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Occupy Television Vows to Keep Flailing Movement Alive

The Occupy Wall Street movement, which blazed brightly two years ago amid a sea of arrests, vandalism and attacks against the wealthy, is coming back in the form of an online TV channel. Occupy Television, in conjunction with FilmOnShow More Summary

Darren Wilson is a Hero!

When conservatives and libertarians start sounding like the race hustlers and the Occupy Wall Street crowd while commenting on incidents like the Ferguson shooting, America is in trouble.

Hard Left Teachers Union President Karen Lewis Owns Three Homes

Karen Lewis, the grotesque personification of teachers unions who has managed to politicize even mathematics, has it in for the wealthy. Here she is spewing demagogic communist lies at an Occupy Wall Street infestation: Astute observers will note that it is not public institutions that create wealth, but private citizens. Show More Summary

Is ‘Weird Al’ the ‘Court Jester’ for ‘America’s Twisted Brand of Capitalism’?

Imagine a movie that 1) sympathetically portrays Occupy Wall Street and 2) features songs by “Weird Al” Yankovic. If you think 1) and 2) seem incongruous, you might get an argument from writer Lynn Stuart Parramore. In a piece that ran...Show More Summary

Occupy the Tea Party

At first blush, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street appear as bookends: opposing grass-roots movements on the political right and left, respectively. At second blush, the Tea Party seems the more successful. In the 2010 mid-term elections, one-third of Tea Party-backed candidates won, reclaiming the House for Republicans. Show More Summary

Immigrants and the Cootie Offense

Immigrants and the Cootie Offense By Tina Dupuy In September of 2011, a franchise of the Occupy Wall Street movement, set up camp on the steps of Los Angeles’ iconic City Hall. The encampment was lauded by celebrities like Bill Maher and Tom Morello and embraced by politicians like Congresswoman Maxine Waters and then City [...]

Are the Rich Any Good? Think Immigrant Women Leaders

Attacking the Rich Resentment against the rich seems to be growing around the world. The recent recession exacerbated feelings already running high: demonstrations, Occupy Wall Street in New York City and elsewhere, the Daily Show where...Show More Summary

Rocker Gene Simmons Defends 1 Percent: 'There Would Be Chaos' Without Us

The defunct Occupy Wall Street's legacy, in part, was bringing the term "one percent" into the lexicon. The term targeted the rich, who apparently weren't paying their fair share to society. Gene Simmons begs to differ. In fact, the Kiss mainstay and proud one percenter says the country would be in shambles without that unfairly maligned group. Show More Summary

Activist Cecily McMillan Released from Prison, Reads Statement from Women of Rikers Island

Cecily McMillan, a New York activist, who was sentenced to ninety days in prison for "felony assault of a police officer" after an incident at an Occupy Wall Street event, was released from prison. She delivered a statement to the press and took the opportunity to read a statement that she and the women of Rikers Island drafted together.

Occupy Activists Arrested at Google HQ for 'Net Neutrality' Protest

A group of Occupy Wall Street activists staged an "Occupy Google" protest Wednesday evening to push the Internet giant to embrace the cause of "net neutrality," which would allow the government to regulate the rates charged and bandwidth provided by Internet service providers to different users. Show More Summary

Rent-A-Jerk: How I Found an Occupy Wall Street Activist on an Escort Website

I recently heard about a website called Rent-A-Gent. At first it sounded like an escort service. And it is. On the surface, there were some aspects that appealed to a single girl like me. I could hire a driver, handyman, dog trainer, or language tutor and see photos and reviews. Show More Summary

The University of Chicago Needs Some Occupy Wall Street

If you’ll recall, the brief but noisy Occupy Wall street movement was all about protesting the “One Percent,” those evil rich folks that apparently return nothing to the nation. Well a look at the compensation of those at the University of Chicago in President Obama’s home city shows that the Occupy folks were protesting the […]

The hunt for the ever-elusive Tea Party killer leads to... Occupy Wall Street

Liberals were so excited when news broke of a husband-and-wife team of psychopaths killing two police officers and a heroic armed civilian who confronted them in Las Vegas... and threw a "Don't Tread On Me" Gadsden flag over one of their victims. Show More Summary

$120K / Year To ‘Occupy’ Puncher Cop

What’s his disability?” … “He hurt his fist when he punched Occupy Wall Street protesters? If he went out on a psychological disability that would have been appropriate. – Ron Kurby, Attorney for Felix River-Pitre You can understand his frustration. NYPD Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona, who punched Occupy Protester Rivera-Pitre during the 2011 protests, was just awarded […]

NYC To Pay $583K Settlement In Occupy Wall Street Suit

Via Gothamist, news of a large settlement with Occupy Wall Street: During Occupy Wall Street’s heyday in 2011 and 2012, the NYPD made them pay, again and againand again, for exercising their right to assembly and free speech. Nearly three years later, New York City taxpayers are still paying for the NYPD's approach to policing lawful protest. Show More Summary

Occupy Wall Street Devotee Michael Moore Battles Ex Over Millions

Far-left filmmaker Michael Moore is divorcing his wife, and the looming court battle looks ugly already. Moore's contempt for capitalism is legendary, but the director appears ready to slam soon-to-be-ex Kathleen Glynn for her financial missteps, according to information gleaned by The Smoking Gun. Show More Summary

Is Horizontal Socialism Unworkable?

In its latest issue Jacobin Magazine takes on the question of whether or not the horizontal socialism endemic to recent left wing movements such as Occupy Wall Street is worthwhile and can lead to a better world. The question of whether...Show More Summary

Taxes: There's Always Room at the Top

Occupy Wall Street ruffians gripe about the top 1 percent. But the bottom 90 percent of the top 1 percent might have a beef with the top 10 percent of the top 1 percent.

‘We’re not broke, we’ve been robbed’: Five claims of the New Populism Conference and what they missed

OH, REALLY: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is among those leading the ‘new populism’ charge. Think classier version of Occupy Wall Street. By Kathryn Watson | WASHINGTON, D.C. — From the tea party movement to Occupy Wall Street, there’s no denying a general state of discontent with the way Washington is handling the economy....

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