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Is Donald Trump the Jimmy Carter of 2016?

With Jimmy Carter's brave and touching announcement that he has cancer lesions on his brain, it's a good opportunity to reflect on his unexpected rise from small-town peanut farmer to president of the United States.

Jimmy Carter’s Last Battle—Eradicating an African Disease

Former President Jimmy Carter told the world Thursday that he is fighting a spreading cancer. But, really, as he said, the fighting part was going to be left to his doctors. The former Georgia governor and current Sunday school teacher said his role was to be a good, obedient patient.

Sunday Roundup

This week we saw how dissimilar appeals to our better and lesser angels look. For the former, there was Jimmy Carter's grace-filled press conference on Thursday revealing that cancer has spread to his brain. He reflected proudly on the...Show More Summary

Cruz Makes Another Ill-Timed Remark

A day after former President Jimmy Carter said his cancer had spread, Sen. Ted Cruz lit into him, MSNBC reports. Said Cruz: “I think where we are today is very, very much like the late 1970’s. I think the parallels [...]

The Carter Presidency Revisited

From the moment he left office in 1981, Republicans from President Reagan to Mitt Romney have embraced Jimmy Carter as the poster child for Democratic failure. Since Democrats raced to distance themselves from Carter with almost as much vigor as Republican embraced him, the Carter failure meme has gone unchallenged for 35 years. Show More Summary

Jimmy Carter focuses on faith as cancer treatment begins

last weekNews : The Newsroom

ATLANTA (AP) — Jimmy Carter always goes home to Plains, Georgia. The tiny town he calls a "haven" was there when he got out of the Navy, when he left the governor's office and when he lost the 1980 presidential election.

Jimmy Carter Reflected On Personal, Presidential Accomplishments In Moving Press Conference

Former President Jimmy Carter, who announced Thursday that melanoma initially discovered in his liver had spread to his brain, also reflected on his long, full life during that day's press conference. A live so full, in fact, that he...Show More Summary

Jimmy Carter -- we need more presidents (and ex-presidents) like him

In too many political circles, Jimmy Carter serves as a presidential punch line - as in, "If [insert name of first-term president here] isn't careful, he'll be another Jimmy Carter." That this sentiment persists is somewhat puzzling because in hindsight many of his most visible actions as president...

Daylight Video

On August 20, former President Jimmy Carter discussed his brave battle against cancer. Please keep this gallant man in your thoughts and prayers....

Hirsh: Carter, Obama Get Bad Rap on Israel

Michael Hirsh, Politico: Barack Obama is bad for Israel, especially after the Iran nuclear deal. That is a given for many American Jews. The only American president they despise more, arguably, is Jimmy Carter, who at age 90 announced last week that he has metastasized cancer. Show More Summary

Jimmy Carter, facing cancer with grace

“Everything has been pleasant for me. So I’m thankful. And hopeful.” With those words, and a big, toothy smile, former President Jimmy Carter, 90, ended his press conference Thursday. He looked so completely, boyishly happy that you could almost forget he’d also announced he has cancer in his brain. “I was surprisingly at ease,” Carter told […]

Ted Cruz viciously attacks Jimmy Carter a day after his cancer announcement

last weekNews : The Raw Story

Besides arguing with actress Ellen Page on Friday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz attacked former President Jimmy Carter and his administration by name a day after Carter announced that he is dealing with brain cancer. Footage posted by MSNBC shows the Republican presidential candidate telling Iowa State Fair...

Jimmy Carter campaign signs are popping up again in Georgia, but they have nothing to do with politics

last weekHealth : The Checkup

Former president Jimmy Carter had hardly finished telling the world the details of his cancer diagnosis Thursday when the campaign signs started popping up in his hometown of Plains, Ga.A smattering of supporters began sticking hundreds...Show More Summary

Krugman's Strange Conclusion

(August 21, 2015 07:36 PM, by David Henderson) His graph is inconsistent with his words. Paul Krugman makes a good point about the timing of recessions. Jimmy Carter had the misfortune of having a recession during the last year of his 4-year term. Ronald Reagan had a deeper... (0 COMMENTS)

Following cancer announcement, Carter draws fire from Cruz

Basic human dignity requires some sense of limits on mocking political rivals. Maybe Ted Cruz could have delayed his cheat shots at Jimmy Carter?

Ted Cruz Criticizes Jimmy Carter One Day After Cancer Announcement

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz slammed Jimmy Carter's presidency just one day after Carter announced his cancer has spread to his brain. Speaking at the Iowa State Fair, Cruz recited a regular part of his stump speech inShow More Summary

Less than a day after Carter reveals brain cancer, Ted Cruz already attacking him

"Ted Cruz Criticizes Carter Day After Wrenching Talk on Cancer," says the Bloomberg headline, and so we are obliged to take another rubbernecking glance at the most repellent man in politics. A day after Jimmy Carter appeared on national...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Chooses Perfect Day To Be A Dick To Jimmy Carter

English lacks sufficient invective for this smug excuse for a human being. Sen. Ted Cruz, displaying the warmth and basic decency that have made him a legend among near-human beings, chose the day after former President Jimmy CarterShow More Summary

Cruz critiques Carter administration during Iowa stop

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz criticized former President Jimmy Carter's administration during a stump speech in Iowa, one day after Carter announced he was suffering from brain cancer. [...]Show More Summary

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