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Nintendo Will Now Let You Buy Digital Games on Amazon

Image: Amazon Earlier today Nintendo quietly launched a digital store on Amazon's website, allowing players to purchase digital games like Splatoon for Wii U or Pokémon Omega Ruby for the 3DS directly through the retailer's website.Show More Summary

Smaller Nintendo 3DS Will Be Making Its Way Stateside

Last year Nintendo announced two new consoles in the form of the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. These are basically upgraded versions of the existing handheld console, but the company only chose to launch the XL version in the US. According to Nintendo back then, they claimed that the XL made more sense for the US market than the smaller version. Show More Summary

Nintendo debuts improved 3DS system with new 'Animal Crossing' video game

Nintendo is stepping up its handheld 3-D game with another new 3DS system.        

What the New 3DS release means to American Nintendo fans

Nintendo of America covertly dropped a bomb from its treehouse in Seattle today, mentioning that it is bringing a limited-edition ‘Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer’ New 3DS — complete with theme-specific interchangeable faceplates. Show More Summary

Nintendo Is Finally Making a Smaller New Nintendo 3DS

A tinier version of Nintendo's 3D gaming handheld, for smaller hands and pockets.

'Pokémon Shuffle Mobile' Hits the App Store

The path for Pokémon Shuffle has been a windy one. Back in February of this year, Pokémon Shuffle released for the Nintendo 3DS. It was noteworthy for being one of the first really "free to play" free to play games on Nintendo's handheld, complete with energy systems and everything. Many saw that as the signal

Watch Pokemon Shuffle in Action

Nintendo just can’t stop mixing its special sauce with mobile (well, technically, Pokemon is run by The Pokemon Company, but whatever). The free-to-play 3DS game is heading to mobile (it’s already out in Japan), and Lonnie has taken the upcoming game for a spin. Show More Summary

Pokemon Shuffle Hits iOS and Android in Japan

Pokemon Shuffle, the free-to-play puzzle / battling game currently exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, recently hit the Japanese App Store and Google Play. An English-language release probably isn’t far behind, pika. This is not Nintendo’s entry in the world of mobile, however. Show More Summary

The Nintendo 2DS—the flat, wedge shaped version of the Nintendo 3DS—just got a permanent price cut t

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

The Nintendo 2DS—the flat, wedge shaped version of the Nintendo 3DS—just got a permanent price cut to $100 (from $130). It plays 3DS games and original DS games, but not New Nintendo 3DS exclusives. Right now, that just means no Xenoblade Chronicles. [Business Wire] Read more...

Nintendo Really Wants You To Buy A 2DS For Your Kid

Nintendo just cut the Nintendo 2DS price tag to $99. And for this price, you also get Mario Kart 7. This cheap portable console can play all the 3DS games, which makes it a good console for your kids — it doesn’t cost much, and it can do a lot. Read More

Nintendo 2DS Has Its Price Cut To $99.99

Nintendo’s 3DS handheld console is pretty cool with its glasses-free 3D display. However it isn’t exactly cheap, not to mention not everyone really needs the 3D technology anyway, why is why a couple of years ago, Nintendo launched the Nintendo 2DS handheld console. Show More Summary

Link From 'Majora's Mask' Gets The Nendoroid Treatment

In a recent move Good Smile Company have started to focus more specifically on various gaming licenses, notably from Nintendo, with the latest of these being Link from the recent 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask.

YouTube Exploit For Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Exposed

Homebrew developer and hacker Jordan “Smealum” Rabet has finally exposed the YouTube exploit which can be used to launch homebrew games on the Nintendo 3DS. The possibility of homebrew being run on the Nintendo 3DS has excited many people who own this handheld and now the hacker is finally exposing the method with which all of this can be done. Show More Summary

Nintendo 3DS Homebrew YouTube Hack: 301+ Brews

The last time we checked on Smealum and co.’s Homebrew Launcher for the Nintendo 3DS, it required the user to have a copy of Cubic Ninja, a game that’s now rare and expensive for this very…

iPod touch (6th generation) vs. New Nintendo 3DS XL

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

It's difficult to define the purpose of the iPod touch, but it's fair to say that one of its biggest uses is gaming. How does it compare to the latest release in a long-running dedicated portable gaming line, the New 3DS XL?.. Continue Reading iPod touch (6th generation) vs. Show More Summary

New Nintendo 3DS Game & Watch Clock Cover Plate: Plate & Watch

Japanese shop Columbus Circle must have realized that the New Nintendo 3DS’ cover plates don’t just have to be decorative. Its Retro Plate & Watch is an awesome clock front plate for the New 3DS. Not…

'Dragon Quest XI' Announced For PS4, 3DS and NX

Square Enix announced today that the next entry into the long running and hugely popular Dragon Quest series will be heading to not only the PS4 and 3DS but also Nintendo’s hugely secretive NX console as well.

Turn Your New 3DS Into A Retro Game & Watch With This Faceplate

If you follow the New Nintendo 3DS’ family tree back far enough, you’ll eventually end up at a primitive black and white handheld device called the Game & Watch that you can now pay homage to with a functional 3DS faceplate from Columbus Circle. More »      

Square Enix Announces Free-To-Play 'Dragon Quest Of The Stars' For Mobile

It's an exciting time for Dragon Quest fans. In the last few weeks, we've had the Minecraft [$6.99] take-off Dragon Quest Builders announced for Sony's platforms, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 announced for the Nintendo 3DS, and a live stream scheduled for July 28th where it's expected the long-awaited Dragon Quest 11 will be announced.

How The Nintendo 3DS Succeeded Where The PS Vita Failed

2 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

When I set out to write an article, I usually start with some broad Google searches to see what other people have written on the topic. Sometimes this is pretty straightforward, sometimes it's less so, but it usually gives a pretty clear idea of what's out there. With this article, [...]

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