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Nirvana Bassist Bashes Do Nothing Occupy Wall Street

Listen to rocker Krist Novoselic speak about the late, not so great Occupy Wall Street movement, and one gets the sense he had a soft spot for those unwashed radicals. To a point. Novoselic, the former bassist for Nirvana, has little sympathy for the group beyond that. Show More Summary

Occupy Wall Street Can't Get a Fair Trial

The shadow of Occupy Wall Street has passed us by. As the rest of America goes on being productive and capitalist, the only remnants of the...

Occupy Wall Street's Last Battle

On March 17, 2012, Occupy Wall Street activists celebrated the six month anniversary of their protest movement by attempting to re-occupy Zuccotti Park. A scuffle with police that night which led to a trial about to take place in New York. Show More Summary

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9am ET!

Daily Kos Radio's Kagro in the Morning show podcasts are now available through iTunes. OK, I really want to get to that story about the Google engineer/Occupy Wall Street activist & see what that's all about. But just because it's my show doesn't necessarily mean I'll actually be able to do it. Show More Summary

USA Today Echoes Occupy Wall Street

No need for the “share the wealth” crowd to worry. USA Today is ready to step into the void and stoke class division in the absence of Occupy Wall Street. On April 4, USA Today profiled “ The $100 Million Club,” a group of wealthy corporate CEOs, and contrasted their pay with the US median wage of $40,872 in 2013. Show More Summary

The Way We Live Now: ‘Policing’ the Mentally Ill

From #APDprotest: Riot Police via @OpAlbuquerque on his noblest white steed clad in war armor (please meme widely) — Occupy Wall Street (@OccupyWallStNYC) March 31, 2014 (via) The NYTimes, “Police ConfrontShow More Summary

Post Occupy Analysis

Occupy Wall Street did come up with an official statement from its onset, a litany of valid complaints - with the disclaimer that the complaints were not all-inclusive. What it did not do, is offer any solutions, any demands, any formula for what to prioritize and how to change it.

NPR Skipped Fifth Anniversary of Tea Party, But Aired Five Stories Plugging Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' Anniversary

NPR celebrates political anniversaries – when it likes them. They celebrated the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, when when it had already faded away. This week, NPR aired five stories discussing the fourth anniversary ofShow More Summary

AP, The Hill Ignore How Supreme Court Disruptor Was Inspired By Occupy Wall Street

The Associated Press and The Hill both reported on Noah Kai Newkirk shouting down the Supreme Court justices in their chamber, but ignored his far-left political affiliation. On Thursday, the wire service merely identified Newkirk'sShow More Summary

Andrew Breitbart, the Tea Party, and Occupy

March 1 marks the second anniversary of the passing of my friend and colleague, Andrew Breitbart. He was the Tea Party's greatest defender, and Occupy Wall Street's most effective critic. He saw the former as an authentic popular movement...Show More Summary

WashPost Notes Tea Party's Fifth Birthday By Wondering 'Whether the Movement Will Ever Turn 10'

Unlike the networks, The Washington Post marked the fifth anniversary of the Tea Party movement – by suggesting their might not be a tenth. This has not been the way the Post has marked Occupy Wall Street. They glorified that even as...Show More Summary

Money Can't Buy Votes

Right-wing billionaires threw a hissy fit in recent weeks. The 99 percent are persecuting them, the wealthy ones whined. That whole Occupy Wall Street thing hurt their feelings, conservative 1 percenters pouted. The right-wing rich didn’t threaten to take their Shimansky diamond soccer balls and stomp home in their Bruno Maglis. Show More Summary

A Conversation With Scott Crow, Part 2: Mutual Aid

One reason I wanted to chat with Scott Crow was his experience with Common Ground Collective in New Orleans. In recent years, we’ve seen similar collectives spring out of the activist networks formed by Occupy Wall Street — projects like Occupy Sandy. Show More Summary

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio threatens to sue illegal means to impose taxes on The Rich

Yesterday I wrote a post saying that the Communist Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio promised to use SEIU/Occupy Wall Street tactics to impose taxes on affluent New Yorkers.  Less than 24 hours later de Blasop made this shocking...Show More Summary

The Day We Handed Over Our Metadata In The Name Of Fighting Metadata Collection

Occupy Wall Street was a failure because its millennial leaderless co-leadership refused to employ the basic and well-known template for successful activism. The main problem was its lack of a coherent message or legislative agenda, which stemmed from its aforementioned lack of centralized leadership (well-illustrated in HBO’s The Newsroom). Show More Summary

De Blasio and Sharpton to use SEIU/Occupy Wall Street strong arm thug tactics to push taxing the Rich

The Communist mayor of New York doesn’t care what’s written in the New York State Constitution.  He won’t sit idly by and accept that he doesn’t have the authority to tax affluent New Yorkers for his scam of a Pre K program that in reality...Show More Summary

The Occupy Movement and its Extreme Left Component Implode

The Occupy Wall Street movement has not only disintegrated, but is now imploding. Left-wing news sites are gloating about the demise of their own. BuzzFeed ran a story last week on the hijacking of the primary Occupy Wall Street Twitter...Show More Summary

Health insurance company wants $450 billion Obamacare bailout

Where are those Occupy Wall Street People when we need them? It looks like the next round of bailouts is going to health insurance companies affected by Obamacare. Humana wants up to $450 billion: Humana announced that it expects toShow More Summary

Salon Hypes Apologetic For Communism as 'Best Possible Way to Shut Down Your Right-Wing Colleague' apparently get can't get enough of former Occupy Wall Street participants, as the website featured far-left "journalist" Jesse Myerson on Sunday. Myerson, who infamously pushed for socialism in a January 2014 piece in Rolling...Show More Summary

Tom Perkins Doubles Down On Comparing Occupy Wall Street To Nazis

As a recent Pew poll shows fewer and fewer Americans identify as "middle class", plutocrat Tom Perkins decided to double down on his narrative that progressives, specifically those aligned with Occupy Wall Street, are akin to the Nazi Party. Show More Summary

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