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Do Surveys Overestimate Political Ignorance

(Ilya Somin) In this recent Language Log post, Mark Liberman argues that surveys overestimate the extent of political ignorance. Unfortunately, his evidence is far from compelling. He notes a few examples where scholars or reporters simply misstated the results of a particular survey. That surely happens. But it doesn’t account for more than a small fraction of [...]

Gov. Chris Christie’s Speech and First Person Singular Pronouns

(Eugene Volokh) Prof. Mark Liberman (Language Log) is unimpressed with the claim that Gov. Chris Christie “used the word ‘I’ 30 times, plus a couple of ‘me’s’ and ‘my’s’ tossed in for seasoning” in his speech, and that this somehow says something important about Christie. Liberman had in the past responded similarly to those who made similar [...]


Mark Liberman at the Log reports on an eggcorn that had involves a perfectly understandable reanalysis of the word intact. "Reader RP" noticed the expression "so long as Roma culture remains in some kind of tact" on the Guardian comment...Show More Summary


Mark Liberman made a Log post a while back in which he discussed the phrase "all in all":It's not syntactically or semantically transparent ? we don't say "some in all" or "some in some" or anything else remotely close. The fact that "in all" also exists helps a bit, but it's still pretty opaque. Show More Summary

“And will pardon Paul Claudel, Pardons him for writing well”

In our recent discussion of plagiarism and fake quotes, a commenter points to two recent posts by Mark Liberman (here and here) where Liberman links to about a zillion cases of journalists publishing quotes that were never said. He goes into some detail about two journalists from the New Yorker: Jared Diamond, who created quotes [...]

Parsing in pajamas

THIS is becoming a theme week on Johnson. Interested in how well computer parsers can do with natural language, I wrote to Mark Liberman and Philip Resnik to ask about the best parsers out there. The easiest-to-use one available with a web interface is the Stanford Parser. Show More Summary

Dante Updated

(Eugene Volokh) From Prof. Mark Liberman (Language Log): There’s a special place in purgatory reserved for scientists who make bold claims based on tiny effects of uncertain origin; and an extra-long sentence is imposed on those who also keep their data secret, publishing only hard-to-interpret summary statistics from statistical models. Show More Summary

Diving deeper into the metaphorical molasses

My column in Sunday's Boston Globe is on a popular topic here at Language Log Plaza: the multitudinous metaphors spun to explain the Higgs boson discovery to a non-scientific audience. Metaphors noted by Mark Liberman in his two posts (from divine wraiths to smoking ducks) make cameos in the column as well, and I dig [...]


Mark Liberman has an amusing post at the Log about the emergence of a brand-new peeve:If you don't hang out with millennial hipsters, you might not have noticed that the cool kids are listening to music on turntables playing old-fashioned vinyl records, with many of these records being newly released rather than rescued from thrift shops. Show More Summary

Big Data in the humanities and social sciences

I'm in Berkeley for the DataEDGE Conference, where I'm due to participate in a "living room chat" advertised as follows: Size Matters: Big Data, New Vistas in the Humanities and Social Sciences Mark Liberman, Geoffrey Nunberg, Matthew...Show More Summary

“In the Ukrainian [Parliament] … There Was a Full and Frank Exchange of Views on Language Policy”

(Eugene Volokh) Prof. Mark Liberman (Language Log) has all about this “exchange” — in this instance, a literal fistfight rather than a figurative one — all about whether to “elevate the status of Russian to a second language, equal to Ukrainian, in about half the regions of the country, including Kiev.” You have to see the picture, [...]

Babies and sound perception

WE RETURN from paternity leave with child language acquisition on the mind. With good timing, Mark Liberman of Language Log has provided a bit of fodder. Speakers of languages without interdental consonants (like the "th" in "thin" and the voiced sound in "this") have a hard time learning them in adulthood. Show More Summary


Mark Liberman at the Log has a post on "the changes over time in fashions for given names. It's obvious that things change ? but it's less obvious whether these changes are cyclic. It makes sense that out-of-fashion names might comeShow More Summary


AT Language Log, Mark Liberman describes as "prescriptivist poppycock" the notion that "anticipate" can't be used to mean simply "to expect". The poppycock in question comes from the Telegraph which, in turn, cites our own style book. Show More Summary

Liberman to retire from Los Angeles tourism board

Mark Liberman, the president and chief executive officer of the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, announced Tuesday that he plans to retire after nine years with the agency.

Scientific study of affirmative-response indicators

My Breakfast Experiments™ aren't quite as rigorous as Mark Liberman's. He has direct access high-speed line to the entire Linguistic Data Consortium corpus collection at his breakfast table, and writes R scripts as if R was his native language (it may well be, come to think of it). My breakfast table has just [...]

The first "asshole" in the Times?

In "Larkin v. the Gray Lady," Mark Liberman credits a Language Log reader with pointing out that "the NYT printed asshole for the first time a couple of weeks ago" ("Race, Tragedy and Outrage Collide After a Shot in Florida", 4/1/2012): Mr. Zimmerman told the dispatcher that this “suspicious guy” was in his late teens, with something [...]


I've never watched Doctor Who, though it seems like something I would have enjoyed had I grown up with it; this comment by Ray Girvan (on Mark Liberman's Log post about the show) makes me feel that even more strongly:I particularly liked...Show More Summary

The "sports subjunctive": neither sports-related nor subjunctive

The so-called sports subjunctive has been in the news, and was discussed in this post by Mark Liberman. Mark is absolutely right in his interpretation of the crucial example under discussion (Judge Martin did not claim to be a Muslim, he used a colloquial counterfactual conditional with the meaning "if I were a Muslim"); [...]

My week in food: from spicy vegetables at Mission Chinese to an ethereal souffle at Canteen

Photo 1: At AQ,the new restaurant on Mission between 6th and 7th streets, the very talented chef/owner Mark Liberman offers agnolotti stuffed with wild greens and surrounded by a sauce flavored with preserved lemon and walnuts with oysters, shrimp, chunks of lobster and mussels. It’s a great deal for $14. #2: Mark Liberman also knows [...]

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