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Senior Pentagon official criticizes House Benghazi probe

WASHINGTON (AP) — A senior Pentagon official criticized the House Republican-led investigation into the deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya, saying the panel has made a "crescendo" of costly, duplicative and unnecessary requests, including some based on claims made on Facebook or talk radio. Stephen C. Show More Summary

Excusing the Extremists (23/03/16)

Belgium is best known these days for the quality of its chocolate and famously good beers; our landlocked European neighbour has not been to the fore as far as recent military interventions in Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan were concerned. Show More Summary

AP FACT CHECK: 'Truthful hyperbole' on foreign policy

Here's what that mix of reality and exaggeration looked like in the Republican presidential contender's foreign policy pronouncements on Wednesday. While IS affiliates in Libya have taken swaths of territory and attacked petroleum facilities, they have not yet been able to export oil in any significant quantity. Last month, a panel of U.N. Show More Summary


HILLARY HASN’T DONE A LOT, BUT WHAT’S SHE’S DONE IS PRETTY MUCH AWFUL: Clinton’s Foreign Policy Still Wreaking Havoc In Libya Years Later.

Trump’s false claim that the Islamic State is ‘making a fortune’ on Libyan oil

“Right now, Libya, as you know, has fantastic oil, some of the finest oil in the world. Who has the oil? ISIS has the oil. Do we blockade it, do we bomb it, do we do anything? No. ISIS is making a fortune now in Libya.” —Donald Trump, interview on NBC’s “The Today Show,” April […]

The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Libya and the five stages of intervention. Trevor Thrall explains how the …

Daily Beast Asks: 'Could Legalizing Pot in Europe Help Stop ISIS?'

An Italian anti-Mafia prosecutor wants to make marijuana use legal in an effort to cut off profits for ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) streaming in from its drug trafficking through Libya, according to an article posted on...Show More Summary

17 award-winning photos from 2015 everyone should see

Instability throughout large parts of the world in 2015 have furthered exacerbated a growing refugee crisis in Turkey, parts of the Middle East, and throughout Europe. Coming from war zones in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and portions...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton 'Smart Power' Update: ISIS on the Offensive in Libya

Hillary Clinton used to call the Libyan intervention “Smart power at its best.” Now Obama calls the failure to plan for the aftermath his greatest mistake. Well, here’s your smart power/greatest mistake update. According to a reportShow More Summary

PROOF Is Leaked Hillary Clinton Knew Benghazi Was A Pre-Planned Attack And Not Due To A Video!

The State Department just released a transcript of Hillary Clinton that proves she knew the attack in Libya was terrorism and was not caused by a stupid video. We all

Hillary Clinton is lying about the criminal U.S.-backed coup in Honduras. It should be as scandalous as Libya

The U.S., under Clinton's leadership, helped overthrow Honduras' elected government. Today the country is in chaos

Hillary Clinton Continues to Lie About the Failed State She Helped Create

Now that Barack Obama has expressed bomber's remorse in Libya, curious minds want to know: Does Hillary Clinton still believe that NATO's "no-fly zone" (this is a soothing euphemism for "illegal regime change," a topic we will return...Show More Summary

Libya and 'bad language:' Obama and Bush reveal their worst mistakes as president

In an understandably rare interview with Fox News on Sunday, Barack Obama spoke bluntly about the "worst mistake" of his presidency. That error, as he had also recently explained to the BBC and The Atlantic, was the unraveling of Libya...Show More Summary

The Remarkable Thing About Obama's 'Worst Mistake'

In an interview Sunday with Chris Wallace, President Obama said that failing to plan for a post-Qaddafi Libya was his worst mistake. While I think his worst mistake was abandoning Iraq in 2011, this is still a remarkable admission. For...Show More Summary

White House: Blame to share for failed Libya aftermath

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House sought Monday to share the blame for the failed aftermath of the 2011 intervention in Libya, arguing the U.S. and its NATO allies asked too few questions about what would follow after dictator Moammar...Show More Summary

Strengthening Grassroots Democracy in Libya

For 40 years in Libya, Muammar Gaddafi pitted community against community and tribe against tribe to prevent any organized revolt.

White House cites lessons learned from Libya intervention

Obama says in a "Fox News Sunday" interview that his worst mistake was "failing to plan for the day after" the intervention. White House spokesman Josh Earnest says Obama believes more could and should have been done to fill the vacuum of power after dictator Moammar Gadhafi was toppled.

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