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Rubio Better Buckle His Chin Strap

If memory serves, the debates prior to the New Hampshire primary in 2008 were brutal attacks by the rest of the field on Mitt Romney. Rubio should expect similar treatment tonight, which may be one of the key tests of whether he has what it takes to be the party’s nominee. Show More Summary

Mitt Romney, Kingpin

Last night, I took stock of Sean Penn’s interview with cartel jefe “El Chapo” in the latest Rolling Stone, and I include this nugget, straight from Penn’s pen: Unlike many of his counterparts who engage in gratuitous kidnapping and murder,...Show More Summary

Romney, Me, and the Trees

I’m in my home state, Michigan, where “the trees are the right height.” That’s what Mitt Romney said in 2012. He was roundly mocked for it. He still is. I saw that phrase cited and mocked just the other day. “The trees are the right height.” A wonderful and unusual phrase, and observation. Show More Summary

Four Quickies

1) The Trump campaign manager tweeted, “Sen. Cruz has become the flavor du jour of the week.” Cool. That’s the way a “populist” campaign should use French! (Mitt Romney spoke French. Boo, hiss, etc.) I’m reminded of an old joke. Two old guys go into a diner. Show More Summary

Krauthammer's Take: Trump's Slippery on Immigration, He's Done a 180 Since 2012

It was only four years ago Donald Trump attacked Mitt Romney for his “mean-spirited” self-deportation immigration plan, Charles Krauthammer reminded viewers of Fox News’s Special Report tonight.  Responding to host Bret Baier’s interview...Show More Summary

Maine Liberals Reject $15 An Hour Minimum Wage

Portland, Maine is the liberal, crunchy granola center of Maine politics.  The state’s largest city, it cast 75% of its votes for Barack Obama in 2012. Mitt Romney won 20% and the Green Party took much of the rest. But liberalism has its limits. Show More Summary

Mitt Romney: “Without Romneycare, I Don’t Think We Would Have Obamacare”

Mitt Romney took responsibility for the passage of Obamacare on Friday, allowing that the health-care policy he enacted as Massachusetts governor paved the way for the national law. Romney made the comment while praising his friend Thomas Stemberg, the Staples co-founder who passed away on Friday. Show More Summary

Tom Terrific, Part II

Below, I spoke of Thomas Sowell. Another Tom Terrific serves in the Senate, from Arkansas. Get a load of this: “Three years ago when President Obama’s opponent [Mitt Romney] said that Russia was our chief geopolitical rival, President Obama chuckled, said the 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back. Show More Summary

Laura Ingraham Criticizes NR and Me

Laura Ingraham, on her radio show, criticized NR for “propping up the establishment” by running an article today about Republicans who want Mitt Romney to run again (h/t Breitbart). She added, “[O]ur pal Bill Kristol, he’s actually done...Show More Summary

The 1980s Called: They Want Their American Military Back

Among the many lowlights  of Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign was his retort to Mitt Romney’s claim that Russia was re-emerging as America’s foremost geopolitical rival. Who can forget his debate quip, “The 1980s are now calling...Show More Summary

Trump Starts to Show The Real Trump

Last week I wrote about Donald Trump: He reminds me a lot of Mitt Romney, at least in one respect. I always said that Romney “spoke conservatism as a second language” (a line some people ripped off, btw). That’s why Romney called himself...Show More Summary

Join Us Tomorrow

Women broke to Barack Obama in 2012 by twelve points, while men broke for Mitt Romney by an eight-point margin. That 20-point gender gap was the largest recorded by Gallup since it started polling by subgroups in 1952.  Tomorrow, starting...Show More Summary

Harry Reid Admits He Lies On The Senate Floor

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) confirmed the suspicions raised among Republicans during the recent fight over the human trafficking bill: he lies on the Senate floor. Reid has no regrets about accusing Mitt Romney, without...Show More Summary

Romney on Barack/Bibi Blowup: 'Hell Hath No Fury Like Obama Scorned'

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had a simple explanation for the ongoing friction between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Hell hath no fury like Obama scorned.” After Obama again ribbed...Show More Summary

Three-peat: Rand Paul Wins 3rd Consecutive CPAC Straw Poll, But Scott Walker Is Hot on His Heels

Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul. After this weekend, that’s the list of Republicans who have won straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference three years in a row. The Kentucky senator beat out Wisconsin...Show More Summary

Romney Accepts Melissa Harris-Perry's Apology

Mitt Romney on Sunday said he accepts the apology of MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry, who induced cringes during a December 30 segment in which guests mocked Romney's African-American grandson.Appearing on Fox News Sunday, the former Massachusetts...Show More Summary

MSNBC Panel Makes Fun of Romney's Black Adopted Grandchild

As part of its year-in-review show, MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry welcomed a panel of comedians to ridicule Mitt Romney, his family, and their adopted black grandson. One panelist poked fun at Kieran Romney's appearance compared withShow More Summary

‘Humanize’ This

Below, Andrew Johnson links to a video about Mitt Romney, and quotes someone as saying that this video “is more humanizing than anything Romney’s campaign did for him.”Quite possibly, my least favorite word in American politics today...Show More Summary

Mitt Puts Romney in a Different Light

Netflix released a trailer for its new original documentary Mitt, which followed the Romney campaign over the course of six years. The trailer opens by showing the family realizing he lost on the night of the 2012 election.Over the course...Show More Summary

Could Cuccinelli Have Won Emphasizing the Late-Term Abortion Issue?

The digital divide of the 2012 presidential campaign -- exemplified by Mitt Romney's infamous ORCA data-base failure -- has prompted Republicans to become much more tech savvy. But Democrats haven't stood still and apparently have aShow More Summary

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