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WATCH LIVE: Climate Change Protesters Descend Upon NYSE to #FloodWallStreet

11 months agoNews : Mediaite

One day after a massive climate change protest in New York City, activists plan to emulate the tactics of Occupy Wall Street for a new sit-in called "Flood Wall Street."

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Goes to Queens to Cover the World Cup

last yearNews : Mediaite

Over the years, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has covered everything from Occupy Wall Street to presidential debates for Conan O'Brien, but when it came time for him to report on the World Cup this week, the TBS show decided to send him to Queens instead of Rio De Janeiro.

Stewart Mocks ‘Motherfcking Justice’ Finally Served to Occupy Wall Street

last yearNews : Mediaite

Jon Stewart finally celebrated some real "motherfcking justice" on Wall Street doled out to the people committing the serious crimes: Occupy Wall Street. Stewart also said that with precisely one banker in jail for the financial crisis, that should satisfy the justice vultures.

O’Reilly to Bundy Supporter: What’s the Difference Between Bundy and Occupy Wall Street?

last yearNews : Mediaite

Bill O'Reilly took on a militia leader Tuesday night supporting Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and asked him a very blunt question: what's the difference between Bundy supporters and Occupy Wall Street?

LOL: Now You Can Buy an ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Poster on Walmart’s Site

2 years agoNews : Mediaite

Quite possibly the only thing funnier than being able to purchase a Ché Guevara tee shirt at a big box chain store would be the ability to buy a panoramic poster featuring Occupy Wall Street's encampment in Lower Manhattan.

Ahmadinejad Reportedly Going To Meet With Occupy Wall Street Members

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is reportedly meeting with members of the Occupy movement during his current New York City visit for the UN General Assembly gathering, which prompted his trip to the east coast.

Fox’s Steve Doocy Compares Occupy Movement To ‘What Happened Last Week In Libya’

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

On Monday's one-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy compared the Occupy movement's protests to last week's violent attacks on the American consulate in Libya that resulted in the deaths of four Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

O’Reilly Gets In Shouting Match With HotAir Editor Over Mandatory Minimums For Drug Dealers

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Bill O'Reilly opened his show tonight by talking about "hidden agendas" from the left. Although some talk of Occupy Wall Street was sprinkled here and there, the segment focused on O'Reilly's outrage at a New York Times editorial over the weekend that argued against mandatory minimum sentencing for people convicted of drug trafficking. Show More Summary

FNC Contrib Explains Difference Between ‘Conservative,’ ‘Leftist’ Protesters: Liberals ‘Maim’ And ‘Rape’

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

On Friday, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade spoke with Fox News contributor Steven Crowder about differences in demonstrations, specifically concerning the nation-wide Chick-fil-A and Occupy Wall Street protests. Why? Because why n...

DNA Evidence Links 2004 Murder Of Juilliard Student To Recent Occupy Wall Street Protest

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Investigators have been able to link DNA evidence from the May 2004 murder of Julliard student Sarah Fox (pictured here) to a Occupy Wall Street subway protest from March of this year. DNA left on a chain at the subway station is evidently connected to that left at Inwood Hill Park, where Fox had been found strangled days after her disappearance.

Judge Napolitano Takes On Twitter Privacy Ruling In Occupy Wall Street Case

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by the curvy couch on Tuesday, giving his take on a new ruling concerning whether or not we actually own our own Tweets. Describing a case concerning Occupy protesters arrested during a march on the Brooklyn...Show More Summary

Bill Maher To OWS: Stop Camping In Parks And Start Participating In The Political Process

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Whatever happened to Occupy Wall Street? It was a big thing last year, it was going to be the left's answer to the Tea Party, now no one really knows where it's going. Bill Maher expressed his frustration with the movement in his final...Show More Summary

Family Guy Does Entire Episode On The Tea Party, Depicts Them As Violent Fools

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

The production schedules on most animated series (South Park not included) are incredibly long. How long? Well, a week ago, Saturday Night Live did a sketch about Occupy Wall Street that already felt uncomfortably dated meanwhile, this week, Family Guy got around to doing a whole episode on the Tea Party. Remember those guys?

The Five Follows Up With Hannity About Heated Interview With Occupy Organizer

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

On Friday, The Five invited Sean Hannity to follow up on his fiery interview with Occupy Wall Street organizer Harrison Schultz. While most of the co-hosts raved about the spectacle, Bob Beckel asked, "Are you embarrassed by how mean that interview was?"

Hannity Destroys Occupy Organizer In Fiery Segment About Movement’s Violence

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

On Thursday night, Sean Hannity sat down with Harrison Schultz, an Occupy Wall Street organizer. The segment was confrontational right off-the-bat — with Hannity questioning Schultz about the violence in the movement, and eventually leaving nothing unsaid, with a fiery "suggestion" to Schultz.

Fox & Friends Panel Explodes Over Pro-Occupy Wall Street Professor’s Claim: ‘These Are Playful People’

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

A panel discussion led by Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade Wednesday erupted over the impact that the Occupy Wall Street movement has and will have on the political dynamic of the country. The panel eventually exploded over the assertion...Show More Summary

Occupy Wall Street Marks Anniversary With Zuccotti Park Protests

3 years agoNews : Mediaite

Yesterday marked not only St. Patrick’s Day, but the six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. And to mark the date, protestors in New York gathered in Zuccotti Park once again to show that the movement is alive and well. However, the protest was short-lived, as the police ended up sweeping the park and ending the [...]

Lou Dobbs Compares The Lorax To Occupy Wall Street As The War On Children’s Movies Continues

4 years agoNews : Mediaite

Traditions used to mean something in America. Values used to mean something. And family used to mean something too. However, in recent years, some biased members of the Mainstream Media (by "mainstream media" I, of course, mean "theShow More Summary

Occupy Wall Street’s Disastrous Effort To Protest At Fashion Show

4 years agoNews : Mediaite

We talked to nearly every protester who showed up at the Calvin Klein fashion show today, in Occupy Wall Street’s attempt to occupy fashion week on its last day.

Occupy Wall Street To Protest New York Fashion Week Today

4 years agoNews : Mediaite

We'd been wondering whether Occupy Wall Street would try to make a statement during Fashion Week, and it turns out they've had something planned for the last day of shows all along. OWS organizers plan to march on the first of this afternoon's two Calvin Klein's runway presentations, and they're going to set up a makeup booth when they get there.

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