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Walk in Shanghai

Take a walk around Shanghai – from its bustling commercial districts to its nooks and crannies – in this quirky reversed time-lapse by JT Singh & Company. That day and night transition scene was really cool.

12 Bistro Tables Perfect for Your Morning Coffee — The Kitchn

Pin it From The Kitchn ? 12 Bistro Table Breakfast Nooks Where We'd Love to Have Our Morning Coffee READ MORE »

Which Side Are You On? Open Spaces or Cozy Nooks (& How to Design for Both)

Christopher & Sara's Dream Home I hate statements that divide the entire world into two groups of people, but here I am doing it: There are two types of people — those who love the feel of wide, airy, open loft-like homes and those who prefer the comfort of compact, small cozy nooks. Show More Summary

Atlas Shrugged: Objectivist Batman

Atlas Shrugged, part III, chapter I After her conveniently minor plane-crash injuries have been treated, John Galt takes Dagny to the kitchen nook to make breakfast: “Am I a guest here or a prisoner?” she asked. “The choice will be yours, Miss Taggart.” “I can make no choice when I’m dealing with a stranger.” “But [Read More...]

booq Cobra Squeeze Backpack

Sporting a curvy shell made from water-repelling fabric, the Cobra Squeeze can hold 15? laptops, and has nooks for all your gadgets and everyday carries. We especially love the terraced pockets inside which provide easy access to everything.

This elegant, organic LED lamp will make your reading nook cozier than ever

LEDs are firmly established as the energy-saving, long-lasting successor to incandescent bulbs, but the next wave might just come in the future of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). With the capacity to produce soft, diffuse efficient lighting over

14 Years Ago Today…

Isn’t that crazy talk? It’s crazy talk! You know what else is crazy talk? Our book is now available for Kindle download, Nook download, ibooks, AND some people are starting to see it in stores! Found it! So excited for @carlabirnberg and @roninoone #wycwyc A photo posted by Emily Ho (@authemmie) on Apr 28, 2015 […]

Do you BookBub?

I’m finding BookBub to be a terrific resource for both reading matter and research. BookBub offers deals on ebooks with the cost ranging from free to $1.99, sometimes more. They offer ebooks in the Kindle (.mobi) and Nook/Kobo (.epub) formats....

Remove Suggested Items from Your eBay Home Page

Three years ago, I bought a Nook Simple Touch for a project. Since then, eBay’s front page is just filled with all the Nooks people are selling. If that sounds familiar, here’s how to turn it off. Read more...

The Best Time I (Maybe) Regenerated an Ovary

5 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Inside a tiny room in the back of my gynecologist’s office, there’s a small cork board covered with inspirational quotes. As you’re sitting in that cramped nook having vials of blood drawn, you can crane your neck to the right and absorb the evergreen wisdom of Maya Angelou, Pema Chödrön, Oprah, and 50 Shades of Grey. Show More Summary

Fantastic Cities Coloring Book

Illustrator Steve McDonald’s intricate coloring book lets you fill in nearly 60 urban locales packed with the architecture of of real and imaginary cities. Packed with countless nooks and crannies for you to get lost in.

Reader Survey: Where's the Craziest Place You Store Things?

New York Post From New Yorkers famously storing clothing in their kitchens, to my own past apartment where I wedged a piece of wood into the narrow space above a nook in the wall just so I could stack items to ceiling level, living in a small space forces you to get creative about where you stash your stuff. READ MORE »

All the Amazing Things You Can Do With an Extra Closet

Howard's Eclectic Art-Filled Studio Have an empty closet or nook where a closet used to be? You could transform it with one of these amazing ideas for almost any room. READ MORE »

A Practice Nook in the Subway

Metropolitan Diary: A singer found a great acoustical cul-de-sac in a Midtown station where he could exercise his scales.

From The Nook of RMJ: How To Clean Up Poisonville On The Potomac

Live long enough and you’ll be sent to one of the true garden spots of the universe on behalf of your employer. You will truly get to visit some town that yea, verily needeth an enema. This happens in fiction as well. For Dashiell Hammett’s Continental Operative; Personville (AKA Poisonville) is that business trip straight into hell. Show More Summary

Wallpaper by the Book

For hard-to-decorate nooks or in rentals where painting isn’t feasible, The Shortcut offers a method to turn an old book into makeshift wallpaper in the video above. With the aid of simple supplies, the final product is surprisingly warm and clean.

3 Signs Your Office Is Cooler Than Your Culture

Nap nooks. Game rooms. Beer cart Fridays. While these are cool office perks, if your company culture isn't as cool, you’re falling flat to job candidates. The post 3 Signs Your Office Is Cooler Than Your Culture appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

4 Unique Bridal Shower DIY and Recipe Ideas

Are you looking for unique bridal shower ideas? Host an unforgettable bridal shower with these sweet and simple recipes and DIY ideas exclusively crafted by Lary from Inspiration Nook. Bubbly Brunch: Put your flutes in the air and toast to the soon-to-be Mrs. Show More Summary

Bertoni 1949 Creates a Luxury Game Storage Trunk for Hangar Design

Italy’s Hangar Design Group introduces the luxury Game Trunk, a leather-clad desk container suited to house the most precious of games. No, this is not storage for your freshly-hunted game, rather a nook to hide treasured board games… The post Bertoni 1949 Creates a Luxury Game Storage Trunk for Hangar Design appeared first on Selectism.

Rand Paul Pitches Digital Civil Liberties To The ‘Facebook Generation’

"The Washington machine that gobbles up our freedoms and invades every nook and cranny of our lives must be stopped," declared Rand Paul (R-KY) in his presidential campaign launch. The post Rand Paul Pitches Digital Civil Liberties To The ‘Facebook Generation’ appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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