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Is a Subway Series Too Much to Ask?

My friend Jason Fry is a best-selling author, a former Poynter fellow, and an award-winning journalist. But none of these things matter to him nearly as much as his side project: being a Mets fan. Along with his writing partner Greg Prince, Jason has run the Mets blog Faith and... More »

UNPOPULAR OPINION: I Serve My Husband Dinner Every Night and I Think You Should Too

2 weeks agoLifestyle : xoJane

It’s true. I make the dinner in our house every night we’re home. I then proceed to serve it to my husband. I really believe that you should too. Now, hear me out. I didn’t always feel this way. My mother’s side of the family is Mexican and primarily female. I grew up watching my aunts put... Continue reading

Get in on the Dark Souls III beta

My favorite part of this beta sign-up page for Dark Souls III is that you can shake the guy by wiggling your mouse from side to side. Life's a lot more fun when you treasure the little things. Anyway, the actual beta registration process starts here. Show More Summary

"Norway man sawed neighbour's house in half."

"I reduced it to a legal size, so the law is on my side. That's my reason."I'm reading the news from Norway after getting sucked in by some damn thing about Obama's Nobel Prize being regretted by one of the individuals involved in bestowing it, a person who now has a book to flog.There's better news from Norway. Show More Summary

Laurene Powell Jobs On Her $50-Million Desire To Transform American High Schools

"I can't change anything on my own," she tells Fast Company. Tim Cook, Snoop Dogg, and others are on board. Now she wants you, too. On one side of the New York Public Library's Edna Barnes Salomon Room, standing under a 19th-century portrait of one of the many old white men who have run the institution, Laurene Powell Jobs is chatting with MC Hammer. Read Full Story

Exist Archive looks great, but it has a lot to prove

When Spike Chunsoft and tri-Ace announced Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky, I was supremely impressed with the visual style. As it turns out it looks even better in person, as I witnessed during my hands-on time with the TGS build. From a gameplay standpoint though I have some concerns, mostly stemming from the repetitive nature of the flow. Read more...

Through Darkness We See

As the steady flow of commuters emptied out of the subway, I stood to the side, watching down avenues of approach with my head on a swivel. Jesse’s assault pack dug into my shoulders, heavy not from grenades or textbooks, but from enough clothes for a long weekend. Show More Summary

Crapwagon Outtake: 1987 Cadillac Cimarron

I wanna live with a Cimarron girl Life would be crappy, on the side of the road With my Cimarron girl Apologies to Mr. Young. Even more apologies to anyone who has ever heard my attempts to sing. And more to those enthusiasts at, who might consider punishing anyone who dares slander the pride of Janesville. Show More Summary

Growing Up with Nerve Gas

Madison County, Kentucky was, in many ways, an idyllic place to grow up. But the quaint town of my heart has a dark side.

NYC’s Best Ride: Uber, Via or Gett?

I had to get from the upper east side of Manhattan to Water Street in the financial district for a client meeting this week. My default ride-sharing service Via only operates from 110th Street to Houston Street, so it was not an option. Show More Summary

Jobs, Gates and Al Pacino on "Me & My Other Me" Series of Illustrations

An artist from Colombia, called Fulvio Obregon, created a funny series of illustrations showing some celebrities in the past and the present, side by side. But not just that, he puts all his talent to bring style and fun to every single...Show More Summary

5 Fabulously Affordable Fall Lipsticks

I have a tabby by my side (as opposed to on my lap — what’s up with that?), and I’m wearing a snuggly long-sleeved sweater and long pants to keep away the unseasonably fall-like chill outside. I’m also wearing layers, as weird as that sounds, but it’s brisk and overcast outside. Show More Summary

The Most Beautiful Dance I Ever Enjoyed With My Husband

This past weekend my husband, Dan danced at our friend's daughter's wedding. Well, if you consider swaying from side to side dancing, then it qualifies. While it may not seem so remarkable, the fact that Dan wiggled on a dance floorShow More Summary

‘East Side Sushi’ Proves Mexicans Can Roll Other than Joints and Tacos

I don’t know nothing about the people behind the award-winning East Side Sushi. But I’m sure this movie will be a real eye-opener for most, especially Americans and other non-Mexicans who might think my people (i.e. The Mexicans) are only good at rolling two … Continue reading ?

The Quirky Side of Living in Los Angeles

I moved to Los Angeles in October 2009, after living most of my life in growing, but decidedly slower-paced cities in the San Joaquin Valley of California. The San Joaquin Valley is in the center of the state and where they grow a lot...Show More Summary

What Was Your Best Experience At A Video Game Store?

We’ve heard from the other side —and my god have we heard some things —but now it’s time for the bright and shiny stories. Read more...

Why To Hold Cash And Sell Tesla Short

My fundamentals-based target is $202, but the party is very crowded on the shorty side. With 25% of the float short, beware that this one will be a rough ride.

Vinci’s Italian job ends Serena’s Slam bid

“And don’t think about Serena on the other side of the court”. And now I have my final tomorrow. Said Vinci: “I’m 32, nearly at the end of my career, and then I make the first U.S. Open final in grand slam”. Vinci apologised to the fans for ending Serena’s grand slam bid. Despite the

Life Unfolding As It Does

Many's the time I have bemoaned that wished- for experiences had not occurred as I thought they 'should'. Jobs, relationships, return on investment of my time would wait on the other side of a transparent wall, thumbing their collective noses and blowing raspberries at me. Show More Summary

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