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Tunisia Seals Border With Libya for 15 Days After Deadly Bus Attack

The Tunisian National Security Council decided on Wednesday to close the border with Libya for 15 days after the deadly bus blast, local media reported.

Libya Must Form Unity Government to Stop ISIL Threat? - France

A new government must be formed in Libya to stop Islamic State from taking more control of its territory, according to French Defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

US, UAE to Take Steps on Libya in Coming Weeks - Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will take steps towards situation in Libya in coming weeks.

At Least Four Terrorists Arrive in Belgium as Refugees

The terrorists arrived to Belgium through Turkey and Libya, along with thousands of undocumented people, according to media reports.

France Warns Libya That Infighting 'Suicidal' as ISIL Gains Ground

Jean-Yves Le Drian warned Libyans that continued standoff between rival governments and tribes was suicidal, as Islamic State (ISIL) militants strengthened their presence.

The Middle East in the Wake of Paris: The Era of Regime Change is Over

Given the recent attacks in Paris and the ongoing chaos in Libya and Iraq, Western leaders who continue to pursue their post-9/11 war on terror should realize that they have failed to “remake the world in their own image” and any attempt to topple a regime in the Middle East will wind up giving power to “hard-line Islamists”, according to US media.

Pentagon Vows to Go After ISIL Leaders Wherever They Operate

Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said following a US airstrike in Libya allegedly killed a senior ISIL official that the United States forces will go after ISIL leaders wherever they operate.

Renewed Violence: Civil War in Libya May Flare Up Again

Heavy fighting took place between government supporters and ISIL in Libya on Tuesday. Four years after the overthrow of Gaddafi, the Libyans are on the verge of civil war because of a political vacuum in the country.

UK to Send 3 Staff to Cairo for Regional Security Talks - Defense Ministry

The UK Defense Ministry is planning to dedicate three staff members for regular discussions with Egyptian counterparts on regional security issues, including Libya, a ministry spokesperson told Sputnik Tuesday.

Veteran UK Lawmaker Brands Syria 'West's Fourth Major Failure'

The former leader of the UK Liberal Democrat Party - and ex-Royal Marine - Lord Ashdown has described the Syria crisis as "the fourth major failure of international western intervention" after Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Sicily Police Arrest Recidivist Terrorist Arriving in Italy on Migrant Boat

The Sicilian police arrested a Tunisian national, who appeared to have been convicted over terrorism charges, as he arrived in Italy on a migrant boat from Libya, media reported Sunday.

Two Employees of Serbian Embassy in Libya Abducted - Belgrade

Two Serbian embassy staff were abducted in Libya on Sunday morning.

German Government Was Warned in Spring about a Million Migrants in Libya

The German government received warning as early as spring from Frontex, the EU's border agency, that record numbers of migrants and refugees were planning to cross the Mediterranean from Libya, as well as information about the travel plans of thousands of Kosovans.

NATO Invades Spain

Fresh from its thunderous humiliation by the Taliban; its “liberation” of Libya for the benefit of militia hell; and while Russia was bombing the hell out of a Salafi-jihadi/”moderate rebel” constellation in Syria, NATO – in search for a “360-degree” response to Russia - resorted to invading… Spain.

Crisis in Libya Worsens Despite Referral to ICC

Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Evgeniy Zagaynov said that the crisis in Libya remains severe despite referral to the International Criminal Court.

Egypt Calls on Britain and NATO to Finish Off Botched Job in Libya

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has said Britain and other NATO members who took military action to depose Muammar Gaddafi must do more to help prevent the spread of Islamist extremism in Libya.

Egyptian President Urges NATO to Take Part in Libya Reconciliation

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi has called NATO member countries to take part in Libyan reconciliation.

Unwelcome Guests: US Military Has No Legal Mandate to Act in Syria

If the world seeks to prevent the expansion of the Islamic State, it should stop Washington's warhawks before they create 'another Libya' in the Levant, geopolitical researcher Toni Cartalucci stresses, commenting on Obama's decision to send US Special Ops troops to Syria.

US Military Uninvolved in Thursday Airstrikes in Libya

The US forces did not carry out airstrikes in Libya near city of Sirte, according to US Defense Department spokesperson Michelle Baldanza.

Libya to Announce National Unity Government Soon

The formation of a national unity government will be "announced any moment now," according to Arish Saeed, the chairman of the government’s International Information Authority.

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