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American People Should Hold War Lobby Accountable For Libya Debacle

Will America ever again be at peace? A new war always seems to start before the last one ends. The U.S. is bombing targets in Syria and sending troops back into Iraq. Yet Washington's involvement in Afghanistan persists as the administration slows the withdrawal of American forces. Worse, pressure is building for the U.S. Show More Summary

New Pressures on the UN Security Council to Lift Its Arms Embargo on Libya

Pressures mounted on the United Nations Security Council yesterday to lift its international embargo on arms to the Libyan government. In an interview with journalist Valerio Robecco, Libyan UN ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi said, "A time limit should be set for militias to leave the capital and a government of national united needs to be formed. Show More Summary

ISIS Jihadi Madness a Legacy of America's "Shock and Awe"

As I watch the black clad ISIS Jihadis rampage across Iraq and Syria and Libya, wantonly decapitating their enemies, setting their captives alight and committing atrocities against Yazidi women and girls - among other Arab and Iraqi women - two things come to mind. Show More Summary

The Italian Dilemma

Vibo Marina, Italy. February 16 2015 There is a lot of news out of Libya today and none of it is good. The rescue of two thousand boat migrants from the hands of gun-wielding smugglers led the early bulletins but was later overshadowed by reports that Egyptian jets had struck Islamist militias. Show More Summary

Libya is the New Syria: How ISIL Exploited the Post-Gaddafi Vacuum

The Obama administration, and its French and British lackeys, heralded the toppling of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 as a humanitarian triumph. However, predictably, the decapitation of the Libyan state directly enabled the...Show More Summary

Yemen = (Somalia + Libya) / Syria x Saudi Arabia + Iran

What do the Paris terror attacks and the failing, chaotic nation of Yemen have in common? Far too much it turns out. Until the horrific events in Paris, the dangerous jihadi underground express running to and from Europe and the U.S....Show More Summary

Cemetery in the Sea Betrays Europe's Moral Crisis

Last Tuesday, a baby boy was born on an Italian Navy ship in the Mediterranean. The mother, a young Eritrean woman, was among 430 refugees picked up in the Straight of Sicily, as she made the dangerous trip to Europe from Libya. TheShow More Summary

The Unraveling of the Arab Spring Narrative

Four years ago, Tunisia and the Egypt erupted in broad popular revolts. At first, analysts, Arab and Westerners alike, were confounded. When Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria followed, in short order, the upheavals came to be described...Show More Summary

How to Lose to the Islamic State: Obama Administration Considers Deploying Troops to Iraq, Focusing on Assad in Syria

In 2009 President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize before doing much of anything. Since then he has initiated two wars, first in Libya and now in Iraq and Syria, and escalated another, in Afghanistan. Alas, he has demonstrated...Show More Summary

Libya -- What Happened?

It's appropriate that I will mark my 30th birthday in Cairo. The last time I was in Egypt I was a Twitter-obsessed self-proclaimed revolutionary with intellectual crushes on all the other self-proclaimed revolutionaries tweeting the horrors and hilarities of toppling regimes. Show More Summary

Can the Helpless Bet on Journalists?

A decade and few years working as a journalist taught me few good things. Few but enough to help me pave my way to the truth whenever it's a bit clear for someone like me to see. I went to Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Gaza, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, London, Davos, etc... Show More Summary

Weekend Roundup: Why the Arab Spring is Still Flowering in Tunisia

The savagery of ISIS, the slaughterhouse of Syria's civil war, the marauding militias in Libya and the restored autocracy in Egypt have devoured the hopes of the Facebook generation that spawned the Arab Spring. In Tunisia alone theShow More Summary

ISIS, Libya, NATO, and Preventing the Next 9/11

Those who call for immediate military action rarely have a long-term strategy. That is why America's march of folly from Iraq to Libya has been a recruiting tool for jihadist forces, including ISIS. As a member of Congress before and...Show More Summary

How Will Europe's New Foreign Policy Chief Cope With the "Ring of Instability"?

BERLIN -- Europe is surrounded by a ring of instability. With conflicts festering from Ukraine to Iraq to Libya, the perennially elusive question is what Europe stands for. How do its values, interests, and ambitions fit into an increasingly...Show More Summary

Egypt Has Regained the Palestinian Issue and Its Regional Leadership

Raghida Dergham The Egyptian-Saudi-Emirati roles overlap on many fast-developing issues, including Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. This tripartite partnership constitutes an important strategic choice with many regional and international dimensions. Show More Summary

Leading From Behind, and Proud of It

Egypt and the UAE went forward with air strikes against Islamists in Libya without informing the United States. They did this presumably because they are concerned with the growing influence of Islamist extremists in their region of the world. Show More Summary

Libya: Tougher UN Sanctions a Welcome Move, Yet More to Be Done to Curb Muslim Brotherhood

Since July 13, Tripoli has been subjected to vicious attack by Muslim Brotherhood-supported militias from the city of Misrata in what they called Operation Libya Dawn (OLD). The attack centered mainly on Tripoli International Airport...Show More Summary

Egypt's Emerging Libya Policy

After weeks of fighting, an Islamist and jihadist alliance led by Ansar al-Sharia--a group with ties to Islamic State (formerly ISIS)--has taken control of Benghazi and declared an "Islamic Emirate." The developments in Libya have come...Show More Summary

Libya's Last Stand

By Ethan Chorin and Husni Bey If there was ever a J.R.R. Tolkien moment in the Libya conflict, it has arrived. The forces of good and evil, abstracted here to represent 'those who want progress', and 'those who would rather have nothing,...Show More Summary

Libya: New Parliament Set To Be Inaugurated in Tobruk

Tobruk is a Libyan city on the Mediterranean, famous for its 241-day siege during the Second World War with Allied forces defending it in spite of heavy and continued shelling and bombardment by the Axis forces. Tobruk was vital forShow More Summary

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