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What We Learned From Everything Is Copy, a Moving Film Nora Ephron’s Son Jacob Bernstein Made About Her

This story was originally posted on October 5, 2015. Since Everything Is Copy premieres on HBO tonight, we've updated and republished the article. When Nora Ephron, the famed director, screenwriter, and essayist whose take-no-prisoners wit made her an icon for generations of women, passed away from complications of leukemia in... More »

Carrie Brownstein Will Finish Nora Ephron's Adaptation of Lost in Austen

Today it was announced that Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein will be brought on to finish Nora Ephron's adaptation of the British miniseries Lost in Austen, which the late writer and filmmaker had been developing as a feature film for Columbia Pictures. This will be Brownstein's first time writing a feature film,... More »

The 25 Best Romantic Comedies Since When Harry Met Sally

Today — July 14 — is the twenty-fifth anniversary of When Harry Met Sally, and Vulture will be celebrating throughout the week. First up: a look back at the legacy of the Nora Ephron classic. (This article was originally published in February.) Twenty-five years ago, When Harry Met Sally revolutionized the... More »

Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd Pick Their Favorite Rom-Coms

Borrowing heavily from Nora Ephron, Woody Allen, and Jane Austen, They Came Together parodies the classic (near-extinct?) rom-com.  Written by Wet Hot American Summer’s David Wain and Michael Showalter and shot over 23 days in Brooklyn, the film stars Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler as a pair of unlikely lovers;... More »

Watch a Video That Shows the Similarities Between The Mindy Project and When Harry Met Sally

We knew that Mindy Kaling was inspired by the work of Nora Ephron — When Harry Met Sally in particular. But we really had no idea. A fun fan-made video shows the many parallels between the two (some moments even appear to be almost shot-for-shot mirrors of each other), all... More »

Richard Cohen to Pen a Nora Ephron Biography

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen is planning to write the late Nora Ephron's biography — after receiving her family's blessing, according to the New York Post's "Page Six." The two originally met in Washington after she began dating his friend, her first husband Carl Bernstein. Per her request, Cohen was the... More »

Lena Dunham and Mindy Kaling Address Gender Bias

Lena Dunham interviewed Mindy Kaling for Rookie: Yearbook Two, and the interview covers what you'd expect those two to cover: showrunning, pop culture, moms, feminism, Nora Ephron, women's magazines. They also both expressed their exasperation with institutionalized misogyny.Dunham: Do you ever get embarrassed to point out gender bias? I always... More »

HBO Is Working on a Nora Ephron Documentary

It's titled Everything Is Copy — an Ephron maxim handed down from her mother — and it will be co-directed by Jacob Bernstein, her son. Now's a good time to read Bernstein's New York Times Magazine tribute to Ephron, if you haven't already. ... More »

Theater Review: On Lucky Guy and Nora Ephron's Love for Newsrooms

In an essay called “Journalism: A Love Story” from her 2010 collection I Remember Nothing, Nora Ephron described working as a “clipper” for Newsweek shortly after college. Along with the other young women—it was a girls-only position—she cut thousands of articles from the nation’s papers and routed them to the ... More »

Your Sunday Long Reads: Nora Ephron's Last Years and Disney's Star Wars Buy

It's Sunday afternoon — your last chance to read all that stuff you meant to read last week before Monday brings a new deluge of things you will want to read. Below, some of our recommendations: "Nora Ephron's Final Act" by Jacob Bernstein (The New York Times Magazine): Ephron's son ... More »

Read Nora Ephron’s Son on Lucky Guy, Pineapple Milk Shakes, and His Mother’s Death

Jacob Bernstein, the older son of the late Nora Ephron and a regular contributor to the New York Times, has a long, loving piece in this week's Times Magazine about his mother's final days. It is worth your time. ... More »

Tom Hanks All Set to Make His Broadway Debut

Tom Hanks has officially signed to make his Broadway debut in Lucky Guy, the play Nora Ephron was writing when she died. He'll play Daily News columnist Mike McAlary, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1998 for his columns about police brutality and later died at age 41. Hanks had ... More »

A When Harry Met Sally–Inception Mash-up? Yes, Please!

Christopher Nolan and Nora Ephron had a very funny baby! ... More »

Your Sunday Long Reads: Remembering Nora Ephron, the Band, and Louis C.K.'s Lost Projects

It's Sunday afternoon, or: your last chance to read all that stuff you meant to read last week before Monday brings a new deluge of things you will want to read. Below, some of our recommendations: "Writer and Filmmaker With a Genius for Humor" by Charles McGrath (New York Times): ... More »

Watch the Week’s Best Viral Videos

In between our reading every think piece possible about the late, beloved Nora Ephron, we still somehow made room in our brains to soak up the week’s best viral videos making the rounds — because you can't keep a good Internet down. This week, Seth Rogen had a giggle fit, ... More »

Mindy Kaling Walked Us Through You’ve Got Mail

If you're constructing your shrine to Nora Ephron today or are rewatching You've Got Mail for any number of other valid reasons, revisit the time YGM superfan Mindy Kaling walked Vulture through her favorite parts of the film. "You've Got Mail is the most soul-mate-y of soul-mate movies," she said ... More »

Visit the Ancient Website for You’ve Got Mail

Untouched since 1998, the archaic website proves Nora Ephron still has the power to make you laugh. ... More »

Nora Ephron, 1941-2012

I’m not used to having my heart broken by Nora Ephron. Her movies always promised a happy ending. The Empire State Building lights up for Meg Ryan, or Auld Lang Sang turns into a love song, or the right dog comes bounding through Riverside Park, followed by the right owner. ... More »

Five Great Nora Ephron Movie Scenes

Nora Ephron's mark on the modern romantic comedy can't be overstated. When Harry Met Sally is arguably the greatest romcom of all time -- though Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail have their supporters, too. Ephron's comic heroines posssess an optimism and sense of purpose that hold up long ... More »

Tom Hanks Circling Nora Ephron Broadway Play

Quick, someone's making a run for the EGOT! The New York Times reports that Tom Hanks is in negotiations to star in Nora Ephron's play Lucky Guy, which would mark his Broadway debut. If Hanks signs on, he'd play crime-covering Daily News columnist Mike McAlary, who died at age 41 ... More »

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