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Todd 'Legitimate Rape' Akin no longer sorry he's a jackass

7 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Way back in the day—actually, two years ago—Republican Todd Akin made his infamous comment about rape and pregnancy: "... the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." At the time, Akin offered a mumbled apology and then went on to lose his senate race against Claire McCaskill. Show More Summary

Todd Akin issues apology -- for having apologized about 'legitimate rape' comment

Former Rep. Todd Akin (R) famously destroyed his candidacy in the 2012 Missouri Senate race when he dismissed the issue of abortion in cases of pregnancies resulting from rape, saying: "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body hasShow More Summary

Todd Akin Takes Back Apology For ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comments Two Years Later

He's back. The post Todd Akin Takes Back Apology For ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comments Two Years Later appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Todd Akin Is Back and Bringing "Legitimate Rape" With Him

Todd Akin, displaying the phoenix-like powers of similar reactionaries Sarah Palin and Paula Deen, is back in the press again. He's got a new book out, Firing Back: Taking on the Party Bosses and Media Elite to Protect Our Faith andShow More Summary

Todd Akin is back, and still stands by his 'legitimate rape' comment from 2012 campaign

Former Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) is back on the scene — as much his fellow Republicans might wish he would just go away. And he's explaining what he really meant by that infamous "legitimate rape" comment: That he was simply questioning whether a woman is really telling the truth when she says she was raped, or just trying to get an abortion instead. Show More Summary

Todd Akin Has More Thoughts About Women and "Legitimate Rape"

7 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Gawker

Former Republican Congressman Todd Akin, who learned in 2012 that mansplaining "legitimate rape" is one way of shutting a Senate campaign down, is hawking a memoir that defends his gestational theories. By blaming Hillary Clinton for rape culture. Read more...

The Clintons: Lucky In Their Enemies Again

If you were a Clintonista, carefully plotting your path back to power, could you hope to pick a more perfect foil than Todd “legitimate rape” Akin? And, yes, he’s baack! And with a doozy: My comment about a woman’s body shutting the pregnancy down was directed to the impact of stress on fertilization. This is […]

Todd Akin: Hillary Clinton Has History of ‘Trashing Women with Legitimate Claims’ of Rape

7 months agoNews : Mediaite

Former congressman Todd Akin -- yes, that Todd Akin -- told the Daily Mail that presumed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was "hypocritical" for her "War on Women" rhetoric, given her defense of a rapist in 1975.

Fun Fact: House Science Committee Has Held More Hearings On Aliens Than Climate Change

In recent years, the House Science Committee hasn’t exactly been seen as the most serious committee in D.C. After all, its members have included the likes of Todd “legitimate rape” Akin, Paul “Pit of Hell” Broun, and Dana “dinosaur flatulence” Rohrabacher. But still, membership aside, the committee is tasked with some pretty serious concerns, right? Not […]

Why Raising the Minimum Wage is the Most Important Women's Issue of 2014

With the mid-term elections still months away, I am bracing myself for another round of attacks on women, whether they are deliberate attempts to restrict access to contraception, or gaffes about "legitimate rape." Across the country,...Show More Summary

The War on Women Has Lost Its Purpose

The so-called “war on women” used to have fairly clear rules of engagement. A Republican candidate for office, say Todd Akin of Missouri, would say something outrageously offensive (victims of “legitimate rape” don’t get pregnant). Generally it was something about sex or pregnancy or abortion or some other staple of the culture wars. Show More Summary

Bruce Braley is not Iowa ‘nice’

In recent years, you could always count on the Republicans to put up people who would say things that were memorably nutty (“I’m not a witch“) or awful, making “47 percent” and “legitimate rape” into political death sentences. This time around, however, the primary process seems to be weeding out the gaffe-prone, not-ready-for-primetime conservatives while solid incumbents […]

Legitimizing Rape — Crimea Media Edition

Freedom of speech only works if those who pretend to be our "press" actually attempt to speak the truth. Otherwise, we're looking at exactly what we're looking at: a worldwide press emulating old Soviet Pravda.

The Hot New Campaign Finance Trend Is Glaring Sexism

11 months agoLifestyle / Fashion : The Cut

It’s no secret that sexist remarks — like Erick Erickson calling Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie” — galvanize a female politician's supporter base, but now there are numbers to back it up. Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments helped EMILY’s List raise a record-breaking $37 million, according to the New York Times,... More »

'Legitimate rape' and 'Abortion Barbie' bring in the bucks for Democrats

11 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Todd "legitimate rape" Akin Republican candidates have done themselves a lot of damage in recent years with their persistent inability to avoid making incredibly sexist comments and offensive rape references. And rather than gettingShow More Summary

Child Labor, Impeachment, Legitimate Rape: Bizarre Positions In The Georgia Senate Race

The Georgia Senate race is proving how difficult it is for Republicans to ditch the party's extremist image. The post Child Labor, Impeachment, Legitimate Rape: Bizarre Positions In The Georgia Senate Race appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Legitimizing Rape (Guest Voice)

strong>Legitimizing Rape By Tina Dupuy The charge of rape is a successful way to smear your enemy. When political agitator Andrew Breitbart was met with Occupy protestors one year at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he started screeching, “Behave yourselves and stop raping people!” Russian President Vladimir Putin used this slander brilliantly when asked if [...]

Republican campaigners adding tax issue to their anti-abortion framing for the 2014 midterms

After the electoral wreckage generated in 2012 by Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" and Richard Mourdock's "God-willed" pregnancy-via-rape comments, Republican leaders got the message that they need to change their message if they have any hope of narrowing the gender gap at the polls. Voilà! For the midterm races, they're focusing on the money. Show More Summary

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