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The story of Nina Simone, the Mayor of Jerusalem and me

Most of you know me as a wine writer, but there is another side of my writing as well. This essay was recently published in The Jewish Forward. ‘Are you Jewish?” Nina asked me. This was more the kind of question I tended to get from shabbos candle-toting Lubavitchers, not the great Miss Simone. Show More Summary

Rats, It’s My Birthday Monday

As Nosevember reaches the halfway mark, these three goobers show off their best side. “Noodle, Hester and Vincent chilling on top of their hammock. Hester has a fabulous schnozzle as I am sure you will agree.” -Megan D.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Rats It's Monday, Ya Say It's Yer Birthday

Cowboy Troy -- Jason Aldean's Still My Bro ... Blackface Pic 'Low Priority'

Jason Aldean's friends are standing by his side after the torrent of criticism for his blackface on Halloween... he's even getting support from a big star in the African-American country community. Cowboy Troy tells us he and Aldean have been…

We’re In A Real Pickle With THIS One

“This is my Pomapoo, Pickles. Pickles has been on C.O. before, but her Nose is probably her best side, so obviously you should post her here in the illustrious Cute Overload Nosevember Collection.” Yes. Yes we shall. Thanks be to JDAC.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Nosevember 2015, puppeh

Japanator Live: Let's hunt down La-Mulana's sixth boss

Watch live video from Japanator on It seems that I might be closer to finding a new major boss in La-Mulana. Let's just say that I almost solved one of the guardian area's major puzzles. If luck is on my side tonight, then I'm hoping that I'll get to take down the seventh boss as well. Show More Summary

Review time! with The Divine

“And we live by the side of the road on the side of a hill as the valleys explode” My latest review is about The Divine, which is published by the good folk at First Second Books and costs $19.99. Boaz Lavie wrote it, while Asaf and Tomer Hanuka drew it. They’re twin brothers, and […]

How existentialism can shield us from the free market’s dark side

last weekNews : The Raw Story

The smell of cinnamon wafts through the air. My guard is down; resistance is futile. Like a zombie, I roll my luggage across the airport food court and stand in line to pay too much for what I don’t even want, a diet-killing Cinnabon. I have been phished, at least that’s how two Nobel laureates...

3 Resources to Help Content Marketers Learn About Smart Web Design

I like to snack. I’m a big snacker. And I like to examine the packaging that houses my snacks. It’s a side effect of being a content marketer. Recently, I studied the wrapper of a granola bar. One side listed the ingredients, and the other side was white with small, green polka dots. Show More Summary

Woo-hoo! Rising positivity among Chicago's workers

This column is about positivity, so to get myself ready to write, I summoned optimistic thoughts, gave myself a hug (that part was tricky), looked on the bright side of many things and spent time in my happy place (in bed, with the covers pulled over my head). Positivity preparation complete, I...

What I Learned After My Husband Left Me for a Younger Woman

It was only through that gift of pain and blame that I arrived on the other side to see myself as I really am: Enough. “But you’re so much prettier,” said my girlfriend as we stared at the photo on my smartphone screen. “I mean, she’s not a bad looking woman. Show More Summary

The Daddy Diaries: Chapter 25 -- In Praise of the Most High

My grandfather was a rabbi. My great grandfather was a rabbi. And so was my great-great grandfather. In fact, the line of rabbis on my mother's side of the family stretches back 13 generations, in an unbroken line of scholars, spiritual...Show More Summary

The Daddy Diaries. Chapter 25. In Praise of The Most High.

The Daddy Diaries. Chapter 25. In Praise of The Most High. My grandfather was a rabbi. My great grandfather was a rabbi. And so was my great-great grandfather. In fact, the line of rabbis on my mother's side of the family stretches back...Show More Summary

I’ve Sold My Side Project Anonymously Ask A Black Person (AABP)

Sometimes side projects are meant to be side projects and sometimes they are meant to be more. For Anonymously Ask A Black Person (AABP) it’s meant to be more. Then comes the question am I the person to lead Anonymously Ask A Black Person to be more. I’ve been asking myself that over the past […]

I Used to Hate My Family's Thanksgiving Traditions as a Kid - Now I'm Proud of Them

I'm 100-percent Italian. I'm first-generation American on my mom's side - my mom was literally born on the boat, giving the phrase "straight off the boat" new meaning - and third-generation American on my dad's side. Because of that,...Show More Summary

Eight hundred Miles in Chevy's New American Pony

last weekVehicles / Cars : TopSpeed

It was the scorching, early morning sun that greeted me as I walked from the side door of the hotel into the parking lot. The sticky humidity hanging in the Florida air instantly salted my skin with perspiration. As my eyes adjusted to the daylight, I caught my first glimpse of Chevrolet’s newest pony car – the sixth-generation Camaro. Show More Summary

The Paradox of the Self-Driving Car

I’m driving a Tesla Model S southbound on Manhattan’s treacherous, narrow-laned West Side Highway, my fingers whitening as I guide the car through a series of curves and tangles of traffic at 55 mph. Then I press a blue button, take my foot off the gas, and drop my hands from the wheel. Show More Summary

Pacing myself

Greetings, knitter friends! I am writing this on the flip side of my move, which went pretty well as moves go, and am now adjusting to a new pace of life in the ‘big city’ back in Toronto. It’s been several years since I lived in Toronto itself, and I’m remembering how it is both […]

Maple Marinade Recipe for Cast-Iron Venison Steak

Are you savory? Or are you sweet? Though there are plenty of double-tongued eaters among us, my experience has been that most people bite the fork on one side or the other when it comes to preferred flavors for their meats. Savory smacks...Show More Summary

UFC 193: Gian Villante is a big dude, will squash 'The Hippo' with one-hitter quitter (Video)

"Even though I'm fighting an Australian, I expect to have the crowd on my side pretty quick. [Perosh] will be able to take a beating, for sure, but I'm going to make sure he gets that beating. I saw what my boy (Ryan) Bader did to him, it was nasty to look at. Show More Summary

One on One: Dating, Relationships, and Why Single Isn't Always So Bad

We sat on the Upper East Side rooftop. I hated the words coming out of my mouth. I hated the way his eyes looked. They were so wide. And with the lights reflecting from the skyline backdrop, it was like the whole city fit inside them. "I just...I don't see us going much further." ... The scenario affected me more than I expected. Show More Summary

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