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Yemen Between Ending the Conflict and a Warrior's Break

The coming week is poised to see significant shifts in the Yemeni, Libya, and Syrian issues midwifed by the three UN envoys in charge of searching for political solutions to these conflicts, in which many local, regional, and international factors overlap and interact. Show More Summary

More Western Military Meddling in Libya Is a Bad Idea

Unbelievably, after causing the chaos in Libya by overthrowing Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the United States is about to lead another Western military intervention designed to unify the country to fight ISIS's strongest cell outside Iraq and Syria, which has arisen from the post-Gaddafi anarchy. Show More Summary

For the Sake of Tunisia, Don't Escalate the Armed Conflict in Libya

TUNIS -- There are many compelling reasons why the United States and Europe -- for the sake of Libya itself -- should resist the momentum that seems to be building towards some kind of Western-led, military escalation in the Southern Mediterranean. Show More Summary

Revisiting the "Humanitarian" Intervention in Libya

Five years ago, on March 17, 2011, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1973 (2011) authorizing "regional organizations or take all necessary protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack" in Libya. Show More Summary

Five years after the Arab Spring, how does the Middle East use social media?

Damian Radcliffe, University of Oregon In 2011, the Arab Spring rocked many parts of the Middle East. Regime change in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya saw the departure of long-established - seemingly untouchable - political leaders and inspired ripples of protest and disquiet in many neighboring Arab nations. Show More Summary

Back to the Future: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya

The 2016 presidential campaign so far has given us a Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, who takes no responsibility for Islamic State's rapid gains in Libya in the wake of the American-led "coup-by-air" to remove LibyanShow More Summary

Why a Peace Treaty Means Little in Libya

Five years ago today, Libyans peacefully rose up against the Libyan government. Over the months that followed, an armed conflict developed, international militaries intervened, and eventually, the country was liberated. Yet, with liberation...Show More Summary

Libya Is the Next Stop for the U.S. Bombs-Away Policy

The United States and European allies are planning to launch surgical air attacks on the Islamic State and affiliated radical militias in Libya. The hope is to ease military pressure on a reconstituted government there and eliminateShow More Summary


ISIS's fall back plan if things fall apart in Syria and Iraq looks as if it is Libya. The recent attacks in Sidra and Zliten, which may also be the work of ISIS, are cases in point. ISIS is trying to strengthen its presence throughout Libya, and has taken control of the coastal city of Sirte. Show More Summary

The Islamic State in Libya: Why it Matters

Jihadist fighters during the Libyan revolution in 2012 The Islamic State has established a solid foothold in Libya and is attempting to expand the territory it controls to include key Libyan oil assets. In recent months Islamic State...Show More Summary

Fighting Terrorism with Arab Forces

If intentions are honest and inaction gives way to action, this year could conclude with local, regional, and international agreements to stop the bloodletting in Yemen, Libya, and Syria, through solutions sponsored by UN envoys, now...Show More Summary

Libya: Next Stop for Bombing Islamic State

It looks like foreign jet bombing of the Islamic State could be expanded from Syria to Libya. That was the subtext of talks held in Rome that focused on getting warring sides in the Libyan civil war to stop fighting with each other. A...Show More Summary

The UAE and Qatar Wage a Proxy War in Libya

When the Qaddafi regime fell in 2011, centralized power quickly dissipated and Libya fell into chaos. A wide range of armed groups asserted control over large swathes of territory in the oil-rich nation without any effective central authority strong enough to exert control of the entire country. Show More Summary

Al-Baghdadi Zeroes In On Libya: The Next Evolution of Islamic State

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has recently been reported to be in Sirte, Libya On November 12, during a televised interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, President Barack Obama famously announced that, "ISIL had been contained." LessShow More Summary

Hillary Clinton's Libya

Some of the better-informed commentators on the recent terrorist attacks by ISIS have noticed the reassertion of the 2002-2003 understanding of the Middle East: that all-out war is the only sensible policy and Israel is our most faithful ally in the region. Show More Summary

It Must Not End in War... and It Doesn't Have to

What happened in Paris was horrific. The reality of war again in Europe. A reality that is the daily experience for ordinary people in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen...that list is long, too long and of course is inherently linked to what happened in Paris. Show More Summary

Sheikh Mohammad's 'Marshal Plan' May Be the Region's Last Chance

I hate to sound pessimistic, but the Arab world's increasingly disastrous status leaves very little room for positivity. After all, what else could be said of the devastating wars tearing apart Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, a humiliating...Show More Summary

Call It What It Is: A Global Migration Shift from Climate, Not a Migrant or Refugee Crisis

Hundreds more died off the coast of Libya today, on the heels of 71 deaths of migrants trapped in the back of a truck near Vienna, Austria. At the same time, NASA officials just warned that rising global sea levels from climate change...Show More Summary

The Christians of Israel: A Remarkable Group

In the nightmarish maelstrom that defines the Middle East today, there are few places of refuge for Christians. While Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Libya are disintegrating and Egypt is embattled, the Christians are in dire trouble in a region that is increasingly Islamic radical. Show More Summary

Free Media Initiative Brings Together Libyan Politicians and Citizens for Peaceful Dialogue

On the evening of Tuesday, August 11, BBC Media Action Libya and the UNDP Libya Mission hosted a group from the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) in a conversation about the current progress of the development of the constitution. Show More Summary

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