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Rove: Obama's Remarks on Ferguson Shooting Troubling

President Obama’s response to the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Mo., was troubling, says former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove. “I am worried about the president’s language,” said Rove on Fox News Sunday. “When the president...Show More Summary

‘It’s way out of line’: Juan Williams shouts down Karl Rove for ‘secret email’ hypocrisy

7 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Fox News contributor Juan Williams lashed out at Karl Rove over the weekend for attacking Hillary Clinton for using a private email server when he had also used a used a secret email account to orchestrate the firing U.S. Attorneys for political reasons when George W. Bush was president. In 2007,...

Hillary Clinton isn't the only US politician who used a private account to avoid official email

7 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Karl Rove, Colin Powell, Jeb Bush, Sarah Palin, and Chris Christie have all done pretty much the same thing. (more…)

Andrew Weaver and the “Rhetoric of Deception”

Last year, Karl Rove was reported to have suggested that Hillary Clinton had brain damage: Karl Rove stunned a conference when he suggested Hillary Clinton may have brain damage. Onstage with Robert Gibbs and CBS correspondent and “Spies Against Armageddon” co-author Dan Raviv, Rove said Republicans should keep the Benghazi issue alive. He said if […]

Rove’s New Game: Split Warren & Clinton

7 months agoNews : The Daily Beast

A disingenuous Karl Rove-produced ad looks to hit Hillary with the (doctored) words of Elizabeth Warren. But why isn’t the latter speaking up?

Submit YOUR Questions for The X-Files' Dean Haglund and His Filmmaking Partner Phil Leirness

7 months agoHumor : Topless Robot

Dean Haglund is best known as Langly in The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen. Phil Leirness is a film director best known for the mock-doc Karl Rove, I Love You. Together, they host the Chillpak Holl...

Karl Rove’s bizarre new obsession: Why he’s using Elizabeth Warren to troll Democrats

The face of the GOP establishment loves Elizabeth Warren! Or maybe he has an underhanded motivation

Karl Rove Now Using Elizabeth Warren To Troll Hillary Clinton

7 months agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- The Karl Rove-founded group American Crossroads is using progressive icon Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as a weapon against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a new ad. The ad is entirely narrated by the voice of Warren, relying on her refrain about the deck being stacked against regular people on behalf of the powerful. Show More Summary

Karl Rove Bashes Scott Walker For Bobbing And Weaving

Bobbing and weaving aren’t just hair styling options. Rove: Governor Walker gave a spectacular speech in Iowa a couple of weeks ago, went to London – useful to do, meets with the British Prime Minister, meets with the chancellor….the problem is if you’re going to go to London and you don’t want to make a substantive [...]

Karl Rove Bashes Scott Walker's Refusal To Discuss Foreign Policy At London Think Tank

On Wednesday, February 11th, Scott Walker addressed one of the UK's most outstanding think tank's at Chatham House, in London and in more ways than one, came across like a dud. Most of the media attention focused on his refusal to answer...Show More Summary

Karl Rove Attacks Obama's 'Appalling Lack Of Leadership' For Withdrawing Troops From Iraq

If there's one thing you can count on from Republicans, it's that they're going to continue to attack President Obama for honoring Bush's status of forces agreement in Iraq and insisting that he could have somehow forced the Iraqis to allow the United States to occupy their country forever. Show More Summary

Obama’s anti-Netanyahu Campaign Falls Flat on its Face

Instead of pushing Netanyahu’s ratings down in the polls, Obama’s surrogate campaign has boosted the incumbent Israeli leader. Also, another point is, could you imagine if George W. Bush sent Karl Rove to Great Britain to campaign against Tony Blair? This is what Obama is doing right now.

Karl Rove Compares Clinton's 'Benghazi' To Obama's 'Birthers'

The news that Hillary Clinton is willing to testify before another Benghazi kangaroo Republican tribunal made some waves the other day, but it also sent a few mixed signals. Karl Rove joined swiftboating and sounded a warning bell to conservatives obsessed with Benghazi, in hopes of dashing her presidential hopes by swiftboating her with it. Show More Summary

Karl Rove Compares Attacking Hillary Clinton Over Benghazi To Birtherism

Fox News contributor Karl Rove is warning Republicans that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might be "happy" to get criticized over Benghazi, comparing it to how President Obama supposedly "loved" birther attacks. Rove's declaration comes after years of trying to use the 2012 attacks to bludgeon a potential Clinton presidential bid. Rep. Show More Summary

Rove To Trump: ‘You Choke On Running’

After Donald Trump accused Mitt Romney of choking when running, Karl Rove hit back: “You choke on running.” I love Mitt Romney being lectured by Donald Trump on choking,” Rove said. “Trump is the guy who constantly chokes on the idea of becoming a candidate. He says he’s gonna run and then, like in 2012, [...]

Rove Tells Trump Not to Lecture Romney on ‘Choking’: You Choke on Running!

8 months agoNews : Mediaite

GOP strategist Karl Rove told Fox News Monday morning that Donald Trump should be careful whom he lectures on "choking."

Obama Is Back In Campaign Mode

For those who missed it, the full SOTU speech: Cassidy gives Obama high marks: The President wasn’t merely upbeat. He was self-assured, glib, and, at times, bordering on bumptious. “Well, we’ve been warned,” Karl Rove complained on Twitter. “POTUS will spend rest of year campaigning.” … As the President is well aware, his ambition of […]

Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton Are The Same Age -- Will Campaign Coverage Reflect That Fact?

"In American politics, there's a sense you want to be new. You don't want to be too familiar. You want to be something fresh. You don't want to be something old and stale." Karl Rove discussing Hillary Clinton on Fox News, May 26, 2014. Mitt...Show More Summary

WAR ON WORK: War On Work: 17 arrested for I-93 protests as traffic crawls. I’m pretty sure all th…

WAR ON WORK: War On Work: 17 arrested for I-93 protests as traffic crawls. I’m pretty sure all these protests targeting commuters are a false-flag operation set up by Karl Rove. Not even the commies are this stupid. Well, yeah, actually they probably are. Plus, this hurtful take: Fat white people have decided you don’t […]

Karl Rove Runs Interference For Chris Christie Amid NFL Playoff Scandal

Fox News contributor and Republican strategist Karl Rove attempted to deflect attention from the latest ethical controversy facing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by reviving a false smear of Hillary Clinton that was debunked years...Show More Summary

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