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Bishop Eddie Long’s Wife Wants You To Know… [She's Finally Fed Up!] OFFICIAL STATEMENT

Bishop Eddie Long, leader of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, survived scandalous sexual abuse allegations and went right back to the pulpit seemingly unscathed. While Long publicly denied the allegations while silently signing his name to those settlement checks to his five victims, his dutiful wife Vanessa G. Long suffered in silence by his [...]

Businessman at Center of New Birth Fraud Probe Speaks

Jeff Martin of the Associated Press is reporting that Ephren Taylor Jr., the North Carolina businessman at the center of a fraud probe involving New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia, says that he's taking action to "make things...Show More Summary

Eddie Long Accused in Ponzi Scheme

Bishop Eddie Long, senior pastor of Atlanta's New Birth Missionary Baptist, has been accused in a civil lawsuit in Georgia of encouraging church members to invest in a "Ponzi scheme" that promised 20% annual returns on safe investments...Show More Summary

Op-ed: Same Church, Different Song of Equality

As supporters of gay rights were kicked out of Southern Missionary Baptist Church last week, Terry Angel Mason was reminded of the church’s better days fighting for equality.

Black Church’s Protest of FAIR Education Act Typifies Hypocrisy

A Southern Missionary Baptist Church pastor in California is none too happy about the inclusion of gay history in schools.

Eddie Long: I want to ‘move forward’ from sexual misconduct suit

Atlanta megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long wants to move past claims of sexual misconduct and lead his influential church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, without distractions. Two of his accusers recently came forward with details about their relationships with Long and their plans to write a book about their experiences, according to news reports. Read full article >>

Controversial pastor Eddie Long vows to move past allegations

Controverisal megachurch pastor Eddie Long says he's moving ahead with his ministry at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and won't discuss allegations of sexual misconduct made by four young men who were members of his congregation. But two of the men now say they are writing a tell-all book about what they claim happened between them and the powerful pastor.

Eddie Long Supporters Speak on His Behalf… [VIDEO]

When news of Bishop Eddie Long’s 5th accuser hit the streets last week (click HERE if you missed it), I couldn’t help but wonder how members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church felt about the new scandalous developments. Fox-5 was on it again, catching church members as they left bible study last Wednesday evening, and [...]

Good Deeds: "We call this the tension relief...

"We call this the tension relief campaign," said Rev. Ishmael Burch of St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church. Sparked by the recent shooting of Kenneth Harding, Jr., a parolee who police said they stopped for possible fare evasion on the T-line,...

Eddie Long's Staged Offering, And The Problem With Black Church Enablers.

By now you're probably seen the video of a recent service at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, in which a congregant walks up to the pulpit and hands Bishop Eddie Long an outrageous stack of cash. If not, here it is.[1] In street parlance, we'd refer to this pile of cash as "racks on racks on racks". Show More Summary

New Birth Issues A Statement: Bishop Eddie Long Strokey Poke’s Wife Is Still Down For The Okey Doke

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church thinks the rumors about Bishop Eddie Long’s wife Vanessa leaving him are so ridiculous, that it’s spokesperson felt the need to issue a statement and announced a staged “family event.” The statement, from spokesman

Bishop Eddie Long: My Wife Didn't Leave Me

By: A. Scott Walton The scandalized New Birth Missionary Baptist Church has just issued a press release stating that the marriage between Bishop Eddie Long and his wife, Vanessa, remains intact. All of Atlanta’s major news outlets are now broadcasting an official denial from the church about marital strife between the couple, who married in 1990. Show More Summary

When A Woman’s Fed Up: Bishop Long Stroke’s Wife Has Reportedly Moved Out Of Their Humble Abo

Oh boy… Word around Atlanta is that all these months of standing by her trifling, scandalous husband, the first lady of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church has quietly taken herself out of the picture. Well-placed spies for The Mo’K...

Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, and the Black Church’s Sanctioning of Sexual Violence

Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, and the Black Church’s Sanctioning of Sexual Violence by Tamura A. Lomax | The Feminist Wire In September 2010 Bishop Eddie Long, prominent Atlanta pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, was accused of sexual improprieties with four young men—Anthony Flagg, Spencer LeGrande, Jamal Parris and Maurice Robinson. Show More Summary

Making It Rain On Them Teenage Boys! Bishop Eddie Long Stroke Paid $25 Million To Settle His Case!

Looks like Eddie Long would rather drop some major bread than have to deal with the allegations of touching little kids. The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church preacher was accused of having inappropriate sexual relationships with four male parishioners and

Is Eddie Long's Church Collapsing?

By: Jenée Desmond-Harris According to a report from NewsOne and Elev8, a source within New Birth Missionary Baptist Church says events in the wake of Bishop Eddie Long's sex scandal have amounted to a veritable “three strikes” against him and, possibly, the future of the institution. Show More Summary

Bernice King Needs To "Speak Truth About The Power" Of The Three Problem Plagued Organizations That She Is Associated With

The King Center For Non-Violent Social Change The Southern Christian Leadership Conference New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Bernice King has held a leadership position in all three of these institutions that hold a powerful role in...Show More Summary

Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Must Come Clean

TweetBishop Lee Eddie Long financially settles sexual coercion lawsuit against four boys. Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church located in Lithonia, Georgia is not guilty nor has he been charged with any wrong doing. However, I am reminder of the idiom - Where there's smoke, there's fire! Maybe it is coincidence; but [...]Show More Summary

Bernice King to Quit Bishop Long's Church

By: A. Scott Walton Bernice King, the youngest daughter of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., is expected to resign her post as an elder minister at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on Tuesday in the wake of a sexual coercion scandal involving Bishop Eddie Long, according to news reports. Show More Summary

Eddie Long Settles Out Of Court.

I hate to say I told you so, but... I told you so.Some current and former members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church expressed relief Thursday that sexual misconduct lawsuits against the church and its prominent leader, Bishop Eddie...Show More Summary

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