake, we noticed something a tad disturbing. What...Show More Summary

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