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Edward Sebesta Strikes Again

Earlier today Edward Sebesta posted some commentary on a recent controversy over the management of Jefferson Davis’s postwar home at Beauvoir. I also commented on this story back in March and was highly critical of the Mississippi SCV. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for Sebesta, who takes issue with my belief that the home deserves to […]

Can the Lost Cause and Civil Rights Narratives Co-Exist in the South?

While interpreting the Jefferson Davis and Confederate Soldiers’ Monuments on the Alabama State House grounds a little over a week ago I couldn’t help but wonder whether this Lost Cause narrative and a growing commitment to remember the civil rights movement can co-exist. It’s hard to miss the latter in a place like Montgomery and […]

Jefferson Davis Parish bans saggy pants

I guess they’ve solved all the really important issues in Jefferson Davis Parish: The Jefferson Davis Parish Police Jury has unanimously passed an ordinance making it illegal for any person to appear in a public place wearing pants below...Show More Summary

“The Knighliest of the Knightly Race”

In addition to the Jefferson Davis monument I am also going to talk briefly about the Alabama Confederate Memorial Monument (1898), which commemorates the 122,000 men from the state who fought for the Confederacy. I am going to ask my students to reflect on the ways in which these monuments reinforced the politics of Jim […]

Jefferson Davis Welcomes Students Studying Civil Rights Movement

On Sunday I head out with roughly 35 students and 3 colleagues for a 5-day tour of the Civil Rights South. We’ve been meeting with students to give them a broad outline of the history and questions that will be covered as we travel from Atlanta to Memphis. One of my main responsibilities will be […]

Confederate Flag Flap at Beauvoir

All is not well at Jefferson Davis’s postwar home of Beauvoir. [The website is downright ugly.] The news article linked to here is poorly written so it is difficult to piece together the nature of the dispute, but there seems to be a rift between Bertram Hayes-Davis (the former president’s great-great-grandson) and the Mississippi Division, […]

Race and murder in America from the time of Jefferson Davis to Jordan Davis

It's long past time to value every life equally. I can't tell you what it's like to be black in America today. I can't tell you what it feels like to watch young black people be killed because of what Ta-Nehisi Coates described as "the...Show More Summary

Open thread: Race, murder and Hillary Clinton

What's coming up on Sunday Kos... Race and murder in America from the time of Jefferson Davis to Jordan Davis, by Ian Reifowitz Black History is American history: books you should read, by Denise Oliver Velez Hillary Clinton and A Left...Show More Summary

Chris Matthews Cries That the GOP Is Becoming 'the Party of Jefferson Davis'

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews ranted on Thursday that the GOP, the “party of Lincoln,” is becoming “the party of Jefferson Davis.” How is the GOP becoming like the old Confederacy? For Matthews, the party is passing voting laws, and thus “grabbing every chance it can to keep minorities from the voting booth.” He lamented that Lincoln would be a RINO in today’s GOP. read more

“To Be a Southerner & Believe in the Union Does Not Make One a Traitor.”

Here is an interesting little scene from the television series North and South in which Robert E. Lee convenes with Jefferson Davis about a host of military problems early in the war. In discussing the North’s strategy to strangle the Confederacy’s trade with the rest of the world Davis calls General Winfield Scott a traitor. […]

Enes Kanter's friendly letter for Al Jefferson

What are friends for if not to make fun of your $23,000 bed? The Utah Jazz are in Charlotte to face the Bobcats and former Jazz big man Al Jefferson found a nice letter left behind by his former frontcourt mate Enes Kanter. Via David...Show More Summary

Morning Reads: 9 December 2013

Good morning everyone, here’s what happened over the weekend. Georgia Park marking where Jefferson Davis was caught, may close. Don’t know who your State or local officials are? Go here. Savannah‘s poorest schools get extra federal aid. Synthetic marijuana’s popularity is falling and the smoke shops are slipping in Augusta. Is Georgia voting system why [...]

Waid's Gets Back Into the Electronic-Music Game Tonight With Airport, Chris Davis, Circuit Vine, Others

Haitian restaurant Waid's (12th Ave. & E. Jefferson St.) makes a serious return to electronic music tonight with a bill featuring cosmic-disco mensch Airport (Midday Veil bassist Jayson Kochan), acid-techno producer/analog-synth guru Chris Davis (Brain Fruit), Seattle trio Circuit Vine, Toledo, Ohio's Heavy Color, and Diogenes (Dax Ed Word Anderson). Show More Summary

Kentucky Provides Power Players to Washington Politics

(FRANKFORT, Ky.) — For a state that has statues of native sons Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis in its Capitol, Kentucky has been perceived as a political backwater for decades, nearly invisible on the national stage. That’s changed during the tenures of Republicans Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, one the U.S. Show More Summary

Don't be surprised to hear positive mentions of Jefferson Davis from Thad Cochran's primary foe

In Mississippi, the tea party-driven Republican civil war has direct ties to the real Civil War in the primary contest for the seat of six-term Sen. Thad Cochran. His challenger is a neo-Confederate. Thirty-five years ago, after three terms in Congress, Cochran became the first Republican U.S. Show More Summary

Monday Linkage

For your pleasure: Axe on axing the A-10. People who live near Jefferson Davis Highway should take care when complaining about Yasukuni Shrine. There’s this book.  You should totally consider buying it. When does Realism (IR variant) matter in pop culture? Does AirSea Battle provoke a security dilemma? PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ME! Alice Munro [...]

The Tea Party ‘Must Be Making Jefferson Davis Proud Today,’ Spews Washington Post’s King

The Washington Post’s Colby King took another stab Saturday at impugning and discrediting the Tea Party as a bunch of racists who are little more than an extension of the Confederacy. In a column titled “The rise of the New Confederacy,”...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz and the best public readings of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’

Jimmy Stewart’s Jefferson Smith had the Constitution. Louisiana Sen. Huey Long favored oyster recipes. And Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis? Emotional stories from women who support the right to abortion. All of these people — fictional in the case of Mr. Smith — relied on reading material to get them through filibusters. During his on-going talk, […]

I Prefer “War of Southern Treason to Defend Slavery”

The fact that Jefferson Davis played a role in giving the Civil War its name and that the name is a product of the losers writing the history of a war they started to defend the enslavement of black people makes me want to banish the term.

Varina Davis on Senator Thomas Hart Benton

For reasons unknown, I was leafing (virtually) the other day through Varina Davis's memoir of her late husband, Jefferson Davis, entitled (as you might expect) Jefferson Davis: Ex-President of the Confederate States of America (1890). Show More Summary

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